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Dec 2021
« on: December 03, 2021, 12:35:07 pm »


Inspecting an ultraluminous X-ray source in the galaxy NGC 55

'Gangotri wave' connecting two of Milky Way's spiral arms discovered

subdwarf B stars in the open cluster NGC 6791

Sun is likely an unaccounted source of the Earth's water

Astronomers observe a new type of binary star

giant planets could reach 'maturity' much earlier than previously thought

Exoplanets in debris disks


Large asteroid 2018 AH heading towards Earth late December, skimmed past 3 years ago

Unexpected Andromedid meteor outburst, strongest ever detected by CMOR

New study shows the largest comet ever observed was active at near-record distance

The Parker Solar Probe is getting pelted by hypervelocity dust

Asteroid material deposited during large impacts record the moon's ancient magnetic field

Are water plumes spraying from Europa?

brief presence of water in Arabia Terra on Mars

Two versions of a Curiosity selfie

Beads of glass in meteorites help scientists piece together how solar system formed [fat chance]

hints at volcanic activity within Venuses' Idunn Mons

MM/EU-related Physics


We might not know half of what's in our cells, new AI technique reveals

Meet the technology that's uncovering 2020's voter fraud

Tiny crystal of power as basis for solar cell

Researchers shrink camera to the size of a salt grain

3D laser nanoprinters become compact

Research shows cold far more deadly to people than heat

Strong winds power electric fields in upper atmosphere

unprecedented brain-imaging ability

New Homo erectus crania associated with stone tools raise issues

mammoth tusk at the bottom of the ocean

Human May Have Left 3.7-Million-Year-Old Footprints in Africa [if you like absurd dating methods]

OLDER than the Pyramids of Egypt: The 2nd Dynasty Temple - Shunet el-Zebib

The Toothpaste Method of STONE STITCHING at Peru?

Randall Reports 003 "Taurid Complex Smoking Gun" Conclusions in Nov '21 Planetary and Space Science

Ep075 Great Year Model of Cyclic Time & Periodic Disaster
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Re: Dec 2021
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2021, 01:13:16 pm »


Ultra-dense exoplanet seemingly made of solid iron

Exoplanets in debris disks

Hubble gazes at a dazzling spiral galaxy

Study investigates young low-mass stellar population of NGC 1893, detects over 100 new stars

Evidence emerges for dark-matter free galaxies [& universe]

new view of the universe

Star's self-destruction is shown in 3D, revealing new details

Very Large Telescope images planet around most massive star pair to date

Researchers capture the fastest optical flash emitted from a newborn supernova

Simulated Webb images of quasar and galaxy surrounding quasar

Mode changing phenomenon detected in the millisecond pulsar J1909−3744


cube-shaped 'mystery hut' on far side of the moon

New evidence hints at volcanic activity within Venuses' Idunn Mons

how Mars' largest moon, Phobos, interacts with the solar wind

Studying our solar system's protective bubble

Moth balls [fumes to] thrust satellites into space

MM/EU-related Physics


Caltech finds amazing role for noncoding DNA

DNA transcription speeds, a function of collective modes driven by DNA supercoiling

much cancer research can't be replicated

Iron integral to the development of life on Earth

Microfountain pen draws minute patterns for live cells, circuits

Strange things happening in Earth's atmosphere over the North pole

New type of earthquake discovered [manmade]

Speleothem growth in caves vs man-made structures

Supersaurus-Sized Dinosaur No Match for the Flood

New Evidence of Flood in Grand Canyon

Hot news from two billion years ago: plankton actually moved mountains [No, twas 4500 years ago]

Ice Age Mammoth and Horse DNA Found in Soil Samples

The Welsh ATLANTIS: Is There Another LOST Kingdom Under the Sea?
Karahan Tepe EXCLUSIVE: 8-FINGERED Statue, NEW Discoveries & NEW Drone Footage

Ep075 Great Year Model of Cyclic Time & Periodic Disaster

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Re: Dec 2021
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2021, 12:08:34 pm »


New supernova remnant detected

double-helix structure in Messier 87 galaxy

fastest optical flash emitted from a newborn supernova

Mini-jet found near Milky Way's center, not black hole

Mode changing phenomenon detected in the millisecond pulsar J1909−3744

A young, sun-like star ejected a massive burst of energy and charged particles

Infant stars identified at the center of our galaxy

clue to solar system formation through little-known star

majestic spiral galaxy UGC 11537

Galaxies with active cores may undergo a period of rapid star birth before shutting down

Super-bright stellar explosion is likely a dying star giving birth to a black hole or neutron star [False, neither of those exist]
See instead:

new brown dwarf orbiting an M-dwarf star


Comet Leonard, the brightest of the year, is fading and 'acting strange'

loss of water to space on Mars may be tied to lower atmospheric factors

Five questions about space weather and its effects on Earth answered

Five weird things that happen in outer space

tool reveals near-Earth object neighborhood

New research explains Earth's peculiar chemical composition [that's doubtful]

New study explores lunar pits and caves

Advanced analysis of Apollo sample illuminates Moon's evolution

Solar Orbiter publishes a wealth of science results from its cruise phase

Cracking the mystery of nitrogen ice dynamics on Pluto

High-speed impacts may have shaped Venus' history

Perseverance Mars rover makes surprising discoveries

MM/EU-related Physics


Detailed brain mapping outlines what we can — and can't — know

The miraculous spider web

Vaccine to eliminate cells behind aging [I'm skeptical]

Nature creates plastic-eating bugs to save itself from pollution

Kitesurfing the white wilderness for polar science

geomagnetic storms

Little Ice Age was triggered by unusually warm period, unprecedented cold struck within 20 years

New type of earthquake discovered

More Cambrian Woes for Evolution

Tiny meteors leave smoke in the atmosphere

Deep mantle krypton reveals Earth's outer solar system ancestry

‘Snowball Earth’ out with a bang?

Haleakala National Park: One of Many Young-Looking Volcanoes

Younger Dryas Impacts gain MORE global attention

Yukon Mammoths and Horses 3000BC

2,700-year-old leather armor proves technology transfer happened in antiquity

Göbekli Tepe & Ancient Menorca: Is There a Link?

11,400-Year-Old Karahan Tepe NEW Drone Footage: Aerial Views & Inside

Was the 12,000-Year-Old Göbekli Tepe REALLY a "Temple"?

Ep076 Precession, Great Time-scales, Tarot Card Symbolism
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Re: Dec 2021
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2021, 05:25:10 pm »


Stars moving around Milky Way's supermassive center

quartet of cavities from quasar-like objects misnamed giant black holes

Stunning close-up reveals secrets of Milky Way's neighbour galaxy

Possible first evidence of coronal rain on a cool, small M-dwarf star

Astronomers detect signature of magnetic field on an exoplanet

evidence of a new class of galactic nebulae


ExoMars discovers hidden water in Mars' Grand Canyon

Another outburst from Comet Leonard as it approaches the sun, 'with a noticeable jet of material emerging from core'

Swarm and Cluster missions get to the bottom of geomagnetic storms

Could acid-neutralizing life-forms make habitable pockets in Venus' clouds?

Comets' heads can be green, but never their tails - here's why

Floating 'aerobats' could be the best way to explore the cloud tops of Venus

Two teams report on study of Hayabusa2 asteroid samples

Views of comet Leonard from two sun-watching spacecraft

MM/EU-related Physics


Hundreds of well preserved dinosaur footprints discovered in clay mine in Poland

New meteorological phenomenon dubbed "atmospheric lakes"

Air bubbles in Antarctic ice point to cause of ancient oxygen decline

Younger Dryas Impact data integrated into Wikidata and Scholia

Sea level fall led to the decline of pre-Columbian societies 2,000 years ago

Neanderthals changed ecosystems 125,000 years ago

Earth’s Tilted Magnetic Field 41,000 Years Ago Pushed The Auroras to Unexpected Places

Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 50,000-year-old social network across Africa

Was the 12,000-Year-Old Göbekli Tepe REALLY a "Temple"?

AD 775 “rapid increase” in the concentration of radiocarbon

Why are animals used so widely in coats of arms?


Thunderstones Part 2

Thunderstones Part 3

Thunderstones Part 4

Were the Builders of Göbekli Tepe Ancient Astronomers? The Sirius Alignment

Hour Means ORB/Earth. We explain the origin of the Hour, Degrees, Base 60, British Measures = Earth

Randall Reports 004.1 Atacama Desert Impact Strewnfield and Younger Dryas Airburst Melt-glass

003 Solstice and Precessional Motion
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Re: Dec 2021
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2021, 03:09:46 pm »


Astronomers capture so-called black hole eruption spanning 16 times the full Moon in the sky

Five of the most exciting telescope pictures of the universe

Hundreds of new pulsating variable stars detected in satellite galaxy

Hunting galaxies far far away – here's how anyone can explore the universe

Research inspects very high energy emission from Messier 87

Researchers capture high-frequency oscillations in the gigantic eruption of a misnamed neutron star [they're actually pulsars & aren't made of neutrons]

Distant quasar J0439+1634 explored in X-rays


Earth and Mars were formed from inner solar system material [probably false, since they likely formed in the Saturn system]

The earliest atmosphere on Mercury

SoloHi catches stunning views of 'Christmas comet' Leonard flyby

MM/EU-related Physics


Exquisitely preserved embryo found inside fossilized dinosaur egg

Magnetic field generated by a tsunami can be detected minutes before changes in sea level

Engineering models do a better job of explaining Nature

Paralyzed man with brain chip posts 'first direct-thought' tweet

Chinese scientists develop AI 'prosecutor' that can press its own charges

High-sucrose diet during adolescence may contribute to pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia

Transmissive-detected laser speckle imaging for blood flow monitoring in thick tissue

Do claimed dates for Göbekli Tepe and the Lost City of Dwarka outdate the Bible’s timeline?

Breakthrough in paleomagnetic measurement resolves C-14 dating dilemma and helps biblical archaeology [C14 dating isn't accurate, but this may make it more so]

Geology's "Holy Grail" Still Unresolved, i.e. the origin of Earth’s continents

Flood Evidence Clearly Seen by Geologist

Clovis people disappeared long after the Younger Dryas boundary event

megafauna not killed off by Clovis people

Millipedes as Big as Cars

mass kill site in North Dakota from Chicxulub impact?

Brachiopods, Aurochs, and Fungi

When and why did human brains decrease in size 3,000 years ago? New study may have found clues within ants

Ancient DNA reveals the world's oldest family tree 5700 years ago

The Mysterious 5,000-Year-Old Beehive Tombs

Incredible Polygonal Stonework of Alaca Höyük, Ancient Turkey

Avebury and Stonehenge builders used RODS and CHAINS for MEASURE, to Represent Earth Speed and Size

Ep077 Slaying of Taurus the Bull - Mithras/Mayan Symbology
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