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Largest Ringed Planet Ever Found - J1407b (Mamajek's Object)

spectacular blue star cluster NGC 2031

something may be missing in our best model of the cosmos [Yeah, redshift due to Compton effect ionization, not Doppler effect expansion]

origin of Type Ia supernovae
This is way better

Molecular clouds [maybe] extend their lives by constantly reassembling

cores of stars spin more slowly than expected

gamma-ray emission from HESS J1809−193

a knot of galaxy clusters

Scorpius X-1

spiral galaxy LEDA 2046648

12 years of exoplanets orbiting their star

Rare binary star features weirdly round orbit

new warm brown dwarf

second planet orbiting two stars

20 ultraviolet-emitting [supposed] supernova remnants in the Andromeda Galaxy

light bending around an isolated white dwarf

Outflows from baby star affect nearby star formation

More black hole mythology


Gigantic 'alien' comet spotted heading straight for the sun

a dozen more new moons around Jupiter
A search for objects with sizes down to about 3 kilometers across that are moving along with the gas giants found three times more near Saturn than near Jupiter. The more numerous Saturnian objects might have come from a collision that disrupted a larger moon

moon's hidden tidal force pulls on Earth's magnetosphere

three dust specks reveal an asteroid's history

dust devils on Mars

geological processes of Monad Regio on Neptune's largest moon, Triton

Deep fractures and water-carved valleys on Mars

Martian helicopter dust dynamics

closer to understanding how Mercury formed

sympathetic filament eruptions

Comet ZTF update



deep-tissue microscopy using three-photon (3P) excitation

Huntington's disease finding

scent of cancer in urine

plan to 'de-extinct' dodo bird

Indiana's Mysterious Mounds: Legends of Advanced Civilizations and Giants

Scanning a Predynastic Granite Vase re Ancient Precision

52-foot-long Book of the Dead papyrus from ancient Egypt discovered at Saqqara

possibly 'oldest' mummy yet found in Egypt

Cryptic lost Canaanite language decoded on 'Rosetta Stone'-like tablets

5,000-year-old tavern still stocked with food discovered in Iraq

Earliest evidence of humans hunting elephants

oldest bone spear point in the Americas

Karahan Tepe

earliest fossilized brain of a vertebrate [fish]

Microraptor Ate Mammals But Was Not a Dinosaur

Large number of animal skulls found in Neanderthal cave

ancient ‘marine crocodile’ on UK’s Jurassic Coast

*Missoula floods were caused by volcanism

A Complete Guide To Exploring Ancient Megalithic Egypt

Proof of Ancient High-Technology Throughout Antiquity

Unbreakable Alien Ring Found Inside Geode



Outflows from baby star affect nearby star formation

5,000 star-eating behemoths [supposedly black holes]

8 strange new SETI signals

new view of the Tarantula Nebula

properties of double white dwarfs

galaxy mirrors the early Milky Way

'Engine' of luminous merging galaxies

radio pulsar PSR J1420-6048 and its nebula

complex chemistry inside 'stellar nurseries'

first phase of star formation in distant galaxies

Footprints of 'galactic immigration' in Andromeda galaxy

nearby pulsar wind nebula

galaxy gold mine in first large survey

Light pollution reduction


rare Earth-mass rocky planet found

material broke off of the sun's surface

Sun's sympathetic filament eruptions

Jupiter's moon count jumps to 92

surprise clues to Mars's watery past

A new ring system in our solar system

hidden light shows on the sun

new spoke season on Saturn



No one can stay in the 'quietest room in the world' for more than an hour

octopus's unique genes

higher carbon dioxide levels are COOLING many parts of the planet by increasing vegetation growth

if we ditch Fossil Fuels

The Eye of the Sahara

Remapping superhighways travelled by first Australians

Sumeria's marshy city of Lagash was built on mounds and interlaced with waterways

New AI tool 'fragmentarium' brings ancient Babylonian texts together

Very ancient tool workshop in Ethiopia made by 'clever' group of unknown human relatives

3 year drought may have doomed ancient Hittite empire, tree study reveals

Small new asteroid in the main belt

molten rock layer hidden under Earth's tectonic plates

Earth's atmosphere adds a quick pinch of salt to meteorites

Study Claims Exploding Comet Destroyed a Native American Hopewell Culture 1700 years ago

The current state of creationist ice core research

Mesha of Moab stele

Chicxulub Megatsunami

Britain: Prehistoric find -- Neolithic life

Native Americans Conducted Large-Scale Copper Mining 6,000 Years Ago

Neanderthals Hunted Giant Elephants Much Larger Than The Ones Today

Proof that Neanderthals ate crabs

Old Jordan MEGASTRUCTURE: WF16 & the Birth of Civilisation

Lost Mythical Mega-Metropolis in Amazon Jungles

MesoAmerican Advanced Ancient Cities in Jungle

Ancient Nuclear Armageddon



faint dwarf galaxy Donatiello II

Earth-sized exoplanet detected in the solar neighborhood

black behemoths [supposedly] controlling our galaxies

Hundreds of new high-redshift quasars

NRAO 530 quasar

insight on planet formation

Four classes of planetary systems

intricate networks of gas, dust in nearby galaxies

rogue supermassive black hole [the image looks like a quasar] hurtling through space leaving star formation in its wake

*Black holes = Quasars [brief quote from Thornhill]

'Tadpole' molecular cloud appears to be playing around [imaginary] black hole

clues about star formation

open cluster Teutsch 76

Polarized shockwaves shake the universe's cosmic web

*high-speed star formation


New aurorae detected on Jupiter's four largest moons

Jupiter's icy moons

Small asteroid

New spacecraft can see into the permanently shadowed craters on the moon

how Mars could have developed an atmosphere

Strong solar flare

network of robotic telescopes present across five continents is deployed

impact effects on Mars rocks

global impact of electricity in dust storms on Mars

Solar Atmosphere News



God’s DNA-detangling motors

Two top climate scientists find further evidence that global warming has been exaggerated

Plans for self-spreading and self-replicating vaccines to be released

0Scientists debunk alarmist claims that 69% of vertebrates have declined over last 50 years

old artifacts suggest ancient, big-toothed hominins were making stone tools

New Zealand fossil largest penguin ever weighed 340 pounds

Genetic data from the Altai 7,500 years ago indicate high mobility of hunter-gatherers

Royal Sumerian palace and temple uncovered in ancient Girsu, Iraq

complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought

Arctic Lemur-like Fossils Were Transported During Flood

Cliff Collapse Collapses ‘Deep Time’

Earth Plasmasphere Tides

SE Asia Human Migrations

Semi-Molten Rock Layer under Earth's Crust

Winchcombe Hill Meteorite Study

Movements of Ancient Siberians

Glaciers and Carolina Bays

[Misdated] 12,000-Year-Old Ancient Seafarers of Cyprus

Rock-Cut Theater of Ancient Petra

Temple Discovered Beneath Prehistoric Lava Flow



merging galactic trio

The [very probably not by a long shot] largest structures in the universe are still glowing

Dozens of variable stars in the open cluster NGC 6611

Quasi-periodic oscillations in a long-period eclipsing dwarf nova

cloud approaching the Milky Way's supermassive black hole [aka quasar]

hidden exoplanet

How the early universe developed 'lumpy clumps of matter' [don't count on it]

Ultracool dwarf binary stars

heartbeat of spinning stars

Over one billion galaxies in colossal map of the sky

gravitational lens of a massive galaxy cluster [don't count on it either]

very early supermassive black holes [that weren't early and aren't black holes]

Absence of the predicted 2022 October outburst of galaxy OJ 287 [proves mainstream wrong]

pressure mode pulsations on a white dwarf


New forms of 'salty ice' could be what is covering icy moons

'Planet 9'

class of water-rich asteroids identified (similar to the dwarf planet Ceres)

fertilizer for growing plants on the moon

'squishy' outer shell of Venus may be resurfacing the planet

Why do Earth's hemispheres look equally bright when viewed from space?

how Enceladus ejects particles from oceans beneath its surface [probably not]

Ryugu asteroid sample is organic-rich

Sun releases strong solar flare



Gene variations for immune and metabolic conditions have persisted in humans for more than 700,000 years

6,000-year-old settlement was home to Europe's first megalithic monument makers

3,500 year old brain surgery at Tel Meggido in Israel

Neanderthal hunting strategies unchanged over millennia

Homes of Europe's first megalithic monument makers discovered

zero loss of Antarctica sea ice, BBC spins as 'new record low'

Meteorite crater discovered in French winery

Discovery of massive early galaxies defies prior understanding of the universe [except they're not early galaxies and not massive, because their distances are greatly miscalculated]

Radioactive isotopes reach Earth by surfing supernova blast waves [or Saturn nova waves]
I doubt that shock waves can travel through extremely low density of interstellar space, but could in a closeby Saturn nova.

light pollution erases stars [like during the ancient Saturn configuration]

Horus — the deified Egyptian Founder, Ham: part 1

archery to Europe about 54,000 years ago

photos of stunningly preserved 52-foot-long Book of the Dead papyrus from ancient Egypt

Bronze Age grave reveals man had brain surgery 3,000 years ago

The Treasury of Ancient Petra: How Was it Made?

13,000 Years Ago: How Bad Was the Younger Dryas in the Fertile Crescent?

Ancient Egyptian Vase Scan Update

Mercury Pool Found Beneath Pyramid In Mexico

100,000 Yr-Old Submerged Pyramid Found In Azores

*Ep093 Fossil-filled Blast Wind Muck Deposits in Alaska


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