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origins of castaway gamma-ray bursts

origin of 'black widow' pulsars

highly positively charged C60 fullerenes

Improved model for the mass distribution of galaxy cluster SMACS J0723.3−7327

star cluster KMHK 1762 in the Large Magellanic Cloud

A fast-moving star is colliding with interstellar gas, creating a spectacular bow shock

a complex galactic trio


How did Earth avoid a Mars-like fate

NASA's mineral dust detector starts gathering data



How genes are turned on

DNA biowarfare fears

Loch Ness Monster just became more 'plausible'

Mysterious holes discovered on ocean floor

Saudi Arabia's 100-mile long emission-free smart city plan

Mysteries of some atmospheric halos

Ancient 'Diablo Canyon' meteorite reveals mysterious diamond crystal structure

A triple meteoric spectacle

Immeasurable Age - How old is the earth and how can we tell?

Asia Data Confirm Progressive Global Flood

Ancient fossil is earliest known animal predator

Ice age children frolicked in ‘giant sloth puddles’ 11,000 years ago, footprints reveal

Magnetism in Ancient Crystals Reveals When Earth’s Inner Core Emerged

humans’ ability to digest milk evolved from famine and disease

Earth’s ancient water cycle was key to making continents [Make that impacts]

Impeccably preserved Jurassic fish fossils

Digitizing Carolina Bays

12,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Discovered in Utah

16,000-Year-Old Cemetery Discovered in Turkey

Evidence Of An Ancient Cataclysm At Tanis In The Nile Delta Of Egypt

1000 Mile-Long Pre-Ice Age Ruin

Lost Civilization Of Pre-Flood Giants

Egyptians Didn't Build Giza

Ancient Iraq is a Massive Conspiracy
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