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Supposed black hole [really a quasar] blasts its remains towards Earth [It doesn't look like they're coming toward Earth]

planetary systems are more diverse than we ever imagined

Subaru Telescope can now analyze 2,400 galaxies simultaneously

unusual galaxy

Pismis 26, a globular star cluster

two galactic open clusters

first galaxies?

stars in NGC 2660 galaxy

*[CC?] Orion constellation baby stars making an outburst

how quickly stars form in clusters

Variable star GD 99

globular cluster NGC 6440

Pillars of Creation

open cluster BSDL 2757

optical variability in emission-line galaxies

ghostly light in galaxy clusters

millisecond pulsar PSR J1023+0038


Webb images of Saturn's Titan

*Signs of megatsunami generated by asteroid impact detected on Mars

3D radargram brings new focus to Mars' north polar cap

two Jovian moons

Europa's plate tectonic activity

How Mars rovers could navigate autonomously

directly turbulent magnetic reconnection in solar wind

phosphine on Venus



intelligent design

Toxoplasmosis turning wolves into pack leaders

New fossil find overturns origin of modern birds

Entirely New Branch on The Tree of Life

Dramatic recovery in global sea ice levels confounds the Net Zero catastrophists

Climate models can never work, says computer modeller

Air-breathing ion engines

Satellite Pollution of the night sky

Two minerals inside 17-ton meteorite

Earth's asteroid defense

Mount Hermon Was Flood-Formed

Mammoths and Horses

Mars Once Had So Much Water, It Could Have Been An Ocean World

Mars Was Capable of Supporting Life

Louisana Ancient Mounds

Ancient Iberian Owl Plaques

Abu Rawash: Was it REALLY an Egyptian Pyramid?

Impossibly Enormous Prehistoric Megaliths

Catastrophism vs Gradualism



Surprise kilonova upends established understanding of long gamma-ray bursts

emission nebula-star cluster duo

a distant gamma-ray emitting blazar

an outstanding open cluster

Ground telescopes can adapt to satellite megaconstellations if they get accurate telemetry data

six massive stars before they exploded as core-collapse supernovae

Tiny, hidden galaxy

'Black widow' PSR J1544+4937

bright splash of stars amid ripples of gas and dust

Gaia mapped a diverse and shifting universe of variable objects

game-changing cosmic explosion

a shredded star in a nearby galaxy

outburst of the young magnetar Swift J1818.0–1607

Near-infrared polarized light observations of three known interacting twin-disk systems

burping black hole [quasar]

Tidal disruption event J150052

How the 'hell planet' got so hot: New measurements reveal the orbital path of planet 55 Cnc e

The messy death of a star [Looks like a pulsar like the Crab nebula, which are ring stars, not spheres]

dual views of an unusual star cluster

new milestone in quest for distant galaxies [False, if based on wrong assumption that redshift equals distance/velocity]


*Giant mantle plume reveals Mars is more active than previously thought [maybe due to tidal pull from Earth or Venus 4,200 years ago]

Impact-induced formation of microscopic magnetite first confirmed in Chang'E-5 lunar soil

Cosmic ray counts hidden in spacecraft data highlight influence of solar cycle at Mars and Venus

NASA capsule flies over Apollo landing sites

building lunar landing pads may involve microwaving moon soil

Long-lived lakes reveal a history of water on Mars

New lidar technique could help robotic vehicles land safely on Mars

Martian dust devil analogues in the Mojave Desert

human bases in lunar lava tubes

Perseverance rover collects two samples of Martian regolith

Rare Apollo mission moon rock back in Cyprus after 50 years

*ghostly glow surrounding our solar system

How views from space have changed the way we see Earth



Irreparable vaccine-induced harm

Body defense against viral threats also regulates intestinal function and gut health

Traces of Denisovan DNA Still Affect The Immune Systems of Modern Papuans

Nature versus Alarmist climate science

*Oldest DNA reveals life in Greenland 2 million years ago (No, it was ca. 5,300 years ago just after the Great Flood)

Ice ages recur more frequently than previously assumed (False. The numerous strata in cores were deposited over short time intervals)

Turtles fossilized while mating

Delta formation in the Kaystros estuary and silting of the Ephesus Harbour within biblical history

Man holding **** and flanked by leopards is world’s oldest narrative carving [doubtful]

Çakmaktepe: The Missing Link & Older than Göbekli Tepe

Impossible Pre-Flood Ruins Found Around The World

Enormous Out of Place Artifacts Left By Giants



hidden stars in stellar graveyard [Looks like a pulsar ring star; I doubt the graveyard part]

robotic sky scanner reveals its first galactic fingerprint

properties of X-ray binary LMC X–4

Perhaps a supervoid doesn't explain the mysterious CMB cold spot [as Thunderbolts has known for years]

unprecedented details of the Milky Way

SNR G298.6−0.0 is an old supernova remnant interacting with molecular clouds

rare red spiral galaxy population [NOT] from the early universe

The voids closest to us may not be entirely empty

field of extragalactic PEARLS, studded with galactic diamonds

chemical composition of multiple stellar populations in NGC 2808

'Peekabo' dwarf galaxy is extremely metal-poor

two exoplanets may be mostly water

irregularities in the cores of red giants [Actually, they're likely not even giants]

majestic barred spiral galaxy NGC 6956

light from outside our galaxy brighter than expected

how galaxies change their shape

Antihelium nuclei as messengers from the depths of the galaxy


Two solar cycles occur at the same time, lasting 17 years each

Ryugu: Asteroid samples continue to shed light on solar system history

a fireball at the edge of the solar system was likely made of rock, not ice, contrary to mainstream solar system theory

VLA and ALMA study Jupiter and Io

Chang'e-5 suggests there is more hydrogen at higher latitudes on the moon

first-ever sound recording of dust devils on Mars

left-over planetesimals, not asteroids, created the moon's largest craters [They're probably the same thing]

Juno exploring Jovian moons during extended mission

what microorganisms on Mars would need to survive

Biggest marsquake was five times larger

How Mars' thin and turbulent atmosphere leads to curiously sized dunes

low-cost system to measure space weather

best places to land humans on Mars

Perseverance rover to begin building Martian sample depot

Rubble pile asteroids might be the best places to build space habitats

Mars and Tsunami like waves



artificial wombs

Cellular 'glue' to regenerate tissues, heal wounds, regrow nerves

The Cold Plasma Wand That Heals

How Solar Panels Can Help Solve California’s Drought

Navigation strategy of sea urchin sperm

To fight climate change, we could block the sun: A lightweight solar sail could make it feasible [so we could have a permanent Ice Age]

Supercomputer climate model is so accurate it predicts the weather patterns seen in the 'blue marble' image of Earth

Deceptive Heat Wave, Temps & CO2 Levels Reporting

Loss of ecological niche caused downfall of dinosaurs following asteroid impact [They drowned in the Great Flood actually]

168 Nazca geoglyphs identified in Peru

Giant arthropods dominated the seas ... years ago

Earth's water is ... years old

Fossil Defies So-Called Brain Evolution

A Lush Greenland

Mysterious Patterns Span The Arabian Desert

Precise solar observations in ancient Mexico

5,000-year-old ‘bog body’ found in Denmark may be a human sacrifice victim

Ancient goldworking toolkit from burial near Stonehenge

11,000-Year-Old Sayburç: World's Oldest Narrative Carving

Smoking Gun Evidence for Ancient Granite Machining! Elephantine Island

Ancient Samaipata In The Bolivian Jungle

Sonar Proves Barabar Caves Were Cut With Lasers

Lost Jewish History claims "Technological" Etruscans are of Thubul Cain and Romans come from Cyprus

Where are the Human Remains since Younger Dryas




open cluster NGC 6530

*Are planets tidally locked to red dwarfs habitable?

variable stars in the cluster NGC 7006

Alien planet found spiraling to its doom

the space weather environment of Proxima Centauri b

enigma of Milky Way's satellite galaxies solved

Type Ia supernovae

[Imaginary] black hole snacking on star

luminous, face-on spiral galaxy NGC 7469

AT2021fxu is a changing-look active galactic nucleus

Ten images this year from Webb telescope

'Poor Old Heart' of The Milky Way


Space Cities Out Of Asteroids and Graphene Bags

*Moon Formed Within Hours Instead of Millions of Years [except it was not billions of years ago]

Comet impacts could bring ingredients for life to Europa's ocean

'Christmas' comet E3 ZTF to become visible to the unaided eye

Ancient asteroid grains provide insight into the evolution of our solar system

How magnetic waves interact with Earth's bubble

mysterious patterns in temperatures at Jupiter

Isotopic signatures in Ryugu

more wind than thought on Mars for powering turbines

Perseverance rover deposits first sample on Mars surface

Early results from NASA's DART mission

no oxygen required to make these minerals on Mars

winter wonderland on Mars

potential regolith origin on Uranus' moon Miranda



*Tar pits form when crude oil seeps to the surface through fissures in the Earth's crust; the light fraction of the oil evaporates, leaving behind the heavy tar, or asphalt, in sticky pools.

Scientific Proof - Mass Media vs. Scientific Community

new organizing principles of the genome

A new type of bottlenose dolphin has evolved in the Pacific Ocean

Balloon over Lapland measures the amount of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere [What a delight for alarmists]

Stratospheric balloons confirm wind data from wind satellite Aeolus

major observatories affected by light pollution

Why are most rocks on Earth much younger than the planet itself? [It's irrelevant, since dating methods are fantasy]

Sandy stripes: Do many layers mean many years?

pre-Flood people's long lifespans

Dinosaur herd buried in Noah’s Flood in Inner Mongolia, China

*Ice Age Footprints Step on Radiocarbon Results

Tiny flakes tell a story of tool use ... years ago

Human ancestors may have sailed across the Aegean Sea

11,000-Year-Old [misdated] Tower of Jericho

Enormous Ancient Artifacts Left By Giants

25 Thousand-Mile Pre-Flood [not preFlood] Ruin Exposed In Peru

Unusual Mammoth Burials

The SAHARA ATLANTIS Theory Goes WAY Beyond 'Atlantis'



Is the Milky Way normal?

circular polarization in active repeating fast radio bursts

Planetary interiors in TRAPPIST-1 system could be affected by solar flares

the latest outburst of pulsar SAX J1808.4−3658

dozens of variable stars in the NGC 381 region

Action of two protostars appears to be making conditions right for planet formation [or cataclysms?]

'hot Jupiter' exoplanet orbiting a rapidly rotating star

over 100 new open clusters


HAARP to bounce signal off asteroid

photo shows every visible planet in the solar system lining up across the night sky

Exotic clasts in Chang'e-5 moon samples

Venus may have Earth-like lithospheric thickness and heat flow



How much of science is reproducible?

troublesome biofilms

Scientists digitally reconstruct 'handsome' face of Ramses II

‘Seven Sisters’ similarities point to Babel, not evolution

Scelidosaurus—evidence of rapid burial in the Early Jurassic of southern England

Badlands National Park: Flood Features and Fossils

Early European pottery

Bering Land Bridge Anomaly
Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age

The World’s Oldest Animations Stretch All The Way Back to Cave Times

Archaeologists uncover oldest known projectile points in the Americas

Stonehenge Toolkit Reveals How Amazing Gold Artifacts Were Crafted 4,000 Years Ago

Toba supervolcanic eruption

Finding Ancient Anomalies on Google Earth 2022

A Virtual Guide To Ancient Megalithic Sites In Egypt

... Year-Old Queen Found Buried In Egypt

Laser-Cut Pre-Flood Temples ~ The Ellora Caves

24 Giant Mystery Black Boxes Found Buried In Egypt

Impact Events Linked to Increased Volcanism

Fire & Water - Mammoth Bones Charred & Buried

Black Mat Layer

Questioning the Extinction Narrative

Ancient Shelters, Bunkers, Hideouts, and Fortifications: Pre-Cataclysmic Protective Structures


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