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Catastrophism Updates
« on: March 08, 2022, 02:50:38 pm »

An ancient impact on Earth led to a cascade of cratering [Sounds similar to Carolina Bays from ice boulders from ice sheet impacts]

Ancient Earth saw a huge spike in meteor impacts - It may be ongoing [Dating clue]

Ancient asteroid impacts yield evidence for the nature of the early Earth/

Ancient Impact Site on Earth Provides Clues about Mars' Past

Ancient, massive asteroid impact could explain Martian geological mysteries

Cosmic impact destroyed ancient city in the Jordan Valley

Ancient Meteorite Deposit in Minnesota from Sudbury, Ontario 150 mile diameter Impact Crater

Extraterrestrial Impact Preceded Ancient Global Warming Event

Giant Ancient 5.5 km Impact Crater Confirmed in Iowa

Ancient asteroid impact in Australia was even bigger (12-18 miles across) than the one that killed the dinosaurs

Polar Relocations - Saturnian Cosmology by Jno Cook [I guess it's about shifting of Earth's axis]

*Randall Carlson and the Erosion of the Great Sphinx of Giza 59'36" [Asterisk means "important". This shows that the YD megafloods occurred in the Middle East too]

*Mid-Cumberland Plateau TN Megaflood Tour [This shows that the YD megafloods occurred in the eastern U.S. too. Randall is guiding a tour the area soon.]

Civilization Predating Sumerians & Egyptians

1878 Image of Ancient Egypt’s Mysteriously Destroyed Lost Capital of Tanis Will Shock You

Melted Granite outside the Second Pyramid?

Meteorite World Map [not craters, just where little meteorites have been found, I think]

Curiosity Mars Rover captured this on Martian sand on February 13, 2022
[It doesn't look natural. It also doesn't look like something that might have fallen off of the rover, but that's also possible.]


Gold, Glamour and Destruction
The world wide flu epidemic of 1859 was one of the worst ever, causing half a million deaths (Duffy. J.- Louisiana University press). Could solar flares and the CME's synchrotron radiation stimulate viral growth?

Peter Mungo Jupp: The Black Death & Cosmic Chaos
civilization destroying plagues may be governed by electromagnetism such as cosmic rays

Greenland: Once a Viking Paradise - The virulence and death toll of the 1348 AD plague is totally unmatched by modern examples.

The 'Little Ice Age' on Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay
periods of high cosmic ray bombardment cause increased positive ion concentration in Earth's atmosphere. Fred Soyka claims this causes bacteria to become highly virulent and invasive. Black Death, Plague, and other relentless infections follow.

Did Cometary Catastrophes Cause the Justinian Plague?
a cometary intruder may have caused an AD catastrophe, leading to the deaths of tens millions of human beings — the so-called Plague of Justinian

On the Shoulders of Suppressed Giants Part Two
cometary tails deposited vermin as well as hydrocarbons; religion arose from the fear and worship of comets


Rock Science
The imagery [in rock art] seems steeped in religious symbolism

The Origins of Doomsday Anxiety
Early mythic and religious traditions reveal many fears, beliefs, and yearnings shared by all of the early cultures

The Spirit of Mythology – Part Two
Why does the mythical axis mundi – a cosmic tree, mountain or pillar – feature so prominently in traditional descriptions of “heaven” or “paradise”, the place where souls go after death or during a mystical vision?
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