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Feb 2022
« on: February 01, 2022, 01:29:38 pm »


Rare 'missing link' black hole found [Mainstream pigheadedness is monotonous]

Research investigated eclipsing binary V608 Cassiopeiae

Highest resolution view of the heart of a blazar

starship-shaped galactic pair

Object found in the Milky Way 'unlike anything astronomers have seen'

origin of high-mass X-ray binary 4U 2206+54

The universe is in much sharper focus with new algorithms and supercomputers

New analysis leads to a fundamentally different view of supermassive black holes [Changing their tune now, at last?]


Venus not a Runaway Greenhouse

Scientists explain mysterious finger-like features in solar flares

Crashing rocket will create new moon crater

Potential for liquid water emergence on Mars mapped

Clues to Pluto's history lie in its faults

Peculiar ionized structures, supernova remnants detected around an ultraluminous X-ray source

A possible explanation for the difference in the blue hues of Uranus and Neptune

Even dying stars can still give birth to planets

MM/EU-related Physics


Robot successfully performs keyhole surgery on pigs without human help

Southern Ocean storms cause outgassing of carbon dioxide

When it comes to mass extinction, meteorite size doesn't matter

Glaciers and Earth's 'Great Unconformity' explored in new study

Hierarchical clustering in dinosaur baraminology studies

Horse Genetics and the Stonehenge Blue Stones

Radiocarbon dating from prehistoric cemetery reveals human stress caused by global cooling event 8,200 years ago

Ancient human tracks on South Africa's west coast

How science is uncovering the secrets of Stonehenge

Ancient solar storm smashed Earth at the wrong part of the sun's cycle

Bushy Carolina Bay
Carolina Bays in Nebraska
Carolina Bay with a Splash
Overlapping Carolina Bays in Marlboro County, South Carolina
Savannah Carolina Bays on the slippery slopes of the Savannah River

NEW HYPOTHESIS: The 11,000-Year-Old Göbekli Tepe Bone Plaque
The 'Handbags' of Göbekli Tepe's Pillar 43: Are These Actually the Enclosures? [Some evidence says the handbags there are side views of the rooms with roofs.]

Rare Footage from Egypt - Ancient Machined Artifacts found deep beneath the Step Pyramid
The Updated Case for Re-Writing History

Homeland and Lost Pantheon of Western Civilization and Stonehenge Builders FOUND

(Full Links)
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Re: Feb 2022
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2022, 07:08:36 pm »


Puffy planets lose atmospheres & become super-earths

Astronomers trace galaxy flows across 700 million light years

The magnetic field in the Milky Way filamentary bone G47

X-ray variability of the binary system HD 189733

debris from destroyed planets impacts the surface of a white dwarf star

Surprisingly high fraction of dead galaxies found in ancient galactic 'city'


2nd 'Trojan Asteroid' confirmed orbiting with Earth

Electromagnetic 'tug-of-war' lights up Jupiter's upper atmosphere

Minor geomagnetic storm brings 40 (+ SOLAR CYCLE 25 -- A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW)

Shocked zircon find, a 'one-off gift' from Mars

Measuring carbon ion loss from the Martian atmosphere

Saturn's high-altitude winds generate an extraordinary aurora

Comet 2014 UN271 the largest ever observed

Parker solar probe captures its first images of Venus' surface in visible light

Cosmic Lightning On the Moon

MM/EU-related Physics


Ancient Signs on Phaistos disc

Phaistos disc solved

Moon drives Earth's tectonics?

How granite is softened [to make ancient polygonal masonry]

Earth is spinning faster now than it was 50 years ago

The discontinuous fossil record refutes Darwinian gradualism

A 'treasure map' to find meteorites in Antarctica

'Supermountains' stretching across entire supercontinents controlled the evolution of life on Earth [Unlikely IMO, except for the ancient polar column]

Hidden magnitude-8.2 earthquake source of mysterious 2021 global tsunami

Earth's water was around before Earth

Do five dropstones define another Proterozoic cold period?

Hopewell Meteor

Humans in Ancient Arabia

Rogan Listeners: Welcome to the Cosmic Tusk

Woolly mammoth and other Ice Age remains found in Devon

Circular Carolina Bays by Chesapeake Bay - Machipongo Bay, VA
Carolina Bays in New Jersey
Carolina Bays that you can visit in Aiken, South Carolina

The Meaning of Göbekli Tepe Animal Symbolism
Doggerland Discoveries: The Incredible Lost and Found Artefacts
The End of Doggerland: The Storegga Slide Tsunami of 6170 BC
The Mysterious 9,000-YEAR-OLD Statues of Ain Ghazal, Ancient Jordan


rapid short pulses (RaSP) of ultrasound can non-invasively deliver liposomes & contents to the brain

Did you try to call me? I got a call from a 217 number a few minutes ago. I thought it was spam, so I didn't answer.

Using radar to monitor burn victims and babies

The Rise of Totalitarian Science

Military Medical Whistleblowers Reveal Miscarriages, Birth Defects, and Infertility Rates Exploded in 2021 Following COVID Vaccines

The truth is coming out about the Covid death count

Why did Covid miss Africa and south Asia?

Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches, and Autopsies Reveal Covid-19 Jab Genocide

Sunlight fights Covid

Covid is now no more deadly than the flu, Case Fatality Rate shows

The Covid 'vaccine' is a spike protein initiator

Cancers coming back with a vengeance is very common after the COVID vax


Lockdowns Had 'Little-to-no Effect on Covid-19 Mortality' But Had 'Devastating' Effects on Society

New study shows none of the participants inoculated with COVID-19 became seriously ill, half didn't even become infected

Attorneys Report Medical Kidnappings of Adults Diagnosed with COVID are Increasing
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Re: Feb 2022
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2022, 10:35:27 am »


New detection method for quasars in the early universe

New planet detected around star closest to the sun

most accurate virtual representation of the universe

new type of star covered in helium burning ashes

Nearby superluminous supernova has an aspherical circumstellar material

scientific results for Solar Orbiter Radio and Plasma Waves instrument

NGC 4590, more than 1,400 stars found in various evolutionary stages


discovery of 'trans-Neptunian object'

NASA probe glimpses surface of Venus

First observation of a quadruple asteroid: Third moon detected around 130 Elektra

Asteroids are dangerous, but they might also be the key to life on Earth

possible extraterrestrial origin of peptides

China's moon sample updates lunar chronology model

Existence of uneven circumstellar matter found based on TESS data

Psyche, the iron giant of asteroids

MM/EU-related Physics


1.5 million-year-old fossil found in Israel rewrites 'Out of Africa' theory

Earth's water origins

Amphibian responses to the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens—implications for Noahic Flood recovery

Can Fossils Last Millions of Years? Podcast

Oldest Fossil Flower Bud and Branch Discovered

The Tonga Volcano Eruption and the Ice Age

Mandrin Cave human fossils

Neolithic Chalk Drum

naughty writing on ancient pottery fragments found in Egypt

Carolina Bays of Hoke County, North Carolina

The Mysterious 9,000-YEAR-OLD Statues of Ain Ghazal, Ancient Jordan

Göbekli Tepe: FOUR Common Misconceptions Explained

Baffling Ancient Artifacts Found In Pyramids


Pfizer accused of pandemic profiteering as profits double

Public Health Child Abuse: Masks, fear and harmful vaccines

Did Recent Court Rulings Force the FDA to Delay Approving Pfizer's COVID Shots for Infants?

6-Year-Old Minnesota Boy Develops Myocarditis And Becomes Severely Injured After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

3,573 Fetal Deaths in VAERS Following COVID-19 Vaccines - 1,867% Increase Over Non-COVID Vaccines

Johnson and Johnson from toxic talcum powder to Covid vaccines

COVID Mass Psychosis

COVID Vaccines Adverse Reactions and Effects on Women and Babies

Chlorine Dioxide Solution Helps Reverse Jab-Triggered Blood Clotting


Event 201 predicted the truth getting out so they enacted censorship

Canadian Police 100% support for Freedom Convoy 2022

Analysis Of Many 'Vaccine' Contents Studies Showing Compelling Evidence Of Nano Technology

From another Covid vax-injured story
Q: What do you wish others knew?
I wish that having an adverse reaction to this vaccine weren’t considered “misinformation” and censored from websites and the media. I wish that health professionals recognized the legitimacy of these reactions, and that adequate research would be conducted to investigate these reactions. I wish that medical help and financial assistance were available to us injured. I wish that the pharmaceutical companies would take responsibility for the harm that has been done. I wish for an end to the propaganda by the government and the media, stating that the COVID-19 vaccines are “safe, effective, and closely monitored” because all three of those statements are lies.

And another vax-injured
Q: What do you wish others knew?
I am appalled at the lack of information related to dangerous side effects and lack of informed consent procedures.  I am appalled and horrified at the medical communities lack of ethics and how medical professionals continue to encourage these shots. My viewpoint of the world we live in has been forever altered.

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Re: Feb 2022
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2022, 06:46:37 pm »

I want to get these sources posted for future reference. They're supposedly about Young Earth evidence, but I think the continents formed fairly recently and that the rest of the Earth existed prior to that. Charles Chandler and Mike Fischer have similar models that show that the supercontinent likely formed from an asteroid making a soft landing on Earth, possibly by spiraling down gradually. The asteroid would have been granite, while Earth was basalt, which is why the continents are mostly granite, while ocean basins are mostly basalt. Granite can also form from sedimentary rock via heating, but the sedimentary rock likely formed from two Great Floods, which moved continental shelf sediment (and degassed CO2 as lime) onto the supercontinent and later continents to form the sedimentary rock strata.

The 10 Best Evidences from Science that Confirm a Young Earth

1. Very Little Sediment on the Seafloor
The Sands of Time: A Biblical Model of Deep Sea-Floor Sedimentation
The Sands of Time: A Biblical Model of Deep Sea-Floor Sedimentation
“Sea Salt, Erosion, and Sediments” from Earth’s Catastrophic Past1

2. Bent Rock Layers
Folded Rock Layers
“Soft-Sediment Deformation Features” from Earth’s Catastrophic Past2
“Megasequences of North America” from Earth’s Catastrophic Past3

3. Soft Tissue in Fossils
Two: Those Not-So-Dry Bones
More Soft Tissue in “Old” Fossils

4. Faint Sun Paradox
The Young Faint Sun Paradox and the Age of the Solar System

5. Rapidly Decaying Magnetic Field
The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Young
The Earth’s Magnetic Field and the Age of the Earth
“The Earth’s Magnetic Field” from Earth’s Catastrophic Past4

6. Helium in Radioactive Rocks
Helium Diffusion Rates Support Accelerated Nuclear Decay
Young Helium Diffusion Age of Zircons Supports Accelerated Nuclear Decay
The Age of the Earth’s Atmosphere Estimated by its Helium Content
“Helium in Rocks and in the Atmosphere” from Earth’s Catastrophic Past5

7. Carbon-14 in Fossils, Coal, and Diamonds
Carbon-14 in Fossils and Diamonds
Carbon-14 Evidence for a Recent Global Flood and a Young Earth
Measurable 14C in Fossilized Organic Materials: Confirming the Young Earth Creation-Flood Model
“The Pitfalls in the Radioactive Dating Methods—The Radiocarbon Dating Method” from Earth’s Catastrophic Past6
“Carbon-14 Dating” from Thousands . . . not Billions7

8. Short-Lived Comets
Comets and the Age of the Solar System
Kuiper Belt Objects: Solution to Short-Period Comets?
More Problems for the ‘Oort Comet Cloud’

9. Very Little Salt in the Sea
The Sea’s Missing Salt: A Dilemma for Evolutionists
“Sea Salt, Erosion, and Sediments” from Earth’s Catastrophic Past8

10. DNA in “Ancient” Bacteria
Bacterial Life in Ancient Salt


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Re: Feb 2022
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2022, 08:50:54 am »
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Re: Feb 2022
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2022, 01:47:07 pm »


largest radio galaxy ever

New insights into the formation of brown dwarfs with deuterated methane

New 'black widow' millisecond pulsar discovered

A "hot Jupiter's" dark side is revealed in detail for first time

What ingredients went into the galactic blender to create the Milky Way?

peculiar slowly-spinning pulsar

TRAPPIST-1 home to a family of seven Earth-size planets

Galaxy collision creates 'space triangle'


Two comets plunge to their death in the Sun

'Fingerprinting' minerals to better understand how they are affected by meteorite collisions

A colossal flare erupted from the far side of the sun

Exploring Venus' tornadic winds

MM/EU-related Physics


Fish generate movable pairs of vortices to propel them forward like body waves

Strange Pyramid Artifacts

They Turned Enormous Stone Boulders Into Pliable Easy To Shape Blocks

Mystery of Ancient ‘KNOBS’ in Temples - Evidence of Stone Melting /Geopolymer Technology?

Archeology unexplained in India

Simulation of 9.0 quake in U.S. Northwest

*Ancient megafloods tilted direction of Earth's crust

Balkanatolia: the forgotten continent that sheds light on the evolution of mammals

fish have self-awareness

Organic compounds found on Ceres

How to look thousands of kilometers deep into the Earth

A review of: The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs

Bronze Age Tsunami Reminiscent of the Flood

Rogan, Hancock and Carlson all mixed up

Ancient Wyoming Crater chain

occasionally a large comet visits the inner solar system and is capable of interacting with earth's magnetosphere

source of water on earth

Hopewell Decline from Airburst

The Younger Dryas and the Origins of Göbekli Tepe: Who Built It?

Ep079 Firestorm Intense 1871 Conflagration Chicago/Peshtigo


Newly discovered 'encrypted peptides' found in human plasma exhibit antibiotic properties

Medical Drugs have dangerously polluted the world's rivers, scientists warn

Sunlight can help dissolve oil into seawater

sounds waves to turn fat-derived stem cells into bone cells

New Zealand's pandemic of the fully vaccinated: Up to 100% of Covid-19 hospitalisations are among the fully vaccinated

Cary Watkins confirms embalmer Richard Hirschman's story about the telltale blood clots

how Big Pharma broke American healthcare

Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines

CDC Withholding Data on COVID-19 Vaccines Because “They might be misinterpreted as the vaccines being ineffective”
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