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Re: Jun 2022
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Weird star produced the fastest nova on record

Supernovas may have helped form Barnard's loop in Orion

multiplanet system just 33 light-years away

Astronomers image dusty disks, uncover companions to distant stars

star-formation standoff in the Large Magellanic Cloud

death of a rare giant star

how galaxies form through mergers

New luminous quasar

Mysterious blue blobs could be galactic belly flops

Dead star's cannibalism of its planetary system

First giant molecular cloud simulation for star formation that includes jets, radiation, winds, supernovae

formation of ultra-massive carbon-oxygen white dwarfs

Messier 94

Formation and evolution of massive binaries

Type-I X-ray burst

A massive galaxy supercluster

two new polars


Near-Sun comet roasted to death

China confirms water on moon

Something weird is going on with the Sun

Geologic map of the entire moon at 1:2,500,000 scale

New maps of asteroid Psyche reveals an ancient world of metal and rock

asteroid Bennu's boulder 'body armor'

Martian meteorite upsets planet formation theory



Chinese fossils show human middle ear evolved from fish gills

Ancient Pilbara rocks provide a glimpse into cradle of life on Earth

Exodus evidence revisited

The Five Rules of Flood Paleontology

Ancient Humans Tamed Fire as Early as 1 Million Years Ago [bad dating]

human life on Scots isle 3,000 years earlier than thought

Ancient Maya installed gemstones in their teeth. It wasn’t just fashion

Why was Göbekli Tepe Abandoned 10,000 Years Ago

Evidence Of Ancient Megalithic Constructions At Teotihuacan In Mexico

Impossible Ancient Floating Cities

*Earth's Pre-Flood Pyramids
@2'39" Thor Heyerdahl suspected Canary Island pyramids were on trade route from ancient Egypt to Peru

Impossible Prehistoric Advanced Walls
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