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A video called "history of the entire world, i guess" at said after the Phoenicians, someone conquered most of India, except the southernmost part ruled by the Tamil Kings who controlled the spice trade somewhat. I'm wondering if the Tamils were related to the Phoenicians. So I searched online and found the following.

There's an article called:
Tamils and Sumerians Among the FIRST to Reach Australia and Antarctica? PART I
History’s Lost Transoceanic Voyages: Tamils and Sumerians Among the FIRST to Reach Australia and Antarctica?— PART II

Another article is called:
Dravidians-Indians (Tamils) the parents of Mexico and Meso-America? Who Brought The Mayans To Mexico? or Were the ancient Turks, Akkads (Sumerians) and Dravidians (Tamils-) the parents of Mexico and Meso-America?
The time is about 1,500 BC. A fleet of Tamil ships in some harbor of the Konkan or Kankon, ... Western India, ... goal is to sail to Patala or what is now Mexico and Meso-America, leaving emigrant settlers there. ...  The ancient Tamils were international traders and colonizers. Wherever they went in the world, they left an unmistakable imprint of their presence, such as place names, foods, games, and temple buildings.
... ABOUT WHO THE PHOENICIANS REALLY WERE. Before continuing with this article, I must clarify who the Phoenicians really were.  I first learned about these people ...  from the 19th century British Orientalist George Rawlinson'­s book, Phoenicia. ... But even he was off base. ... the Phoenicians and Aryans were the same people. ...  the famed Piri Reis 6000 years old map of the world was made from older Turkish maps. ... even the Akkad or Sumerians were Turkish. The Akkads (Sumerians) were Phoenicians. known also as Kads, Khatti, etc. ... [After] the Great Flood, ...  the survivors had to build their civilization all over again. ...  the Asura empire governed the Indus Valley ... even the Phoenicians were Asuras. ... Many scholars agree that Asura was Assyria ... The ancient Phoenicians claimed that they originally came from the lands alongside the "Erythean Sea" [off] the western coast of India. ... The stone heads of Easter Island ... [wear] Tamil turbans? ...  Votan was never a single person. He was really a "nation of sailors". This ancient nation of sailors and adventurers is still with us: The Dravidian Tamils!

The Phoenicians in East Africa
Between 1200-1100 B.C., great events were happening. ... The Persians blamed the Phoenicians for starting tit-for-tat kidnappings that would eventually lead to Paris of Troy (& son of the King of the Trojans) abducting Helen (wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta). [Another recent article showed that the Greek and Trojan conflict very likely occurred around the Baltic Sea when the climate there was much warmer. Many of them later migrated to the Mediterranean as the northern climate cooled. See "Homer in the Baltic: Summary" ] Herodotus apparently regarded the Phoenicians as the fount of all subsequent Euro/Asian disputes ... The alliance of Hiram of Tyre and Solomon of Israel led to the Aqaba/Elath/Eilat region of Israel being “Phoenicia beyond Israel” as Phoenicians from the city-state of Tyre built ships for Solomonic Israel of what has been called the Tarshish type. ... My reference to the various Semitic groups are intended to to demonstrate that the Phoenicians are not non-Semitic in their taking to the sea but are one of several such groups. They may be exceptional in the lengths to which they took this but then the circumstance of the homeland in the Lebanon plus the strong I/E presence they apparently absorbed may partly explain this. Certainly, easily the thing for which they are most famous is their maritme expertise. ...

Britons too? See:
Stonehenge Builders Revealed? Early Britons Came from Turkey | Ancient Architects

It says the Britons who built Stone Henge had DNA that originated in Anatolia (modern Turkey etc.). Since the Phoenicians apparently originated in the same area, maybe the Britons were also Phoenician. Maybe they built Gobekli Tepi in Anatolia too.


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