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Jun 2022
« on: June 06, 2022, 09:32:32 am »


Does a 'mirror world of particles' explain the crisis in cosmology? [No, the crisis is due to the false assumption that redshift of light is due to rapid expansion of the universe, when in reality the redshift is due to high ionization, called the Compton Effect, instead of the Doppler Effect. So this article is on the wrong track.]

Close encounter more than 10,000 years ago stirred up spirals in accretion disk

Unknown structure in galaxy revealed by high contrast imaging

Putting the theory of special relativity into practice, by counting galaxies

globular cluster Liller 1

Unknown structure in galaxy revealed by high contrast imaging [The structure is an invisible extension of the first known quasar jet.]

simulations created to study the lifecycle of ancestor galaxy clusters

Stellar populations of NGC 5053

universe's rarest galaxies


New theoretical model accounts for sun's rotation and magnetic field [but it's still wrong because it retains the belief that fusion occurs in the core instead of near the surface - I put this in the wrong category last time.]

breakthrough in determining life's origin on Earth — and maybe Mars

Perseverance studies the wild winds of Jezero Crater



Neandertals weren’t ‘cave men’

The fossil record is complete enough [There's just not much evolution]

Skeptic challenges biblical Flood account of chalk formation for the second time

A re-emerging Mitannian city

La Nina Ascendancy

Ancient Humans Used This One Cave in Spain For 50,000 Years [Not true, the dating method is wrong]

Law of Superposition and the Carolina Bays [Superposition is inaccurate for strata, but more accurate for the bays]

An 11,500-Year-Old [not that old] Central Heating Hypocaust system at Karahan Tepe

Ancient Paracas Mummies In The Highlands Of Peru

Evidence Of An Ancient Megalithic Past In Mexico


Antediluvian Pyramids

Lost Civilization Found Under Jurassic Lava Flow [in Mexico]

Immovable Ancient Construction Technology [in India]

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Re: Jun 2022
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2022, 08:47:45 am »


Discovery of second repeating fast radio burst raises new questions

Ground-breaking number of brown dwarfs discovered

New millisecond pulsar PSR J1835−3259B

'Yoyo stars' found responsible for off-center cosmic bubbles

stellar populations of NGC 6822

strange stars in most detailed Milky Way survey to date

secrets of 'restless' Milky Way

X-ray intraday variability of blazar Markarian 421

Cosmic 'dust' from supernovae hints at how stars are born

Simulations reveal hydrodynamics of planetary engulfment by expanding star

Tracing the remnants of Andromeda's violent history

wandering star disrupts stellar nursery

SN 2020wnt is a slowly evolving carbon-rich superluminous supernova


The Venus Cloud Discontinuity mystery

Why the length of a day oscillates every 6 years

Colossal collisions linked to solar system

Earth's magnetic poles not likely to flip

Jupiter turns out to be inhomogeneous; metallicity gives clues about origin

particle accelerator region inside a solar flare

turbulent diffusion effect in the solar flare current sheet

first analysis of rocks plucked from speeding asteroid Ryugu

Asteroid samples contain 'clues to origin of life'



Carbon dioxide rises AFTER temperature increases

The Indus Valley (Harappan) Civilization

830-million-year-old microorganisms in salt?

Open Letter on Panspermia

Volcano Waves by Madagascar from 2016

3,000 BC farmers from Indonesia supplanted hunter-gatherers

Oscillating Inner Core

Thermodynamics of the Carolina Bays

Ancient Tunnels Discovered Under 3,000-Year-Old Peruvian Temple

10,000 Grinding Stones Found at Göbekli Tepe: A Centre of Food Processing?

Dating Göbekli Tepe

Ancient Megalithic Sites At Cajamarca In Peru

Ancient Olmec Culture Megalithic Masterpieces At La Venta Park In Mexico

Ancient Advanced Global Pre-Flood Civilization?

Mexicos Astonishing Pre-Flood Civilization

Advanced Ruins Left By A Pre-Flood Civilization?

Serpent & Dragon Myths & Conflagrations

Advanced Ancient Civilization in Veeranarayana Temple in India
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Re: Jun 2022
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2022, 06:47:19 am »


Weird star produced the fastest nova on record

Supernovas may have helped form Barnard's loop in Orion

multiplanet system just 33 light-years away

Astronomers image dusty disks, uncover companions to distant stars

star-formation standoff in the Large Magellanic Cloud

death of a rare giant star

how galaxies form through mergers

New luminous quasar

Mysterious blue blobs could be galactic belly flops

Dead star's cannibalism of its planetary system

First giant molecular cloud simulation for star formation that includes jets, radiation, winds, supernovae

formation of ultra-massive carbon-oxygen white dwarfs

Messier 94

Formation and evolution of massive binaries

Type-I X-ray burst

A massive galaxy supercluster

two new polars


Near-Sun comet roasted to death

China confirms water on moon

Something weird is going on with the Sun

Geologic map of the entire moon at 1:2,500,000 scale

New maps of asteroid Psyche reveals an ancient world of metal and rock

asteroid Bennu's boulder 'body armor'

Martian meteorite upsets planet formation theory



Chinese fossils show human middle ear evolved from fish gills

Ancient Pilbara rocks provide a glimpse into cradle of life on Earth

Exodus evidence revisited

The Five Rules of Flood Paleontology

Ancient Humans Tamed Fire as Early as 1 Million Years Ago [bad dating]

human life on Scots isle 3,000 years earlier than thought

Ancient Maya installed gemstones in their teeth. It wasn’t just fashion

Why was Göbekli Tepe Abandoned 10,000 Years Ago

Evidence Of Ancient Megalithic Constructions At Teotihuacan In Mexico

Impossible Ancient Floating Cities

*Earth's Pre-Flood Pyramids
@2'39" Thor Heyerdahl suspected Canary Island pyramids were on trade route from ancient Egypt to Peru

Impossible Prehistoric Advanced Walls
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