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Re: Apr 2023
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a trail of stars

Z 229-15, an intriguing active galaxy

Molecular precursors to life in the Perseus Cloud

SN 2019odp is a massive oxygen-rich Type Ib supernova

a new family of {so-called} black holes in the constellation Ophiuchus

Galaxy clusters

collision course inside a galaxy merger

Twinkling stars fuel interstellar dust

limit-breaking ultra-luminous X-ray sources {probably closer than calculated}

multi-generational cluster NGC 2419

secrets of star structure and building blocks of life

X-ray spectral variability of active galaxy NGC 7582

Deep Field Image Falsifies Big Bang


another ringed world with new image of Uranus

Does Earth have a new Quasi-Moon?

New source of water found in moon samples

water-based propulsion system in orbit

moon rocks

Stirling engine in orbit

The sun is a normal star

Venus has almost 50 times as many volcanoes as previously thought



A mini-heart in a Petri dish

How were amino acids formed before the origin of life on Earth?

In Sudan, This civilization is Rewriting History

First ancient DNA from the Swahili civilization

Millenniums-old tiger-patterned ritual weapon in east China

How old is Gobekli Tepe?

drug use as part of Bronze Age ritual ceremonies in Europe

contribution of medieval monks to volcanology

geomagnetic field

‘Snowball Earth’ May Not Have Been An Endless Frozen Wasteland After All

oldest human ever found in Egypt

A SECRET Chamber Hiding in Plain Sight? The Tomb of Khentkawas, Giza

Curious Ancient Stone Objects In The Cairo Museum In Egypt

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Earth Origins
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