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Re: Robert on Collaboration
« on: May 23, 2017, 11:23:00 am »
5/23 11:20 AM
Hi Robert.
_How often do you have time for discussion? Once or more a week?
_On the CNPS forum at I just started a working paper on Impact-Flood Catastrophism. Here's what I have so far.
Planetoid: any rocky body in outer space: i.e. meteor, comet, asteroid, moon, rocky planet
Recent Planetoidal Near-Collision/s: planetoid/s coming close enough to Earth to raise high tides
Megatides/Megatsunamis: tides/tsunamis high enough to deposit sedimentary rock strata
Impacts: fall of planetoids on Earth's surface
Megasequence: conforming strata between unconforming strata
Megasequences Deposition: deposition of conforming strata
Supercontinent: large continent composed of smaller continents
Supercontinent Breakup: breakup of a supercontinent into smaller continents due to impact/s
Impact Orogeny: mountain uplift caused by continent breakup
Impact Volcanism: volcanic eruptions caused by
Radiometric Dating: using radioactive decay in rock to estimate the time it formed
Radiometric Dating Errors: errors in estimating ages of rock due to changing decay rates
Gradualism: the theory that large-scale geological features change very gradually, not rapidly
Gradualism Errors: overlooking the fact that large-scale cataclysms can cause rapid geological changes
Fossilization: formation of fossils during strata deposition
Atmosphere Shrinkage: shrinkage of the atmosphere due to rapid losses to space
Gigantism: tendency of plants and animals to grow to giant size
End of Gigantism: loss of conditions favoring gigantism
Ice Age: time of widespread glaciation
Ancient Myths: ancient anthropomorphic reports about celestial conditions before, during and after cataclysms
Advanced Ancient Civilization: high tech civilization in ancient times, destroyed by cataclysms
_I expect that you disagree about some of those. So I'd like to discuss our disagreements on the TB forum? Are you willing to do that? I think that would help a lot to clear up differences.