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Read My Stuff
« on: April 23, 2017, 06:07:02 am »
Research professor, Peter Gray', blog Freedom to Learn at exposes problems in the education system, such as extreme stress, and better ways to teach and learn.

James Sloane was a doctor for 13 years, but got fed up when he wasn't allowed to provide patients real curative nutritional support when dying of cancer and other diseases, so he entered alternative health care. I'm listing his remedies at the link above.

Some of the worst health mistakes are:
_1. low-fat, high carb diet;
(higher natural fat, and low grain & sugar diet is best; sugar & honey are better than artificial sweeteners)
_2. using pain meds, which can cause organ failure etc;
(I'll list alternatives for pain at the link above)
_3. using antacids & other meds for indigestion
(drinking water & good diet are better for indigestion & acid reflux)
_4. getting constipated
(I finally learned that drinking enough good water prevents it; I have to drink almost 2 quarts of water a day; you can add honey etc, but I blend it with about 1.5 bananas per quart)
_5. not getting enough nutrition for adrenal & circulatory system support for stress & circulation
(get it from natural stable vitamin C in Amla Berry powder in capsules or Acerola Berry extract powder etc and B vitamins in Rice Bran)

I post some of the best science & tech news at that link. Some of the articles explain how a lot of conventional science is fraud. So it's best to be skeptical about all science claims. I'm working with others on improving science.
_There's no way to tell yet how old the Earth is.
_3/4 of continental land consists of sedimentary rock over a mile thick.
_Almost all of that rock was formed during a Great Flood over 4,000 years ago.
_At that time there was only one supercontinent without any mountains.
_The flood was caused by tidal attraction to a swarm of asteroids, which caused huge tsunamis.
_The tsunamis washed all of the sedimentary strata onto the supercontinent from the seafloors and the continental shelf over several months time.
_Many people around the world have different stories of a Great Flood.
_A few centuries after the Great Flood the largest asteroid of all hit the supercontinent just north of Madagascar, east Africa.
_The impact broke the supercontinent apart and caused the Americas, Australia, India and Antarctica to slide over the Moho layer to where they are now.
_It also caused the mountain ranges to form.
_Most scientists think the sedimentary rock strata formed slowly over millions of years.
_But sedimentary rock is separated into three kinds: sandstone, mudstone and limestone, each kind being usually many feet thick over large areas.
_How could there have been thousands of years of just one kind of sediment being deposited and then thousands of years of a different kind of sediment?
_The only proven way most sediments can be separated is in flooding over short timespans.
_Radioactive elements are used to date rocks incorrectly, because scientists assume that certain radioactive decay takes millions of years.
_But electrical ionization causes radioactive elements to decay millions of times faster than normal.
_The impact and continental sliding produced a lot of ionization.

I post a lot of articles at that forum a few times each month. Local community self-government is probably the best way to end corruption & provide opportunities for local people.

Everyone will be "saved" but not usually painlessly. Jesus said he's the good shepherd who goes after all lost sheep. The prophecy that Jesus would be born of a virgin almost certainly meant in the sign of the Virgin, which was Virgo, and he was born on Sept. 11, in Virgo. Look it up online. We're saved by following Jesus' example of loving or caring about everyone. That's what will save civilization IMO.

FAMILY TREE: Let me know if you want a copy of the Family Tree online. It needs to be updated, since it's mostly 20 years old.

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