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Title: Ancient Global Cataclysm
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(Comment on High-level Timeline of Younger Dryas Impact AND Flood of Noah at )

It's nice that you follow Randall Carlson somewhat. He has a good video about Halloween, where he shows that the Taurid meteor stream used to have large objects in it that collided with Earth almost every year around November 1. The source of the impacts was in the direction of the Pleiades, which is in the constellation Taurus.

Ancient Architects is a Youtube channel that covers a lot of ancient events. It shows that Gobekli Tepi likely was a place of refuge after the Younger Dryas event, according to the translation of some of the symbology there. It shows that the Egyptian pyramids were originally only a few layers high and were used for irrigating the land for farming as north Africa was drying out after the impact events. It shows advanced civilization likely existed long before Egypt. Here's the channel:

An excellent website is which shows that continental drift occurred in a short time period after a huge impact off of east Africa. It includes a page that shows that dinosaur fossils have been C14 dated to between 20 and 30 thousand years ago. Another site or video shows that coal is similarly C14 dated to mere thousands of years instead of millions.

There's a good recent video, called Noah's Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (from Pangea to Today), at which shows that megatsunamis caused the Great Flood. It says it was due to rapid continental drift pulses, but NewGeology shows better that the continental drift was due to an impact. But this video does a good job explaining that these megatsunamis laid down almost all of the sedimentary rock on Earth, which mostly make up the continents. It discusses a herd of adult dinosaurs that were killed all at once in North America by the flood. They were apparently running away from tidal waves and the young ones couldn't keep up, but the waves caught up with the adults too and entombed them all.

John Baumgardner has an excellent paper called Noah’s Flood: The Key to Correct Interpretation of Earth History at . His team explains that asteroid impacts caused the megatsunamis that caused the Great Flood.

I have a thread on Ancient Global Cataclysm on the Thunderbolts forum. Here's the latest post which includes a link to your video: . You all may like to read through the entire thread, which started a couple years ago.
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