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Re: Apr 2023
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radiation mechanism of 'brightest of all time' gamma-ray burst

LAMOST releases its DR10 data, more than 20 million spectra

what happens to rocky planets that wander too close to their stars

Crab Nebula via Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer

gusty winds in a far-off {supposed} neutron star system

First Y brown dwarf binary system

When clouds collide, destruction and creation go hand-in-hand

Supernova remnant Cassiopeia A

1,179 previously unknown star clusters in our corner of the Milky Way

nearly 200,000 candidate metal-poor stars

inside the 'Dragon Cloud'

Giant galaxy seen in 3D

tiny galaxy with big star power using

the chemistry of disks around young stars where rocky planets form


images challenge theories of how universe evolved

'jellyfish galaxy' JO204


record sized solar tornado '14 Earths tall'

Mercury's magnificent comet-like tail

Meteorites hit Maine

first views of Trojan asteroid targets

Ingenuity Mars helicopter completes 50th flight

Icy moonquakes: Surface shaking could trigger landslides

Uranus has 13 rings – and 27 moons



New Testament: Fragment of 1,750-year-old translation discovered

why hibernating bears don't get blood clots

Warm liquid spewing from Oregon seafloor comes from Cascadia fault, clues to earthquake hazards

Even more mammoth devolution

Earth’s Atmosphere cleans itself

new phosphorus material after lightning strike

Fossil Amphibian Footprints

Earth’s Core Appears to Be Wrapped in an Unexpected, Ancient Structure

New technique analyzing archaeological bones

giant marsupial fossils in underwater caves

humans wore leather clothes 39,000 years ago

NJ Bell-shaped Carolina Bays

The Great Dump of Giza and a Lost Royal Palace

Impossible Ancient OOPART Found In Museum

Scottish origin in Asia/Scythia

Ep095 Unprecedented Climate Crisis? CO2 is Plant FOOD 2

Inca Drilling Machine?


Did A Mega Tsunami Smash Into The Sahara?

Massive Discovery Made In The Sahara

Possible Impact Site Discovered In The Mediterranean & Sahara Megatsunami

Mega Tsunami Damage in The Mediterranean

Asteroid Mystery Solved; The Largest Recent Impact Crater was Found
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