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Apr. 2021
« on: April 03, 2021, 11:11:54 am »

Ford and HP join forces to use 3D printer waste for auto parts

Boston Dynamics' new robot Stretch can help move boxes in warehouses

Inspecting finished components in real time with AI

Keeping an eye on infrastructure systems: 4 tactics

Key life decisions shown to affect car ownership and renewable technologies in the home

Rapid material testing during sheet metal processing reduces failure and scrap

A hydrogen future for planes, trains and factories

How many countries are ready for nuclear-powered electricity?

'smart' device to harvest daylight and relay it to underground spaces

living robots

Tailor-made power grids for areas with low electrification dramatically improve quality of life

Smart glass has a bright future

Diversity can prevent failures in large power grids

Faster and less-invasive atomic force microscopy for visualizing biomolecular systems

tires become smarter and more efficient

Lab-made hexagonal diamonds stiffer than natural diamonds

Plasma jets stabilize water to splash less

Direct 2D-to-3D transformation of pen drawings

Decellularized spinach serves as an edible platform for laboratory-grown meat

'recipe' for fine tuning alloys for high-temperature use

Low-cost solar-powered water filter removes lead, other contaminants

Self-healing composites extend a product's lifespan

Dual-bed catalyst enables high conversion of syngas to gasoline-range liquid hydrocarbons

Living robots made from frog skin cells can sense their environment



Deciphering the secrets of printed electronics

Forensic analysis and data recovery from water-submerged hard drives

First steps towards revolutionary ULTRARAM memory chips

Challenges in the online advertising market

Major machine learning datasets have tens of thousands of errors

Thermal power nanogenerator created without solid moving parts

Quick, easy access to machine data

Statistical solution to processing very large datasets efficiently with memory limit

Economical wireless communication with more efficient intelligent sensors

Object classification through a single-pixel detector for fast computer processing


Newly forming stars don't blast away material as previously believed, scientists don't know why they stop growing

3 major scientific discoveries in the past century that point to God

Many planetary systems prematurely evaporate into thin air [probably meaning most "exoplanets" are illusions]

Hubble spots a galaxy with a peculiar arm

Stellar eggs near galactic center hatching into baby stars

Indian astronomers probe X-ray pulsar 2S 1417–624

cosmic ray superaccelerators in our galaxy

New study sows doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe [The dummies just replace dark energy with dark matter magnetism, so nothing burger]

Hubble revisits the Veil Nebula

First interstellar comet 2I/Borisov may be the most pristine ever found

Ancient calamity that formed the Moon may still exist deep in the mantle of Earth

New auroral feature on Jupiter tracked to edge of magnetosphere

First X-rays from Uranus discovered

Curiosity Mars rover takes selfie with 'Mont Mercou'

Neptune and Uranus remain mysterious after new findings

NASA OSIRIS-REx's final asteroid observation run

NASA's InSight detects two sizable quakes on Mars


Australasian genetic influence spread wider in South America than previously thought

Destructive meteoritic impact event occurred over Antarctica (430,000 years ago [supposedly]), new study reveals

New hazard map for Mount Fuji doubles estimate of lava flow

Over-kill, over-chill, or over-ill? Why a mass extinction at the end of the Ice Age?

The Fossils Still Say No: Missing Early Evolution of Land Vertebrates

Some Marine Extinctions Were Caused by the Flood

Does Recent Research Support Human Evolution?

The Painted Desert: Fossils in Flooded Mud Flats

Extinct Radionuclides

Phony Avi Loeb’s gig, under development since 2019, is that cosmic interloper Oumuamua was perhaps an alien craft — not a comet

Iceland Mantle Volcano; Alaska non-fault Quake; New Basalt

Biblical Tunguska-like Airburst

Llukalkan Patagonia Dinosaur

Blobs in the Mantle Cataclysm

Egypt’s discovery of archaeological monastic buildings in Bahariya Oasis

Did ancient primates walk alongside T. rex?

role of volcanoes in the demise of dinosaurs

Evidence of Neolithic people extracting salt from seawater 5,800 years ago

The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Created the Amazon Rain Forest

Carolina Bay Replication Challenge

The Enduring Enigma Of Puma Punku And Tiwanaku In Bolivia

Ep062 Bonneville Mega-Lake and Megaflood
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Re: Apr. 2021
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2021, 03:00:30 pm »

Possible nova detected in Sagittarius

Unusual flaring activity observed from the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 4559 X7

Gamma-ray emission detected from the supernova remnant G272.2-3.2

Hubble spots double quasars in merging galaxies [Are the redshifts of the quasars & galaxies the same?]

Giant radio pulses from pulsars are hundreds of times more energetic than previously believed

Dozens of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies detected

journey of water from interstellar clouds to habitable worlds

Mysterious 'Marsquakes' detected by Nasa's Insight lander in area of Red Planet where volcanic activity and landslides have been spotted

Dinosaur-killing asteroid strike gave rise to Amazon rainforest

New Comet C/2019 U5 (PANSTARRS)

New study ties solar variability to the onset of decadal La Nina events

Burnt-out comet covered with talcum powder

New research shows that Mars did not dry up all at once

New research reveals secret to Jupiter's curious aurora activity


Researchers can now collect and sequence DNA from the air

Genome analysis reveals unknown ancient human migration into Europe [but dating methods are wrong]

Study finds over 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust fall to Earth each year

The Cambrian Explosion has just gone nuclear

The chances of powerful geomagnetic storms may have just doubled

Shedding more light on molecules linked to life on other planets

Did a Chicxulub impact wipe out dinosaurs?

The Fossils Still Say No: Missing Early Evolution of Land Vertebrates

Ancient Greenland & Chicxulub

Yorkshire Moors neolithic site 4th millennium BC

Intrusions in Diamonds

MAJOR EGYPT NEWS: Huge 'Lost Golden City' Discovered | Ancient Architects

Ancient Hi-Tech Temples Exposed


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Re: Apr. 2021
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2021, 07:02:25 am »

New Nova in Scorpius

27 million galaxy morphologies quantified and cataloged with the help of machine learning

Astronomers inspect open cluster NGC 1348

Team determines a nebula to be much younger than previously believed

Famous fast radio burst FRB20180916B just barely lets itself be captured

Fast radio bursts shown to include lower frequency radio waves than previously detected

Surprise twist suggests stars grow competitively

A new super-Earth detected orbiting a red dwarf star

NASA releases stunningly enhanced image of Mars

Ancient impactor that created the Moon may still be inside Earth

A small asteroid just gave Earth and some satellites a very close pass

Solar cycle 25 arriving ahead of schedule

Why primordial asteroids that avoided massive collisions all seem to be about the same size

WISPR was able to peer through the Venus clouds to image the surface

Latest Cassini findings confirm: Saturnian system is young!


Current climate model simulations are overestimating future sea-level rise

Living fossil microbe discovered below Earth's surface say researchers

Mother Nature's on top of climate change: Polar bears are mating with grizzlies to produce 'Pizzly Bears'

Swedish fossil fern preserves chromosome detail, pointing to catastrophic burial - A casualty of the biblical Flood

Extinct Radionuclides: Young Earth

Amenhotep III city

Genome Analysis, C14

How to Survive a Killer Asteroid

‘Lost golden city’ found in Egypt reveals lives of ancient pharaohs

Stone slab found in France thought to be Europe’s oldest 3D map

100,000-year-old Neanderthal footprints show children playing in the sand

The "Lost Golden City" of Egypt EXPOSED: The True Story | Ancient Architects

Ever Heard Of The Headless Pyramid At Saqqara In Egypt?

Mysterious Giant Stone Spheres Near Guadalajara In Mexico

Egyptian Blue ⁓ An Impossible Ancient Pigment?


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Re: Apr. 2021
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2021, 01:23:05 pm »

largest flare ever recorded from the sun's nearest neighbor, the star Proxima Centauri.

Giant planet at large distance from sun-like star puzzles astronomers

Research investigates radio galaxy 3C 84

Study inspects chemical composition of NGC 6544

Outback radio telescope discovers dense, spinning, dead star

Unusual binary system detected with LAMOST

titanium blasting out of a famous supernova

NASA's NICER probes the squeezability of make believe neutron stars

Astronomers release new all-sky map of the Milky Way's outer reaches

A superluminous supernova from a massive progenitor star

Astronomers see first hint of the silhouette of a spaghettified star

Hubble captures giant star on the edge of destruction

The effects of solar flares on Earth's magnetosphere

Parker Solar Probe sees Venus orbital dust ring in first complete view

When stars get too close to each other, they cast out interstellar comets and asteroids

Scientists find carbon-rich liquid water in ancient meteorite

Asteroid Eurybates' satellite

Perseverance Mars rover makes oxygen

Mars-directed coronal mass ejection erupts from the sun

Asteroid that hit Botswana in 2018 likely came from Vesta

Seismicity on Mars full of surprises, in first continuous year of data

Strange crater suggests ancient Mars may have been frigid with occasional snowmelt


Fearsome tyrannosaurs may have hunted in packs study suggest

Glacial melting due to global warming is likely the cause of a shift in the movement of the poles that occurred in the 1990s

A "super full moon" is coming on April 27, 2021, and coastal cities like Miami know that means one thing: a heightened risk of tidal flooding

Salter’s trilobite, a national fossil of Wales, is evidence for a young earth and biblical history

Plants feeding on quartzite support rapid plant growth after the Flood

Extra-biblical Flood Legends

Austronesian DNA

Andean glaciers are melting, reshaping centuries-old Indigenous rituals

Did art peak 30,000 years ago? [NO]

The Welsh ATLANTIS: Is There Another LOST Kingdom Under the Sea? | Ancient Architects

*Incredible Precision Stone Jars, and other unsolved mysteries of Saqqara [in miles of tunnels]

*Ev Cochrane: Warrior. Goddess. Venus [Venus vacuumed matter from Mars northern hemisphere]

Who Was At Palenque In Mexico Before The Maya? Older Megalithic Evidence Revealed

"Impossible Star-Maps" Within Mystery Ancient Library


Enormous Ancient Mystery Plateau, Kuelap, Mexico

Ep063 Merging Megafloods! Bonneville with Cordilleran