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Aug 2022
« on: August 07, 2022, 12:04:46 pm »


James Webb telescope image reveals a galactic collision's aftermath

strange radio sources in a distant galaxy cluster

Formation of dwarf galaxy observed

planet Ross 508b skims habitable zone of red dwarf

Five new rotating radio transients discovered

Meteors raining down on New Zealand, some bright green

colorful Cartwheel Galaxy

young open cluster NGC 3293

AI helps discover new space anomalies

star-studded skyfield


Planet 9 is running out of places to hide

how dwarf planet Ceres powers unexpected geologic activity

Supernovae and progenitors may have contributed more dust to the solar nebula than thought

Five of the top discoveries aboard NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars

solar energetic particle event observed by China's Tianwen-1 mission

aim to turn Martian air, dirt and sunlight into iron

No trace of dark matter halos



Scientists revived the cells of pigs an hour after death, a potential organ transplant breakthrough

No warming in US for at least 17 years according to rarely referenced urban heat-free database

Midnight comes a fraction sooner as Earth spins faster

interstellar meteor struck Earth in 2014

Meteorite findings shed light on origin of Earth's volatile elements

The magnetosphere: An invisible force that makes life on Earth possible

"Massively Exciting" Fossil Find

Seafloor Hydrothermal Field

New Mexico mammoths among best evidence for early humans in North America

Early Bantu speakers crossed through the dense Central African Rainforest 4,000 years ago

Ancient Egyptian temple to the sun cult uncovered near Cairo

Unexpected Discovery at a Younger Dryas Cave in Turkey: Direkli Cave

12,000-Year-Old Ancient Site Discovered in Turkey: Older Than Gobekli Tepe?

Who Built The Astonishing Eğil Castles in Turkey

Terminal Ice Age Catastrophe - Younger Dryas

They LIDAR Scanned the Richat Structure and "Found Something" - (Eye of Sahara & ATLANTIS)
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Re: Aug 2022
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2022, 10:26:42 am »


star wreck as source of extreme cosmic particles

the core of the J1924-2914 blazar

Solar-like oscillations and ellipsoidal variations detected in binary system 12 Boötis

supergiant Betelgeuse slowly recovering [It's likely a red dwarf, not a giant]

the origin of high-velocity pulsars

Brightest stars in the night sky can strip Neptune-sized planets to their rocky cores


'solar clock' can precisely predict solar cycle events years in advance

Building on the moon and Mars? You'll need extraterrestrial cement for that

One more clue to the moon's origin

Mars dust as a basis for life? No problem for certain bacteria

Gaia mission reveals the past and future of the sun

Meteorite provides record of asteroids 'spitting out' pebbles

Want to colonize Mars?

Very little Subsurface water on Mars

Making oxygen with magnets could help astronauts breathe easy

Lightning-Scarred Mars – the Evidence Mounts



Individual cells found to be smarter than originally thought

Bioengineered cornea can restore sight

Do videos show ivory-billed woodpecker, or is it extinct?

most powerful gigantic [lightning] jet ever observed

What part of a space rock survives all the way to the ground?

Geochemical and related evidence for early Noah’s Flood year

Fossil Footprints Fit Flood Ice-Age Model

Great Barrier Reef Coral Cover Hits Record Levels For Second Year

Mammoth bones and 'ghost' footprints add to heated debate about first humans in North America

Twin ‘grumpy mouth’ reliefs of Olmec contortionists discovered in Mexico

metal-making recipes in ancient Chinese text

Continents on Ancient Earth Were Created by Giant Meteorite Impacts

Younger Dryas Overview

What and When was the Old Kingdom of Egypt?

How Many Egyptian Pyramids Are There? 118

Lightning-Scarred Mars – the Evidence Mounts

Ancient High Technologies

Mind-Boggling KV5 Tomb


Floods & Solar Flares - Forecasting Catastrophe

Orgone Energy & Ancient Mounds
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Re: Aug 2022
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2022, 12:38:48 pm »


Betelgeuse blew its top

new eclipsing post-common-envelope binary

spectacular cosmic dance

One of the brightest stars in the sky Betelgeuse is evolving and dying

turbulence raging inside distant stars

to find planets: Detect the signals from their magnetospheres

'outliers' track in misnamed black hole X-ray binaries

R136, the most massive star ever found, if not mistaken

new accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar

one of the biggest black hole, make that Quasar, jets in the sky


More evidence that the moon came from the Earth

Europa appears to have underwater snow

Which planet has the most moons?

NASA prepares return to Moon in 2025

Harvesting resources on Mars with plasmas

Grains of dust from asteroid Ryugu older than our solar system, if not mistaken

two-stage solar flare early warning system

legacy of the Voyager 2 interstellar probe is just beginning

Mystery crater potentially caused by relative of dinosaur-killing asteroid



emergence of the first complex cells

lies, statistics - and computer models

Evidence that giant meteorite impacts formed Earth's continents

Earth's water may be from asteroids

What were the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age?

Claims of 'Freshwater' Plesiosaurs Drowned by the Flood

Prehistoric Plague

8,000-Year-Old Settlement Found in Saudi Arabia Offers Rare View of Prehistoric Religion

Ancient asteroids are covered with popcorning pebbles

Huge megalithic complex of more than 500 standing stones discovered in Spain

ow the Mediterranean went from brine to megaflood to thriving marine ecosystem

Deniers and ignorers of elliptical geomorphology

Proof Egyptians Didn't Build The Pyramids

Advanced Ancient Civilization Found On Sea Floor

Advanced Ruins That Survived The Great Flood

Garden of Eden
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Re: Aug 2022
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2022, 08:37:44 am »


Eavesdropping on a supposed black hole: New NASA sonifications [It's probably a quasar]
Lately I commented on one of Anton Petrov's videos about a black hole saying he should do real science. Someone made a smart alecky reply, not realizing it was ignorant apparently.

missing carbon monoxide in so-called protoplanetary disks

dozens of new variable stars

Open cluster Messier 37 hosts a planetary nebula

Two planets orbiting nearby star

first unequivocal detection of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet atmosphere


new images of Jupiter show planet in unprecedented detail

Phobos and Deimos Martian moons

sites on moon's south pole for human landing

Growing alfalfa in Martian-like soil

New water map of Mars

Lakebed, when Mars may have had water

tiny, high-powered laser to find water on the moon

First underground radar images from Mars Perseverance Rover



Carbon dioxide is not a 'well-mixed gas', can't cause global warming

Navy dolphin's GoPro cameras reveal their weird and wonderful world

TRILLIONS OF ZOOPLANKTON migrate every night from the ocean's depths up to the surface

Lab-made mouse embryos

Look-Alike Humans Have Similar DNA

Mystery crater potentially caused by relative of dinosaur-killing asteroid

Rare 'red sprites' seen

how water, air and sand create solid structures

Ammonite fossil without the shell

Re YDI: Reveals deep flaws of Surovell

Genetics and the Origin of Early Farmers

Dinosaur Tracks

Map may prove ‘Welsh Atlantis’ rooted in fact


Multiple Migrations of Ancient Humans Through Southeast Asia

What Happened to the Giza Pyramid Granite Casing Stones?

Pre-Flood Ruin Found On Public Lidar Map❔

The Fall of Phaeton Mythological Symbols Comets/Floods

Solon 11,600 Catastrophe | Egyptian Priests knew America
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