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Why do you gain weight with antidepressants and mood stabilizers?
The video says it's because these meds block you from feeling full when eating and they reduce fat burning so fat increases.

#1 Best Remedy for Depression [diet & nutrition]

Evidence That Low Serotonin Does Not Cause Depression | Psychology Today
Antidepressants block serotonin reuptake, which does cause depression as well as violence.

Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy Testimony to the FDA 2004 on dangers of Antidepressants

_You should have a heaping tablespoon of WHOLE FLAX SEEDS with the morning and noon meals along with a cup or more of water with each meal (such as in soup).
_And you should get a bag of CHIA SEEDS, put 2 heaping tablespoonfuls in a dish and add half a cup of water each morning and let it soak till evening, then have the soaked chia seeds with your evening meal.
_Also have SALMON or SARDINES with the evening meal. The fish has the most omega-3 oils and the chia has the second most. Flax has the third most, but flax has more soluble fiber than chia has. Fiber is the best laxative.
_Also add a dash or two of GINGER and CINNAMON to each meal.
_And drink KEFIR instead of milk. After you get a quart of kefir, you can save money by making your own kefir. Get a gallon of Great Valu MILK (from Walmart, which doesn't contain fattening cow/bovine hormones). Put about half a cup of kefir in a jar of milk and let it set out in a warm place for a day or two. Then you can refrigerate it.
_Kefir, flax, chia, sardines, salmon and reverse osmosis water (in the water machine near dairy) are at Walmart.
See video: Soups & Watery Foods/Drinks for Weight Loss



Dr. Mandell on Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss

Wall Pose for Weight Loss

Refrigerate cooked rice 12 to 24 hours, then reheat for health & weight loss

Dr. Mandell's Channel

Dr. Berg's Channel (He promotes Ketones, probably not that good, but other info is good)

Dr. Stanfield's Channel (He promotes Mediterranean Diet and other good nutrition)

Cinnamon Sticks for Food Cravings & Diabetes

Sit-down Exercise to Shrink Stomach

Chia Seed Recipe for Weight Loss

Cinnamon Recipe to Lower Blood Pressure

Drink Water Each Morning

Zinc for Diabetes etc

Earthing or Grounding

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Re: G.A.
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Electric Burner

August 31, 2022, you called Robin Demers +1 (618) 800-4996 from youre home phone 618-883-2225 & paid for me and you to have triple aaa auto/car insurance $694 year (115 month) [__That's per 6 months, not per year.__]
AND homeowners insurance around $700 year. We correspond via email and phone about this several times and came to
 agreement to switch homeowners insurance to Linda Bender with AGI armed forces insurance due to cancellation with triple AAA 10/26/2022 at 12:01am. You offered pay for American Modern new policy which started 11/10/2022. Email Phone 800-255-0193 x4316. With car payment, you have been paying on 1st of every month to Santander, yourself since I brought car around July 2019. Iíve never put anything on youre autopay.

L.K. 1/26) Robin says your car insurance is on Autopay from my account and mine will be due on Feb 28. I think Santander is also on Autopay. My car insurance is 226/6 months.
__Maybe I'll call Linda next week about the home insurance.
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