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_The Electromagnetic Nature of Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorms
_TIDAL FORCE. what if [the cause of tides is] the electric force, where there is a concentration of positively charged plasma in the interplanetary medium, to which the negatively charged planets, and the Sun, are attracted? The first implication is that at least some of the "gravity" that keeps the planets in orbit is actually the electric force. (At the very least, gravity anomalies will trace back to fluctuations in electric fields.) The second implication is the surface of the Sun and the planets will get warped by the selective action of the electric force on the surfaces, producing tides. The third implication is that tidal forces flex the crusts of the planets, and the surface of the Sun, resulting in fluctuations in pressure at depth, and this drives electric currents at the boundaries between charged double-layers. So tidal forces are a source of heat, far beyond just the thermalization of crustal deformation. ...
_TORNADIC LEVITATION. In the EMHD model, the tornadic inflow is positively charged, and the surface of the Earth has an induced negative charge. This means that particulate matter from the surface that is getting blown in the wind will be negatively charged. Objects exposed to the tornadic inflow (such as people, cars, etc.) will be sandblasted with this particulate matter, and will therefore develop a net negative charge. The objects will then be attracted by the electric force to the positively charged air around them. Since there is more air above them than below them, the net force will be upward. And if the strongest positive charge in the storm is in the RFD, objects will be subjected to the most powerful uplifting force after the tornado passes.

_EVAPORITES, MEDITERRANEAN. Multiple layers of evaporites exist in the Mediterranean and Red Sea floors -- firmament-chaos.com
_"The Mediterranean, Dead and Red Seas are the most saline in the world. Drilling reveals that repeated complete evaporation deposited multiple layers of salt on the sea bottoms, even in the deepest areas. Each layer was due to the evaporation of the residual water left when priori-mars drew the water out of the Med and Red Seas, toward northern India."
_"the purpose for building the pyramids in Egypt, the tells in the Levant and the ziggurats was to avoid the sudden floods caused by the capture of priori-Mars every thirty years. The low-lying areas along these courses, particularly in the Tigress and Euphrates valley remained inundated for months or years after each flood. During the encounters, the Mediterranean and Red Seas were almost completely emptied, and whatever residual water remained, evaporated during the fifteen year encounters. Evidence supporting this view comes from multiple layers of evaporites which cover the bottom of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. These layers are currently misdated and thus called the `Messinian Salinity Crisis' by geologists, who cannot imagine what caused many complete dessications of such a large body of water could occur by evaporation."
_ASIA HIGH TIDE MARK. "The most disruptive transient events for human cultures, particularly in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Indus Valley (where a large fraction of the ancient population lived), was tidal flooding at the time of the capture and release of priori-Mars. Its mass was about 0.16 times that of the Earth and its center approached to within 44,000 kilometers of the center of the Earth. As a result, it produced an enormous ocean tide, some 5000 feet high, which inundated northern India. Its altitude is recorded by a unique horizontally bedded layer called the Siwalik, containing the bones of animals, the habitats of which range from sea level to a mile high, in the foothills of the Himalayas.  These deposits exist because unlike the tides we experience today which sweep around the globe as it rotates, this tide remained fixed for fifteen years at a time. This high tide was formed by the drawing of water from the periphery of the hemisphere facing priori-Mars. As a result, the ocean depth was greatly reduced in a band which included the northeastern Atlantic between Iceland and the British Isles and the area of the Aleutian Islands, which would have facilitated human migration between continents. But the most significant areas were those of relatively large populations, such as the Mediterranean and Red Sea."
"H. G. Wells published an ancient map showing Northern India completely inundated while the Mediterranean is almost emptied. Tibetans claim that great lakes existed in the mountain basins as recently as 2500 years ago"
_ASIA MARS FOSSILS. "There is considerable controversy concerning the location of fossils in the geologic section in the Himalayas. I maintain innumerable fossils are present from animal and vegetable life which fell to Earth with the water from priori-Mars."
_MARS HEMISPHERES. "the northern plains of Mars are six kilometers lower than the rest of the planet."

ERROR: SEAFLOOR MAGNETIC STRIPES. "In ancient times, the Earth was thought to be like a bar magnet, with a frozen-in polarization of unknown origin. We now know from the study of magnetic striping moving away from mid-ocean ridges that the polarity flips every several hundred thousand years on average. So the field can only be generated dynamically, by the motion of charged particles." [The dating of reversals is wrong; they occurred every few minutes, not every few hundred millennia. See Distinti's article.]


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