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Aug 2021
« on: August 07, 2021, 12:06:50 pm »


Why is this weird, metallic, flashing star hurtling out of the Milky Way?

WISEA J052305.94-015356.1 may be an extreme subdwarf of T-type

New findings on the evolution of galaxies

Stars are exploding in dusty galaxies
Not true, stars don't explods

Superflares are less harmful to exoplanets than previously thought

New study sheds light on the mysterious dimming of Betelgeuse

Unparalleled bounty of oscillating red giant stars detected

Detailed look at earliest moments of supernova explosion

New observations show rocky exoplanet has just half the mass of Venus

V404 Cygni: Huge rings around a so-called black hole


Astronomers discover two TNO-like bodies in the asteroid belt

Strange intersecting sand dunes pictured on Mars

New Comet C/2021 O3 (PANSTARRS)

Solar max might come a year early

Jupiter's 'energy crisis' solved

What lies beneath the far side of the moon

Lunar samples solve mystery of the moon's supposed magnetic shield

Observatory in Chile takes highest-resolution measurements of asteroid surface temperatures

new infrared view of moon Ganymede

MM/EU-related Physics


Health News

Emerging secrets of the Alps: algae causing strange red snow

Sudden ocean oxygen spike coincided with Permian extinction, anoxia then followed

3 new sources of tremors identified at Kīlauea correlated with disappearance of lava lake during massive 2018 eruption

Minor CME leads to geomagnetic storm: Grid failure all but guaranteed by 2024

How supereruption of Toba volcanoe 74,000 years ago disrupted climate

T. rex dinosaur relatives found buried together

Mud experiments overturn long-held geological beliefs [Mudstone can form rapidly]

Extending the Whopper Sand Mystery [in the Gulf of Mexico]

Teaching the Younger Dryas Impact

Global population plummets after Younger Dryas comet impact

Information gleaned from a small core of rock at Stonehenge

Stone Age axe dating back 1.3 million years unearthed in Morocco [but dating is wrong]

applied geometry was engraved on 3,700-year-old tablet

5 Important Things from Giza, Egypt - LOST to History | Ancient Architects

Megalithic Fertility Temple At Chucuito Near Lake Titicaca In Peru

Exploring Megalithic Sites And Elongated Skulls Around Lake Titicaca

Scarab Glyphs Prove Global Ancient Super-Civilization [Ancient Egypt connections to Australia]
Search on Scarab:

The Biggest Megaliths On Earth

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Re: Aug 2021
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2021, 01:53:31 pm »



Massive, mysterious filament structure extending around the Milky Way's edge discovered

Rare recurrent nova outburst visible in constellation Ophiuchus

Fifteen new variable stars detected in the galaxy NGC 247

Research investigates the brightest star of 47 Tucanae

Spektr-RG spacecraft detects its first tidal disruption events

Hubble peers into a dusty stellar nursery


Slightly increased risk of Asteroid Bennu hitting Earth in 2128

Crater trio on Mars

NASA rover has been exploring surface sediments, not lake deposits

Traces of Ceres' icy crust found at occator crater

MM/EU-related Physics


Heealth News

New technique illuminates DNA helix

Bacteria that thrive inside concrete discovered

Global population plummeted after Younger Dryas comet impact

'fearsome dragon' soared over Australian outback

Soft flexible nerves found in Triceratops bone

DNA in Sheep and Dinosaurs

North Pole Dinosaurs Point to the Flood

Prehistoric monument found on Biddenham housebuilding site

Machu Picchu older than expected

Origin of dinosaur-ending asteroid possibly found

Archaeologists reveal origins of famous Stone Age monument

Tusk reveals woolly mammoth’s massive lifetime mileage

Structural Geology and the Carolina Bays

The TROJAN HORSE Discovered in the Ancient City of Troy? | Ancient Architects

Randall Carlson - live from Egypt

Megalithic Coricancha in Cusco Peru

Ancient megalithic Quillarumiyoq in Peru today

Megalithic Qenqo in Peru

Impossible Ancient Ruins In Albania

Worlds Most Enormous Ancient Megaliths

Outstanding Ruins Found At Wari

Ep069 Mega-scale Incomprehensible Floods Across Scablands
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Re: Aug 2021
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2021, 09:21:11 am »


Radio source J2102+6015 investigated in detail

Most detailed–ever images of galaxies revealed

Mapping the universe's earliest structures with COSMOS-webb

Research examines emission from the blazar TXS 0506+056

Never-before-seen radio waves detected from nearby stars and distant galaxies


Unexpected Perseid meteor outburst 2021, 300% more fireballs than normal

Curiosity Mars rover explores a changing landscape

Comet ATLAS may have been a blast from the past

20-year-old paradox in solar physics solved (why the solar chromosphere is practically unmagnetised)

Planetary scientists find evidence of solar-driven change on the moon

MM/EU-related Physics


Health Articles

How do we decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics and other ancient languages?

Earth's inner core is growing lopsided

Unprecedented study of single woolly mammoth shows where it roamed from birth to death 17,000 years ago
("This animal ... was alive 17,000 years ago, pretty much at the height of the last Ice Age. A lot of people outside of Alaska assume that we were covered by ice during the Ice Age, but that's not true. The majority of it was NOT covered by ice." Comment [within article]: Indeed. As Pierre Lescaudron explains in his fascinating article Of Flash Frozen Mammoths and Cosmic Catastrophes mammoths simply were not built to survive an extremely cold, arctic environment, in addition to this there would have been a lack of food sources to sustain it. Taken together with a wealth of other data, it shows that the areas were actually much more temperate than they are today.)

Cataclysmic Continental Shift - Bringing It All Together: Creation, Flood, Science, Myth and Scriptures
(What is being mistaken for glaciation is the striated rocks caused by tremendous flooding and the erratic boulders that were trapped in polar ice and drifted with the flood waters then deposited their rocky cargo after the iceberg melted.)

Of Flash Frozen Mammoths And Cosmic Catastrophes Earth Changes
[Hudson Bay etc in Canada and Lake Saimaa in Finland are comet impact sites. Impact flash froze temperate mammoths etc {in Siberia?} before SD impact when Finland was close to Canada. It was after the Great Flood, because sedimentary strata formed during the Flood and mammoths etc are atop the strata.]

Apocalypse Now: The Rocks Cry Out

Did Earth ‘Steal’ Martian Water?

Significant geothermal heat beneath the Antarctic ice stream identified

Mesospheric ozone layer depletion explained

Algal ‘slurry’ turns to crude oil in minutes

The origin of meteorite chondrules
[He says God created the solar system in a very short time. I believe it formed naturally in a very short time by Charles Chandler's explanation at ]

Crater of Diamonds State Park and the Origin of Diamonds

Plasma of Bloodlines vs EU

Extinct ‘Hobbit’ Creature Found in Wyoming Emerged in The Wake of The Dinosaurs

Christopher Dunn, Giza Power & the Images from the Great Pyramid Queen's Chamber Northern Shaft

Ev Cochrane: Polar Configuration – As Above, So Below

Megalithic Sun Gate near Cusco Peru

Megalithic fertility temple at Chuquito in Peru

Ep070 Immense Ice Dam Extrapolation / Floods Controversies

Ep001pt1 Randall Responds to Jahannah James Atlantis Aspirations
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Re: Aug 2021
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2021, 12:35:37 pm »


Hubble views a galaxy in a 'furnace'

Study explores short-term X-ray variability of the tidal disruption event Swift J1644+57

Nature of fast radio bursts clarified

How disorderly young galaxies grow up and mature

Unraveling the mystery of brown dwarfs


Comet now disintegrating was seen by ancient civilisations

Newly discovered asteroid 2021 PH27 orbits the Sun in just 113 days

C-class solar flare causes "solar tsunami", may impact Earth August 30th

Martian snow is dusty, could potentially melt, new study shows

The five most impressive geological structures in the solar system

Interstellar comets like Borisov may not be all that rare

Maine museum to host large chunk of Mars rock

Does Ganymede Look Young?

MM/EU-related Physics


Health News

7,200 year old remains found in Indonesia belong to a vanished human lineage

Threat of an Ice Age is Real [but Ice Age may be a misnomer]

Scientists Have Measured Earth’s Ancient Magnetic Field From Stone Age Artifacts

Women survived better after the Younger Dryas (South American megafauna also became extinct [Mammoths were NOT cold-adapted])

The Lost History of the Great Pyramid Queen's Chamber & the Second Sarcophagus

in a not too distant past lightning was far more powerful

Amazing Ancient Megalithic Sites Of Little Qenqo And Killarumiyoq In The Highlands Of Peru

Ancient Enigmas South Of Cusco

Ancient Megalithic Amaru Muru In Peru

Most Baffling Ancient Megalithic High Technology

Ancient Super-Civilizations Beneath Our Rainforests

Ancient "Starkeys" Found Worldwide


Ep071 Pressure: Enemy of Glacial Ice Dams / Outburst Floods