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Substack Writers
« on: January 16, 2023, 10:03:11 pm »
The Forgotten Side of Medicine, by AMidwesternDoctor (Doctor) -- Vax etc

Merylís COVID Newsletter, by Meryl Nass (Doctor) -- Vax etc

Vejon COVID-19 Review, by Dr Philip McMillan (Doctor) -- Vax etc

Pierre Koryís Medical Musings, by Pierre Kory (Doctor) -- Covid Remedies

Jackanapes Junction, by Josh Guetzkow (Researcher) -- Vax etc

Rounding the Earth Newsletter, by Matthew Crawford (Statistician) -- Vax etc

Igorís Newsletter, by Igor Chudov (Researcher) -- Vax etc

Steve Kirsch's newsletter, by Steve Kirsch (Techie) -- Vax etc

Tom Renzís Newsletter, by Tom Renz (Attorney) -- Legal Activism

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox (Attroney) -- Legal Activism

Coffee & Covid, by Jeff Childers (Attorney) -- Vax

mejbcartís Newsletter, by MejBCart (Microbiologist) -- Vax etc

COVID Chronicles, by Dr. Byram W. Bridle (Vaccinologist) -- Vax

The Defeat Of COVID, by Colleen Huber (Naturopath) -- Vax etc

Unacceptable Jessica, by Jessica Rose (Immunologist) -- Vax etc

Dr.ís Newsletter, by Dr. Kevin Stillwagon (Chiropractor) -- Vax

GrowthFactorOrg, by Amalya (Nutritionist) -- Vax

Full Broadside, by Josh P., or J.P. (Polymath) -- Vax, Antivirus

Uncensored, by Frances Leader (Writer) -- Vax, Antivirus

Covid Myth Buster Series, by Marc Girardot (Author) -- Vax

The Daily Beagle, by The Underdog (Journalist) -- Vax, Corruption

Crossroads Report, by Margaret Menge (Journalist) -- Vax

Alexander COVID News, by Dr. Paul Alexander (Researcher) -- Vax, Conspiracy, Pro-Trump?

COVID-19 Policy Update, by John Bailey (ENEMY)

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