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3/16+) FT Goal: UN of Free Morally Maturing Towns >States >Nations
with Altruistic Win-Win Cooperative Scientific Governments
with YP staying in towns a few months each, like in the Peace Corps
with weekly charity events for info sharing, charity, fun, dating, organizing
with event organizing teams

1. Plan Funday Organizing Teams
2. Make Funday Events Template
3. Evolve Events into UN of Free Morally Maturing Towns/Communities
1. Plan Funday Organizing Teams
a. Recruit Teams
- <Online
- <Drum Circles
- <*SC Dream Circle
- <colleges
- <activists
- <health fans +growers
- <home schoolers
b. Organize Teams
- ask teams >note THREATS <Govts,Corps,Crims
- ask teams >try matriarchy

2. Make Funday Events Template
a. Template: Each week seek to organize the following:
- info sharing,
- charity,
- fun,
- dating (women help men),
- organizing events,
- community organizing
b. *Website
- name Free Town Movement FUNDAY
- trademark the name
- *FUNDAY church
- *Home School page on site

3. Evolve Events into UN of Free Morally Maturing Towns/Communities
It's the duty of all self-identified morally maturing people to collaborate among themselves to have fun making society increasingly better for everyone
- Improve Community
-- See
-- See
- Constantly reduce the rate of death, injury & abuse from all causes
-- health endangerment [<water contam, GMO, tox food contam, health propaganda];
-- economic +legal abuse +war
-- crime & personal abuse
- Monitor statistics & experiment to reduce injury & increase happiness

.L2+>invite CELDF >events
.G1>See CELDF [<Erica's FB page] on making civil disobedience legal
.G1+>Find FT-interested land owners/renters & their associates
.G1+>Find all state laws for starting towns
.G1+>Teams start FREE TOWNS
.S1+>*local bank +Replace taxes with interest on loans
.S1+>*FT government & laws
Org scientifically >Monitor stats & experiment >achieve REDUCTIONS in RATE of DEATH, INJURY & Abuse from all causes
health endangerment [<water contam, GMO, tox food contam, health propaganda],
econ +legal abuse, war, crime & abuse

_invi oth'>HomSkol /ln
_xpln IL,MO+ hav no rquirmt'>notify
_xpln advan'o hom skol
_pro FTMov
_focus on Play, Reading, Writing, Typing, Math, Alternative History, Health, Frugality
_FT Events: for fun, dating (women h men), info sharing, FT voting, charity

IonyClenz, Crafts, Food, Plants, Animals, Permaculture, AK, Matching, Funday Home School, Bank, Health, Fitness, LifeCoaching, ComunyConsult, FundayEvents

qJosh/place by fitness

Drum Circles:
1. First Unitarian Ch, 110 E 3rd St, Alton, IL 3rd Sunday 6-8pm Bring chair/blanket, percussion etc, sage, bug spray

2. Creve Coeur 121 Bing Blvd, Bridgeton, MO Tuesday 6:30p
Terry at 3142553409 Bring musical instruments

3. Center For Spiritual Living, 12875 Fee Fee Road, St. Louis, Last Friday
Potluck 6:30, Drum circle 7:30pm

4. Delmar/Basin: SW corner Forest Park <Skinker >Wells Dr. >2nd left at sign
to Kennedy Forest park, Sunday by pavilion 4-6pm or dark

5. 7241 Manchester Road, Maplewood, MO, bi-weekly Thursday
Julie 3146453336

6. Tower Grove Rainbow across <Mokabe's, 3606 Arsenal St, St Louis Wed 6-10pm

7. C.A.M.P. 3026 Cherokee St, St. Louis, Fridays twice monthly 7:30-10:30
Movement Room or back yard, Suggested $5
8. SLCC Kirkwood/Meramac, 11333 Big Bend Rd, St. Louis, Fridays 12-?
or Laumire sculpture park

St. Louis: Shannon, working with senior groups, special needs children/adults, general public
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