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« on: October 09, 2019, 06:54:39 pm »
Volcanic Hot Spot, Australia
At .... a previously unknown 'Jurassic World' of about 100 ancient volcanoes buried deep in the Cooper-Eromanya Basin of central Australia, where oil and gas are produced (but at a somewhat lower level in the rocks), has been uncovered. The volcanism is said to date back 180 to 160 million years ago and is found underneath hundreds of feet of sedimentary rocks. In other words, lots of things have been happening since the volcanism. However, it seems that although volcanoes are usually associated with plate boundaries, on this ocassion they are not. Instead, a volcanic hot spot is being invoked and the volcanism is being compared to the Deccan Traps. See also ... which is written by a very mainstream thinking geologist who spent most of his career in the oil industry. The first link doesn't really get into the hot spot but this link does.
At ... where we have a big impact crater beneath Chesapeake Bay attributed in this news release to an asteroid strike - at 35 million years ago.
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