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Apr 2023
« on: April 01, 2023, 08:30:19 am »


Brightest gamma-ray burst ever detected defies explanation {because they assume that redshift = distance; it doesn't}

look for signs of life by studying space dust

ram pressure stripping in galaxy JW100

Webb's coronagraphs reveal exoplanets in the infrared

temperature of a rocky exoplanet

the missing gravitational {wave} signal
No — Gravitational Waves Have Not Been Observed

diffuse emission from the Cigar Galaxy

giant planet atmospheres vary widely

Magnetic fields in multiple star systems are more common than previously thought

brightest-of-all-time GRB 221009A

Young white dwarf orbits millisecond pulsar PSR J1835−3259B

fast radio burst linked with {make-believe} gravitational waves

one of the biggest black holes ever found

Massive giant exoplanet

AI algorithm unblurs the cosmos

Fast radio bursts detect gas in Milky Way

X-ray binary XTE J1739−285 recent outbursts

flattest explosion ever seen in space

'Cold stream' of molecular gas outside a galaxy confirming theories of star formation {not}


The sun has developed a 'coronal hole' 20 times the size of Earth

Bits of Saturn's rings are falling onto the planet and heating it up
{And Saturn's tropics have more hot hydrogen than expected.}

New asteroid sample {has uracil, an important nucleic acid in RNA}

Large asteroid to zoom between Earth and Moon {today}

5 {planets} will be lined up in night sky this week

{Oumuamua likely had a natural thruster boost}

{carbonaceous chondrites, Murchison and Aguas Zarcas meteorites, have a large amount of oxygen content among the carbon compounds}

new water reservoir on moon

map of moon's water near its south pole

Redness of Neptunian asteroids sheds light on early solar system
{Supposedly, the redness of the asteroids implies that they contain a higher proportion of more volatile ices such as ammonia and methanol. How do they know it's not red from iron oxide, like on Mars?}

Batteries can be 3D printed on the Moon

Strong solar flare erupts from the sun

{forecasting solar flares}

Mars atmosphere evolution

asteroid Didymos is flinging off rubble {or something}

Sustainable space exploration will harness microbes

Perseverance rover collects {new} Mars sample



Limitless Fresh Water Lies Right OVER The Ocean - Without Desalination

STEVE appears over Bozeman, Montana during most intense geomagnetic storm in nearly 6 years

Magnetic storms can destroy up to a quarter of the Earth's ozone layer

stunning views of Earth's surface water

2,000 ram heads discovered at Temple of Rameses II in Egypt

2,000 years of ancient graffiti in Egypt

Yak milk consumption among Mongol Empire elites

severed hands in ancient Egypt

Earth's anisotropic inner core structure driven by dipole geomagnetic field

The search for Noah and the Flood in ancient Egypt—part 1

Earth Tilt

Stonehenge Calendar {& Taurids}

Oldest Ichthyosaur on Remote Arctic Island

behavioral variability of Neanderthal hunting parties

2-Million-Year-Old Human Family Tree

Neanderthals collected large animal skulls

Yellow-Brick Road Submerged In Hawaii

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Re: Apr 2023
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2023, 07:06:08 pm »


a trail of stars

Z 229-15, an intriguing active galaxy

Molecular precursors to life in the Perseus Cloud

SN 2019odp is a massive oxygen-rich Type Ib supernova

a new family of {so-called} black holes in the constellation Ophiuchus

Galaxy clusters

collision course inside a galaxy merger

Twinkling stars fuel interstellar dust

limit-breaking ultra-luminous X-ray sources {probably closer than calculated}

multi-generational cluster NGC 2419

secrets of star structure and building blocks of life

X-ray spectral variability of active galaxy NGC 7582

Deep Field Image Falsifies Big Bang


another ringed world with new image of Uranus

Does Earth have a new Quasi-Moon?

New source of water found in moon samples

water-based propulsion system in orbit

moon rocks

Stirling engine in orbit

The sun is a normal star

Venus has almost 50 times as many volcanoes as previously thought



A mini-heart in a Petri dish

How were amino acids formed before the origin of life on Earth?

In Sudan, This civilization is Rewriting History

First ancient DNA from the Swahili civilization

Millenniums-old tiger-patterned ritual weapon in east China

How old is Gobekli Tepe?

drug use as part of Bronze Age ritual ceremonies in Europe

contribution of medieval monks to volcanology

geomagnetic field

‘Snowball Earth’ May Not Have Been An Endless Frozen Wasteland After All

oldest human ever found in Egypt

A SECRET Chamber Hiding in Plain Sight? The Tomb of Khentkawas, Giza

Curious Ancient Stone Objects In The Cairo Museum In Egypt

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Earth Origins
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Re: Apr 2023
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2023, 08:23:49 pm »


radiation mechanism of 'brightest of all time' gamma-ray burst

LAMOST releases its DR10 data, more than 20 million spectra

what happens to rocky planets that wander too close to their stars

Crab Nebula via Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer

gusty winds in a far-off {supposed} neutron star system

First Y brown dwarf binary system

When clouds collide, destruction and creation go hand-in-hand

Supernova remnant Cassiopeia A

1,179 previously unknown star clusters in our corner of the Milky Way

nearly 200,000 candidate metal-poor stars

inside the 'Dragon Cloud'

Giant galaxy seen in 3D

tiny galaxy with big star power using

the chemistry of disks around young stars where rocky planets form


images challenge theories of how universe evolved

'jellyfish galaxy' JO204


record sized solar tornado '14 Earths tall'

Mercury's magnificent comet-like tail

Meteorites hit Maine

first views of Trojan asteroid targets

Ingenuity Mars helicopter completes 50th flight

Icy moonquakes: Surface shaking could trigger landslides

Uranus has 13 rings – and 27 moons



New Testament: Fragment of 1,750-year-old translation discovered

why hibernating bears don't get blood clots

Warm liquid spewing from Oregon seafloor comes from Cascadia fault, clues to earthquake hazards

Even more mammoth devolution

Earth’s Atmosphere cleans itself

new phosphorus material after lightning strike

Fossil Amphibian Footprints

Earth’s Core Appears to Be Wrapped in an Unexpected, Ancient Structure

New technique analyzing archaeological bones

giant marsupial fossils in underwater caves

humans wore leather clothes 39,000 years ago

NJ Bell-shaped Carolina Bays

The Great Dump of Giza and a Lost Royal Palace

Impossible Ancient OOPART Found In Museum

Scottish origin in Asia/Scythia

Ep095 Unprecedented Climate Crisis? CO2 is Plant FOOD 2

Inca Drilling Machine?


Did A Mega Tsunami Smash Into The Sahara?

Massive Discovery Made In The Sahara

Possible Impact Site Discovered In The Mediterranean & Sahara Megatsunami

Mega Tsunami Damage in The Mediterranean

Asteroid Mystery Solved; The Largest Recent Impact Crater was Found
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Re: Apr 2023
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2023, 09:30:37 am »


galaxies that shouldn't exist

galactic merger Arp 220

PSR J0901-4046 is the most magnetized radio pulsar known

potential radio technosignatures from extragalactic sources

open cluster NGC 1027

images from innovative balloon-borne telescope

nearby star-forming region

composition of galaxies

rubidium and samarium in the atmosphere of a distant exoplanet

pre-low-mass white dwarf binary

Einstein rings

Cosmic antimatter hints at origins of huge bubbles in our galaxy’s center


NASA's enigmatic green lasers spotted

The moon may be the best place to transport rocket fuel

Tiny magnetic episodes may have large consequences on the sun

Asteroid Impacts Could Have Warmed Ancient Mars



new phosphorus material after lightning strike

sky-brightness measurements in Antarctica

methane isn't warming the Earth

modified gravity in the Earth

predicting eclipses

DIY experiment that accidentally proved the planet is round

19,000 previously unknown undersea volcanoes revealed by satellite data

Asteroid hits Earth hours after being spotted

When Fungus Grew to the Size of Trees

This Proves Impossible Technologies In Ancient Egypt

Pre-Hispanic ceremonial center with unknown characteristics was discovered in the Andes

Japan's mysterious 'Rock Ship of Masuda' monolith

Sea-level rise caused by crustal subsidence contributed to Viking abandonment of Greenland

Ancient DNA reveals the multiethnic structure of Mongolia's first nomadic empire

9,000 year old female shaman burial in Germany

enigmatic stone structure in the Saudi Arabian desert evidence of a Neolithic cultic belief ... tic-belief

how the Mayan calendar works

The ‘waters above’ in Genesis 1—a brief survey of competing interpretations

Sea Anemone Fossils

Data From Ancient Meteorites

Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Wooly Mammoth Evolution

forgotten Colorado fossils

Nebraska Duck Basins

The True Origins of Giza

Unexplainable Ancient Anomalies Found Worldwide

Ancient "Stone Cutting Technology" Links China & India

Ancient Forts "Turned To Glass" Found In Orkney


Viruses From Space?
Platinum at YDB from Proto-Planetary Core?
Platinum Group Metals effect on Biology

The Saharan Mega Tsunami & Asteroid Impact Documentary: Ep 1-4
rocks located all around Victoria, Australia
800 Meter High Mega Tsunami at Sahara Created By Two Possible Asteroid Impacts
Finally Solving The Riddle of Black Hill, Australia
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Re: Apr 2023
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2023, 08:46:48 am »


The Milky Way has trapped the Large Magellanic Cloud with its gravity

new planet outside solar system

multiple stellar populations in Messier 92

prequel to huge galaxy cluster

barred spiral galaxy UGC 678

Medium-sized black holes eat stars {Separate the wheat from the chaff}

Star-forming activity in the interacting galaxy system NGC 5291

Small Magellanic Cloud

Supermassive black hole tears apart a giant star {biased view}

mystery of quasars

inner region of planet forming disks

Two of the most massive touching stars

quasi-periodic oscillations in X-ray binary 4U 1730–22

prompt optical emission of gamma-ray burst

galaxy cluster ACO S520

to better visualize a superflare

dwarf planet Quaoar

not a black hole devouring a star


close-up photos of Mars' little moon

seismic waves traveling through Martian core

planning to protect Earth from asteroids and comets

stunning version of 'Earthrise'

Asteroid's comet-like tail is not made of dust, but sodium gas

Jupiter Icy Moons

evidence of water at low latitudes on modern Mars



ice loss from glaciers

Blooming California

Two mass extinctions occurred alongside massive volcanic eruptions 260 million years ago

Astral Magic: The occult religion of modern cosmology

Severe solar storm creates dazzling auroras farther south

A more precise model of the Earth's ionosphere

What microbes can tell us about life on Earth and in space

Fossilized soot provides insight into history of Nerja cave, occupied by humans for 41,000 years

Roman military camps in desert

Modern-day Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish people have Pictish ancestry

Frequent fires struck Antarctica during the age of dinosaurs, 75 million years ago

The earth’s magnetic field: evidence that the earth is young

Jupiter's Young Moons

Dinosaur Valley State Park: Stepping into the Flooded Past

Dinosaur-killing asteroid did not trigger a long 'nuclear winter' after all

3,300-year-old ancient Egyptian tombs and chapel with ‘amazing’ decorations unearthed at Saqqara

2,600-year-old stone busts of ‘lost’ ancient Tartessos people discovered in sealed pit in Spain

A Cypress in Chile Could Soon Break The Record For World’s Oldest Tree (more than 5,000 years old)

SpaceX debris makes mini Carolina Bays

The Sphinx Temple Origins

Evidence Of Ancient Stone Machining At The Aswan Museum In Egypt

Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology At Elephantine Island In Southern Egypt

The Megalithic Boxes In The Serapeum At Saqqara In Egypt

Ancient Forts Melted To Glass Found In Orkney

Impossible 100-Ton Marble Statue Found In Menorca

How Uluru Formed From A 9 Kilometer High Mountain
Australia's Version of the Himalayan Mountains That Eroded To Form Uluru
The Burckle Crater Mega Tsunami & Global Flood
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