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Feb. 2021
« on: February 06, 2021, 02:59:25 pm »

Batteries that can be assembled in ambient air

Salt battery design overcomes 'bump' in the road to help electric cars go the extra mile [I ain't crazy about electric cars though]

Hydrogen-powered drives for e-scooters

How modern robots are developed

Supercomputers advance longer-lasting, faster-charging batteries

backpack powers electronics by harvesting energy from walking

Thermomagnetic generators convert waste heat into electrical power even at small temperature differences

self-charging robotic dog

Silicon anode structure generates new potential for lithium-ion batteries

Printed thermoelectric generators for power generation

Packing more juice in lithium-ion batteries through silicon anodes and polymeric coatings

New piezoelectric material remains effective to high temperatures

trilayer graphene for more robust superconductivity

receiver the first to detect entire radio frequency spectrum

new material for water desalination

portable device that creates 3-D images of skin in 10 minutes

Cyanobacteria could revolutionize the plastic industry

carbon dioxide into methane fuel with light

Dishing up 3-D printed food

Polymer-derived carbon as metal-free, 'green' alternative to catalysts and nanocarbons

Mysterious organic scum boosts chemical reaction efficiency, may reduce chemical waste

New way to power up nanomaterials for electronic applications

MM-related Physics News


[Fake] Scientists develop method to [falsely] detect fake news [I ain't giving a link, kuz it's undoubtedly bs]

Inside the battery in 3-D: Powerful X-rays watch solid state batteries charging and discharging

Tweets of fear used to spread malicious viruses online

Engineers develop programming technology to transform 2-D materials into 3-D shapes

Machine learning algorithm may be the key to timely, inexpensive cyber-defense

Taking the fear tactics out of driver education

Affordable Supercomputer


A giant black hole suddenly went dark, and no one knows why [maybe it's because they don't exist]

enormous planet lurking far from its star

Modeling galaxy formation
- Charles Chandler's model is probably far superior

Hubble spots an interstellar interaction

New quasi-periodic oscillation detected from XTE J1858+034

Astronomers detect extended dark matter halo around ancient dwarf galaxy [What are they calling dark matter?]

one of the strongest magnets in the universe

brightest cluster galaxy in MACS 1931.8-2635

A warp in the Milky Way linked to galactic collision

Student astronomer finds missing galactic matter

teaching robots to evolve autonomously so they can adapt to life alone on distant planets

Second Earth orbiting Trojan asteroid discovered

Meteorite fragments recovered after 'very bright, rumbling' fireball filmed in Sweden's skies in November

New Comet C/2021 B3 (NEOWISE)

MESSENGER saw a meteoroid strike Mercury

Martian landslides caused by underground salts and melting ice?

Possible detection of hydrazine on Saturn's moon Rhea


120,000 year old bone etchings believed to be 'among oldest evidence of human use of symbols' [except dating methods are shoddy]

Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes pinned on fragmenting Taurid comet

Is Newfound Dinosaur Fossil the Biggest Ever?

Arches National Park: Sculptures from the Flood

Secular scientific problems with the Ice Age

*The Megalithic Culture: Their Final Journey from Peru to Easter Island | Ancient Architects

An Ancient Egyptian Site You Likely Have Never Heard Of: Abu Sir Near Giza

Another Ancient Egyptian Site You Likely Have Not Heard Of: Abu Ghurob

The Ancient Seaport Of Byblos In Lebanon: Megalithic Surprises

Gigantic Human Footprints In Indonesia?

Ep058 Appalachian Blue Ridge Megafloods -Kosmographia

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Feb. 2021
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2021, 07:17:55 am »

Design of a nanometric structure that improves solar cell efficiency

Insights into lithium metal battery failure open doors to doubling battery life

Residential batteries for solar power benefit owners and grid

Radiative cooling and solar heating from one system, no electricity needed

Aging dams are 'ticking time bombs'

Fabricating fully functional drones

New coating is a breakthrough for hydrogen fuel

Emerging robotics technology may lead to better buildings in less time

New wearable device turns the body into a battery

Community solar could provide an economic path forward

Documenting a decade of cost declines for photovoltaic systems

Multi-inch single-crystalline perovskite for self-powered integrated circuit photodetection reported

New material shown to more efficiently desalinate water

Newly developed material could lead to lighter, safer car designs


Banning disruptive online groups is a game of Whac-a-Mole that web giants just won't win [if we're lucky]

New models for stepping up cybersecurity

Deepfake detectors can be defeated, computer scientists show for the first time

way to maintain the cybersecurity of electronics in vehicles

Major camera company can sort people by race, alert police when it spots Uighurs [China Muslims]

dating apps on frontline of loneliness pandemic

faster, light-based logic circuits

'Multiplying' light could be key to ultra-powerful optical computers


Rare type of supernova discovered in our galaxy

Potential habitable-zone planet discovered in Alpha Centauri

An orange glow radiates from the center of NGC 1792

Southern Pinwheel galaxy in glorious detail

New technique used to discover how galaxies grow

Rare blast's remains discovered in Milky Way's center

Study of supergiant star Betelgeuse unveils the cause of its pulsations

Galaxy Mrk 335 examined with AstroSat

Spectacular 'honeycomb heart' revealed in iconic stellar explosion

A new way of forming planets

Vaporised crusts of Earth-like planets found in dying stars

TESS discovers new worlds in a river of young stars

Hubble takes portrait of nebula

Scientists detect water vapour emanating from Mars

Jupiter's Trojan asteroids offer surprises

As new probes reach Mars, here's what we know so far from trips to the red planet


role of iodine acids in atmospheric aerosol formation

Ceramic chips inside meteorites

Tree rings data help reconstruct Sun's activity

Past river activity in northern Africa reveals multiple Sahara greenings

North Sea Rift

Neanderthals in the North Sea

Ancient Brazil Shark Hunting; Pre-Inca Culture; Tanzania Rock Art

The search for Adam, Eve, Noah and the Flood—in Ancient Egypt?

Archaeologists unearth bronze age graves at Stonehenge tunnel site

One of Britain's biggest and oldest stone circles has been found in Wales - and could be the original building blocks of Stonehenge

YD Ice Impacts

Is There a HIDDEN code in the Pre-Inca Stonework of SACSAYHUAMAN, Peru? | Ancient Architects

Megalithic Surprises At Ancient Mitla In Mexico

The Phenomenal Anthropology And Archaeology Museum In Mexico City

Ancient Maya Complex Of Uxmal That Means "Built 3 Times

Ancient Giant Gilgamesh Buried In Iraq?

Did Ancient FREE MASONS build the GREAT PYRAMID?
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Re: Feb. 2021
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2021, 08:17:47 pm »

From ag waste to green energy source: Researchers build better biomass pellet

Microalgae identified as clean source of hydrogen production

Engineers develop polymer cores that redirect light from any source to solar cells

A new lead-based anode for next-generation lithium-ion batteries

Underwater robots are key to understanding and protecting deep-water species

Walking quadruped is controlled and powered by pressurized air

Testing a long-range Aera drone to raise the alarm on summer wildfires

Less-wasteful laser-cutting

How lithium-rich cathode materials for high energy EV batteries store charge at high voltages

Tuning electrode surfaces to optimize solar fuel production

International study reveals exceptional property of next generation optical fibres

Engineers place molecule-scale devices in precise orientation

A powerful, pocket-sized optical imager, no longer science fiction

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide with a platinum-gold nanoparticle catalyst

Tapping into waste heat for electricity by nanostructuring thermoelectric materials

Move over heavy goggles, here come the ultra-high refractive index lenses

Polymers can protect buildings from large fault ruptures

Novel two-polymer membrane boosts hydrogen fuel cell performance

Electrolyte 'boost' improves performance of aqueous dual-ion batteries

New method converts methane in natural gas to methanol at room temperature



How the 'physical internet' could revolutionise the way goods are moved

Technology based on rodent neurons may point the way to the tactile internet

possible for our mobile devices to conduct machine learning

Researchers expand study of ethics, artificial intelligence

Ransomware gangs are running riot and paying them off doesn't help

Training artificial intelligence to track greenhouses in Antarctica and Mars

Tactile sensing system mimicking human tactile cognition

New model increases the certainty in AI


Large proto-cluster of galaxies discovered in the midst of clearing the cosmic fog

ASASSN-18aan is an unusual cataclysmic variable

Cold dust cores in the central zone of the Milky Way

Spacerock crashing into Jupiter registered by Juno's instruments

At the rim of a Mars crater

Melting dusty ice may have carved Martian gullies

A combined map of almost 15,000 dust storms on Mars

Moon's largest crater holds clues about early lunar mantle

Planetary scientists discover evidence for a reduced [oxygen] atmosphere on ancient Mars


Cells use concentration gradients as a compass

Researchers find a novel connection between cell metabolism and cell division

Long-period comet breakup is the origin of the dinosaur extinction says study

First Australian evidence of a major shift in Earth's magnetic poles discovered

Antarctic researchers found life deep under the sea

Russian scientists probe prehistoric viruses dug from permafrost

Paper in Nature Heredity supports Michael Behe's devolution hypothesis

Million-year-old mammoth genomes shatter record for oldest ancient DNA, new species identified [except dating methods are wrong]

Implications of an unusual Ocean anomaly being detected in the Gulf Stream [worse hurricanes ahead]

Questions they don't want you to ask about the global power outages

Earth Wind creates water on the moon's surface

Stonehenge 3000 BC & Taurid Dangers

Bunurong Aborigine Myth & Chinese Cataclysm

Neanderthal Evolution

Laschamp Magnetic Reversal Australia & Cataclysms

Cosmic Tusk and UnchartedX join The Randall Carlson Podcast

Long-period comet caused dinosaur extinction?

CMI’s response to the ‘electric universe’

Comparison of morphology-based and genomics-based baraminology methods

How old are the pyramids of Egypt?

Extinction of North America’s largest animals likely caused by ancient climate change

The Face of Inca God Viracocha Carved into a Mountainside of Peru? | Ancient Architects

The Mysterious Owner of the Last Pyramid of Giza in Egypt | Ancient Architects

*Ev Cochrane: Anatomy of a Thunderbolt [& Swastika etc]

Another Ancient Egyptian Site You May Not Know About: Abu Rawash

Ep060 Relict Appalachian Megaflood Phenomena

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Re: Feb. 2021
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2021, 11:58:51 am »


The perfect recipe for efficient perovskite solar cells

Agile underwater glider could quietly survey the seas

Positive reinforcements help algorithm forecast underground natural reserves

New material is next step toward stable, high-voltage, long-life, solid-state batteries

Experts call for home battery storage to protect vulnerable during outages

New sustainable building simulation method points to the future of design

A fluid-magnetic solution for sorting plastic waste

Laser pulses act as subtle machining tools

Using plasma technology make cheap fertilizer for small farmers

new way to create a hologram

Engineers place molecule-scale devices in precise orientation

The quest for the magic angle for graphene to become a superconductor

New 'metalens' shifts focus without tilting or moving

Researchers discover affordable method for production of transparent solar cells

Electrolyte 'boost' improves performance of aqueous dual-ion batteries

New method converts methane in natural gas to methanol at room temperature

New catalyst could enable better lithium-sulfur batteries, power next-gen electronics

A salt solution for desalinating brine

smart adaptive windows

An intelligent soft material that curls & uncurls

transforming toxic molecules in air at low temperatures

Turning crop waste into high-value fashion products

Paper without the microplastics: An economical and ecofriendly coating

Questions they don't want you to ask about the global power outages

MM Physics Articles


Privacy faces risks in tech-infused post-COVID workplace

What is the allure of the invite-only social media network?

Red Canary researchers find evidence of malware on Apple computers

Health care bore brunt of cyberattacks in 2020

report on the impact of online communities

AI is killing choice and chance—changing what it means to be human

data transfer system that can transmit information 10 times faster than a USB

Data limits could vanish with new optical antennas

fragments of splitting atomic nuclei begin spinning after scission


Cold gas pipelines feeding early, massive galaxies

Insight-HXMT gives insight into origin of fast radio bursts

Cold dust cores in the central zone of the Milky Way

Scientists claim that all high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born [from?] quasars

stellar kinematics of the galactic disc

galactic source of gamma rays that could produce very high-energy cosmic rays

star with dust disc that is being fed by surrounding material

Big galaxies steal star-forming gas from their smaller neighbours

Magnetic fields drive astrophysical jet shapes

The GRANTECAN discovers the largest cluster of galaxies known in the early universe [PS, redshift is misinterpreted]

stadium-sized asteroid headed towards Earth

Hubble spots comet near Jupiter

Searching for life in NASA's Perseverance Mars samples

Sounding rocket CLASP2 elucidates solar magnetic field

seasonal processes create linear gullies on the slopes of the megadune in the Russell crater on Mars

Apollo rock samples capture key moments in the Moon's early history

Perseverance rover gives high-definition panoramic view of landing site

Parker Solar Probe offers stunning view of Venus

Imaging space debris in high resolution

What geologists see when they look at Perseverance's landing site
[It says: "Two incoming watercourses fed the lake, and overflow carved a channel out of the lake." The two incoming may be water courses, but the outflow channel seems to be electrically carved, because the color scale shows the elevation going up and down, i.e. light and dark blue and purple.]


Hyksos were not invaders of Egypt

"Leftist" Documentary against Renewable Energy

Evidence Of An Ancient Cataclysm? Megalithic Huaytara In Peru
[from solar flare? Why are lower layers burnt, but not upper layers?]

Radioactivity in meteorites sheds light on origin of heaviest elements in our solar system

End of Neanderthals linked to flip of Earth's magnetic poles

Space [ionospheric] hurricane observed for the first time

Magnetic pole shift + low solar activity: 'A global environmental crisis' has begun

30-pound meteorite that recently crashed in Sweden

Texas 'deep freeze': Urgent climate warning - but not how you think

'Unique' petrified tree up to 20 million years old found intact in Lesbos

Life Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet + Big Cretaceous Fish

Laschamp Australia Magnetic Reversal

Is It Coming Undone [Ice Age Theory]

Asteroid Dust & Petroleum Fire at Chicxulub

Gunnison's Black Canyon: The Flood Solves Mysterious Missing Time

Largest Canyons Were Formed by the Receding Flood

Australia’s oldest known rock art is a 17,000-year-old kangaroo

Gorgeous Egyptian Art From 4,600 Years Ago Reveals an Extinct Goose

NEW Evidence for Ancient Technology! Review of BAM, and interview with director Patrice Pouillard!

Two Ancient Egyptian Sites Right Beside The Nile: Esna And Kom Ombo

Old Underground City Found In Turkey

Archeologists Expose Real Age of Pumapunku?

Ancient High-Technology @ Qoricancha?

Liquid Mercury Found Beneath Teotihuacan?

Ep060 Relict Appalachian Megaflood Phenomena

Health News

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