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« on: April 22, 2018, 01:40:32 pm »
Study suggests Earth's water was present before impact that caused creation of the moon

Rare metals on Mars and Earth implicate colossal impacts

Study: diamonds in meteorite may indicate a lost planet that once roamed our solar system [4.55Gya]

Meteorite impacts may have created Earth's tectonic plates

Huge impact crater discovered near the Falklands Islands

Large ancient impact event discovered in Southeast Asia

The Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact Also Created A Stunningly Beautiful Geological Masterpiece

Scientists say dinosaurs would've survived if the asteroid struck just seconds later
(Actually, large dinosaurs would have died anyway, because Earth lost atmosphere from the impacts that made large animals partly buoyant. See e.g. Ted Holden's data.)

Earth is impacted by meteors often

'Chicxulub impact event produced huge sulfur cloud that plunged world into ice age'

Yellowstone supervolcano threat theory 'demonstrably false' - USGS expert to RT [I agree; the supervolcanoes erupted about 5,000 years ago due to the Shock Dynamics impact]

Origin of Gold: Was it asteroid impact or some mysterious particle?
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