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Re: 1st Tectonics Discussion
« on: October 23, 2017, 05:23:38 pm »
Hi All. I edited our 1st Tectonics Discussion from yesterday and posted it at:
And if you have problems there, I posted a backup at:

The participants were Louis Hissink, Bruce Leybourne, Robert Farrar, Mike Fischer and I, Lloyd Kinder. Chris Smoot also left a message for us. And James Maxlow provided a copy of his manuscript in advance. The first three participants are Electric Universe proponents, Mike and I are Shock Dynamics proponents, and I also favor Charles Chandler's ElectroStatic Universe model, which is kind of related to the other two. And it seems that EU incorporates some ST. We used an etherpad, which had some problems for some of us. I may try a Google Doc next time. We discussed for nearly 2 hours. It was kind of haphazard for the first phase, as we were all able to write at once, then we all collected together at the bottom for a while before closing. I'll try to improve the process for the future. Suggestions are always welcome.

I have requests for the participants and anyone else who wants to help for followup. We want to collect all of the most important evidence in references and brief arguments for each of the 6 models (i.e. Expansion Tectonics, Plate Tectonics, Surge Tectonics, Electric Universe, Electrostatic Universe and Shock Dynamics). We shared some references, but we need to get quite a bit more, if possible. I added the term =Have_ after participants' initials (at the beginning of each person's statements) to indicate where references are at least partly shown. And I added the term =Need_ after initials to indicate arguments & claims for which references are not shown. Before those terms I also numbered each participant's number of references requested and I rated how important I think each reference will be, A as very important, B as moderately important and C as less important. So, since it may be laborious to obtain references, we can prioritize those ranked A, then B.