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Newfound kind of supernova can tear apart a planet's atmosphere

gamma-ray emitting bubbles around the center of the Milky Way

Imaging the magnetic field in the acceleration zone of the Vela pulsar

stars behind the faint orange glow of the Sh2-54 nebula

Microwave imaging of quasi-periodic pulsations at flare current sheet

gamma-ray flares of the blazar 3C 279

evolution of X-ray binary system GX 301-2

ghost light among galaxies stretches far back in time

eclipsing polar BS Tri

Milky Way–like galaxies in [NOT] young universe

to weigh and date planets around young stars

mega magnetic explosions outside the solar system


Latest Mars Data Show Something Unusual Going On There

Possible naked-eye comet will visit Earth for first time in 50,000-years

Searching for life on alien worlds

Large volcanic outburst on Jupiter's moon Io

water-rich fracture halos in Gale Crater on Mars

Strong solar flare

Martian Lander Discovers ‘Surprising’ Martian Volcanism

Mars crater is ‘chock-full’ of opal gemstones, hinting at widespread water



MICRO WORLD on a Human Scale

organelles grow in random bursts

Spontaneous baby movements have purpose

Rate of scientific breakthroughs slowing over time [at least in the mainstream]

W. Hudson Bay polar bear population decline stories are unethical and ignore critical caveats

This Mysterious Civilization Predates the Sumerians & Egyptians - Harappan Civilization

Deciphering the Indus Script as a Cryptogram

astonishing cosmic secret of "Boneyard Alaska"

Key paper reveals the astonishing cosmic secret of "Boneyard Alaska"

*Bering Land Bridge Anomaly & Pole Shift (very good discussion)

Instant Quasicrystal [by Electric Discharge?] in Meteorites etc

We May Have Been All Wrong About Ancient Egyptian Mummies

Cut Marks on Ancient Bones

Bering Land Bridge formed much later than originally thought

cave painting ‘dots’ are the earliest written language [maybe]

YOUNGER DRYAS Settlement of Tell Qaramel

Ice Age Mystery SOLVED

Advanced Ellora Cave System

Hiawatha Crater
The Carolina Bays Debate
Mapping Meltwater Flows



galactic globular cluster NGC 6355

Hydrogen masers reveal new secrets of a massive star

galactic shock is shaping Stephan's Quintet in mysterious ways

links between galaxies near and far

eight new super-hot stars

pair of black hole[-like quasars] dining together in nearby galaxy merger

NSVS 2983201 is a contact binary system

wide diversity of galaxies in the ... universe

most distant stars in our galaxy halfway to Andromeda

Research student helps build radio source catalog

unusual stellar explosion rich in oxygen and magnesium

late-stage planet formation

superheavy [non]neutron stars

Cosmic burst probes Milky Way's halo

Ultracool dwarf binary stars

the origin of one of the [questionably] oldest stars in the Milky Way

pair of supermassive black hole [quasar]s the closest to collision ever seen

Distant star's dimming was likely a 'dusty' companion getting in the way

tidal disruption event AT 2022cmc

Blue straggler stars are weird

method to weigh [so-called] protoplanetary disks

Old and new stars paint very different pictures of the Triangulum Galaxy

star formation in cluster's dusty ribbons

dusty disk like never seen before

Cosmic superbubble's magnetic field charted in 3D

Butterfly Nebula

digging out buried [supposed] black holes

Radio-loud active galactic nucleus in the protocluster SPT2349-56

[so-called] infant star clusters

chaotic cores of Perseus protostars

size, distribution and densities of intergalactic hydrogen clouds

size-luminosity relation of galaxies

twisting captured star into donut shape

galaxy LEDA 48062 in the constellation Perseus

strange 'backsplash' galaxies

how dust grains form in interstellar gas

850-year-old aftermath of stellar collision


stranded ISS crew after meteoroid strike

A 'green' comet is on approach for a flyby of Earth

Video: 133 days on the sun

Are chemical rockets or solar sails better to return resources from asteroids?

ubiquitous, increasing ferric iron on lunar surface

AI method for mapping planets

Sun releases strong solar flare

[so-called] magnetic reconnection between Ganymede and Jupiter

'jetlets' could power the solar wind

Origin of UK fireball



Organism That Actually Eats Viruses For Nutrition

Animals tune their behavior by lunar cycles; but how?

100 months with no warming at all

Antarctic icebergs recorded by 1700-era sailors are STILL there today

largest rare earth [mineral] deposit in Europe [Sweden]

Is the end of science near?

AI writes articles for website for months and 'no one noticed' [What kind of website?]

Building blocks of life found in meteorite

Decoding Ice Age Writing

Catastrophist interpretations

1883 Jose Bonilla counted 450 objects (disintegrating comet?) passing across the face of the Sun

Laschamp Event huge influx of C14 into the atmosphere

Alaska Boneyard

LIDAR reveals ancient Mesoamerican structures aligned for use as a 260-day calendar

Fathers Have Been Older Than Mothers For ...,000 Years

human genetic backflow from North America across the Bering Sea

Carolina Bays made by airbursts - a persistent myth

10,000-Year-Old Gürcü Tepe: Is This Where It All Ended?

10-Million Megalithic Ruins Found In The Jungle

Pre-Flood Super-Ruins Found In Japan

Clear Signs of Catastrophe at YDB
Oblique Comet Impact into Laurentide Ice Sheet
Solar Factor in Younger Dryas Event?

Impossible Shiva Temple at Bavka



850-year-old supernova left 'zombie star' behind

glowing gas arc near Andromeda

an orphaned protostar

active galactic nuclei are even more powerful than thought

Record-breaking detection of radio signal from atomic hydrogen in [NOT] extremely distant galaxy

SDSS J222551.65+001637.7AB is a white dwarf–brown dwarf binary system

Stellar initial mass function varies with metallicity and age of stars

Thirteen new pulsars

Billions of celestial objects revealed in gargantuan survey of the Milky Way

Pulsating eclipsing binary AI Hya

How supermassive fuel-hungry [Quasars] [NOT] black holes feed off intergalactic gas


green comet expected to whiz by Earth

How did asteroid Dimorphos form?

Definite spectroscopic evidence for [so-called] magnetic reconnection in splitting of solar filament structure

Tumultuous migration on the edge of the hot Neptune desert

How was the solar system formed? The Ryugu asteroid

minor asteroid crossing image of background galaxies

Citizen science

No Microbes on Mars



Artificial Cell With Synthetic Genome Can Now Move Around, Synthia Evolved

A mysterious brain network may underlie many psychiatric disorders

'Universal language network' identified in the brain

New brain research appears to support free will

coating bubbles with protein results in a highly stable contrast agent for medical use

fire-ant group behavior

Scientists steer lightning bolts with lasers

500-year-old 'paradox' by Leonardo da Vinci has finally been solved - A mystery of fluid physics

The Grid

60 year solar cycle vs. AGW

17-pound meteorite in Antarctica

Rising waters separated Britain from Europe

Flood Explains Grouping of Ichthyosaurs

Temple of Poseidon

Giants Causeway, Ireland

Titanosaurus Eggs, India

Altruism towards other species may have helped humans thrive

World's Oldest Runestone Uncovered in Norway

Mars meteorite that crashed to Earth contains ‘huge diversity’ of organic compounds

Slush balls and slurry cannot make Carolina Bays

Ancient Egyptian Royal Tomb Discovered

Ancient Chariots Wheel Found In Mine Etc
Ancient High-Technology Built The Pyramids

Solar Factor in Younger Dryas Event
South America Affected During Younger Dryas
The Disappearance of the Clovis at YDB
Arctic Ice Death Spiral
Younger Dryas Mystery, Frozen Buried Mammoth

SAHARA Proves a GREAT FLOOD Actually Happened



radio signal from atomic hydrogen in [NOT] extremely distant galaxy [If they'd do real science, they'd realize their distance measuring method based on the redshift = distance assumption is nonsense, since a high redshift quasar is seen in front of a low redshift galaxy ETC]

coldest interstellar ice ever seen

Detecting galactic filaments with machine learning

the properties of globular cluster NGC 6355

Milky Way found to be too big for its 'cosmological wall'

paradigm shift regarding gamma ray bursts

brown dwarf orbiting a star in the Hyades Cluster

Were galaxies much different in the early universe? [Yes. See ]

origin of gas in the galaxy NGC 2655

feasibility of interstellar travel

gamma-ray eclipses from 'spider' star systems

Nine new and exotic pulsars

a powerful radio-loud high-redshift quasar

dwarf galaxy evolution

bright variable star V 372 Orionis and a smaller companion star

Volcano-like rupture could have caused magnetar slowdown [No. See this instead: ]


'Anti-tail' appears on Comet E3 ZTF

nuclear-powered rocket for quick trips to Mars

Asteroid to come exceedingly close to Earth

Superionic ice contributes to understanding of magnetic anomalies on Neptune and Uranus

Large deposits of [volcanic] plagioclase feldspar found in the walls of Valles Marineris on Mars

'Rubble pile' asteroids nearly impossible to destroy

Earlier geomagnetic storm prediction ability

Plasma thrusters used on satellites could be powerful

two spacecraft at Venus

Solar system formed from 'poorly mixed cake batter'

Perseverance Mars samples



sea spiders can regrow whole body parts [similar to starfish & planaria, I guess]

The Green Games

A seismic climate connection?

Satellite data shows sustained severe drought in Europe

Car-size laser used to deflect lightning atop Swiss mountain

five spectacular impact craters on Earth

Meteorites reveal likely origin of Earth's volatile chemicals

A famous ice age deposit re-interpreted as a product of mass flow

Ediacara biota at the bottom of the geologic column

Constellations and the Gods

Malformed Sea Shells in the Cretaceous period

Mainstream Crusade against so-called Pseudoarchaeology

Pictish Symbols

Inner Core Anomaly

Catastrophist archaeology, Schaeffer, Jericho

Tonga Eruption and Lightning

Violence was widespread in early farming society

Sword Mistaken For Replica Is Actually An Ancient 3,000-Year-Old Weapon

dozens of headless bodies in a 7,000-year-old mass grave

Earliest human remains discovered in northern Britain

[Misdated] 1.2-Million-Year-Old Obsidian Axe Factory Found In Ethiopia

Lost Sunken City near Israel

Evidence Of Advanced Ancient Technologies And Cataclysmic Effects Around The World

"Hand- Melted Stones " Found At Sites Globally

Ice Age Devastation

The Case for Multiple Impacts like Shoemaker-Levy 9


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