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Supernova from the year 185

early universe [mainstream misdates stuff like that]

blazar PKS 0537-286

advances in planetary science over the past 20 years

clue to how high-mass stars form

nearby blazar OJ 287

Rare quasar triplet forms one of the most massive objects in the universe

new insights on binary star systems

Resurrected supernova provides missing link between two types

what ionized the universe


Main comet of 2024 named C/2023 A3 Tsuchinshan-ATLAS

Telling time on the moon

Liquid nitrogen spray could clean up stubborn moon dust

DART asteroid impact debris

solar filament formation caused by oscillation [so-called] magnetic reconnection

metalens images lunar surface


giant phantom jellyfish off Antarctica

The marvellous molecule, DNA

New Moai statue that 'deified ancestors' found on Easter Island

steel tool use during Late Bronze Age in Europe

lineage of ice age Europeans that vanished at end of last ice age

5,000-year-old restaurant or tavern in the ancient city of Lagash in southern Iraq

Oldest human genome from southern Spain

A 30-foot-long corridor near the main entrance of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid

Minoan civilisation may have used celestial 'star path' navigation techniques

salt deserts' unusual honeycomb patterns

earth's fluid mantle

3 skyscraper-sized asteroids headed toward Earth

Devils Tower: Mysterious Columns and Engineered Lichens

Megalithic buildings along the coast of west central France

mapping the human archaeological record is moving into the sky

Fossils suggest early primates lived in a once-swampy Arctic

The oldest known pollen-carrying insects

Ancient genomes show how humans escaped Europe’s deep freeze

The world’s first horse riders found near the Black Sea

Carolina Bays in the Piedmont

Shoe Print Found In Lump of Coal

Gigantic Pre-Flood Clock-Tower Found In Peru



Shockwaves rocking the 'cosmic web'

jellyfish galaxy JO201

Radio interference from satellites is threatening astronomy

[Misnamed] ancient quasars

magnetic cataclysmic variable

baby planet embedded in a gap in the disk surrounding a young star

Stars can eat their planets, and spit them back out again [very doubtful]

Nearby active galaxy

Vulcan found to not be a planet

merger of massive double white dwarfs

early stages of star formation

New quiescent galaxy

extremely eccentric planetary system HD 76920b

irregular spiral galaxy NGC 5486

The fastest stars in the Milky Way


Newly discovered asteroid has a 1-in-600 chance of colliding with Earth

Astronomers detect radio recombination lines of carbon/oxygen ions

answer to the mystery of cloudy filters on satellites

Martian sunset

A rocket made almost entirely of 3D-printed parts

Tracing the history of water in planet formation

Venus could have had oceans



US Special Ops want to weaponize deep fakes

perception of time may stretch or shrink with each heartbeat

Plant roots fuel tropical soil animal communities

scientists create eggs from male mouse cells

One-celled creature has an eye

immune system reaction to altered gravity

Ozone-measuring instrument on NOAA-21 satellite captures first image

Minoan civilisation may have used celestial 'star path' navigation techniques

Runes were just as advanced as Roman alphabet writing

Magnetic fields to explore submerged civilisations

2013 Chelyabinsk meteor

Log mats solve many geological riddles

fossil soft tissue discoveries

Bronze Age ice skates in China

Weird Lifeform From [way less than] 500 Million Years Ago

ancient temple with hieroglyphic inscriptions in Sudan

Bronze Age craftspeople tempered steel more than 1,000 years before the Romans did

Ancient Tombs of Giants Gilgamesh & Og Exposed

Pre-Flood Mausoleum Built Using Lost Technology



Wolf-Rayet star rare prelude to supernova

spiraling "gravity" waves (reminiscent of Saturn Theory)

unveiling the hidden universe: ALMA

X-ray radiation from Vela X-1

Largest catalog of exploding stars now available

gamma-ray sky in new animation

SN 2017egm is a helium-rich superluminous supernova

calmest red dwarfs are wilder than the sun

gamma-ray blazar PKS 0402-362

'Terminator zones' on distant planets could harbor life

chemistry around a newborn star


Venus is volcanically active

Two active volcanoes on Venus

comet that could be brighter than most stars next year

helicopter is going to Titan

ocean currents may affect rotation of Europa's icy crust

Modern glacier remains found near Mars equator

Didymos is spinning so quickly that rocks are detaching at its equator and going into orbit

low-cost way to reduce space junk

Venus needs a fleet of balloons



could speed up burn healing

'Chernobyl dogs' survival in contaminated environment

[Enemy] GPT-4 AI convinced a human to send the solution to a CAPTCHA code via text message

Bing and Yahoo join Google in Censoring

hurricane-like swirls in Earth's upper atmosphere

The world's oldest swords discovered in Turkey

animal remains around upright slab of stone in Arabia interpreted as sacred roughly 7,000-year-old monuments

Prehistoric ring ditch in Derbyshire, UK

UK's Winchcombe meteorite

Earth's water Not from melted meteorites

Oil and Mass Extinction [ND & Canada]

Pre-Egyptian Society: the staging of religion on thousands of years old rock images

China fossils reveal 70-tonne dinosaur had 15-metre neck

A moon-forming cataclysm could have also triggered Earth’s plate tectonics

human evolution on the Tibetan Plateau

Younger Dryas Ground Zero

Ancient Tile Floor or Natural Rock Formation

Ep094 CarbonDioxide is Plant FOOD

Dinosaurs Did Not Go Extinct Millions of Years Ago - Fossils Are Not as Old as We Have Been Told



diminutive dwarf galaxy UGCA 307

properties that allow moons to retain liquid water

spectroscopic observations of dwarf nova U Geminorum

new stellar stream from dwarf galaxy using Gaia DR3

relativistic jets blowing bubbles in the central region of the Teacup galaxy

Galaxy changes classification as jet changes direction

indirect evidence {of mainstream nonsense}

search for habitable planets at Alpha Centauri

Searching for life with space dust

Small stars may host bigger planets

first stars were not alone {I doubt if they know which were first}

equation for 'weighing' galaxy clusters

a nearby narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy

155 new massive pulsating stars or candidates

white dwarf pulsar AR Scorpii

Repeating outbursts observed from young stellar object SPICY 97589

helium-burning white dwarf


Colossal solar tornado spotted swirling over Sun's surface

Ingenuity helicopter sees a beautiful sunset on Mars

Ultra-lightweight multifunctional space skin

ideas for moon landing dust control

aftermath of DART's asteroid impact

RNA molecule uracil found in asteroid Ryugu samples

changing weather and seasons of Jupiter and Uranus

First 3D-printed rocket lifts off but fails to reach orbit

Large asteroid coming close

Asteroid 2023 DZ2

Fly around Jezero Crater on Mars in this new video

historic asteroid sample delivery on Sept. 24

the 'tsunami' in Venus's clouds



DNA from Beethoven's hair

'Prehistoric' mummified bear

further ceiling paintings in the temple of Esna, Egypt

prehistoric engravings in southwestern Catalonia, Spain

oxygen in early Earth's atmosphere may have come from rocks

Horus—the deified Ham: part 2

Caves formed late in the Flood, and their limestone formations in the subsequent Ice Age

The search for Noah and the Flood in ancient Egypt—part 1

Thalattosuchians—Extinct Crocodile Relatives?

Giant Ants Buried in Receding Flood Rocks

Complete Depiction of The Zodiac Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple

The ‘Stonehenge calendar’ shown to be a modern construct

oldest evidence of a meteor hitting Earth

Suborbital Ice Boulder Space Flights

The MISSING Pyramid of Giza & The Mysterious SEALED Wooden Box

The Giza Pyramidion and ANOTHER Lost Pyramid

The Mystery of the Sphinx Temple

The Mysterious Damaged Pyramid At Abu Rawash In Egypt

Unexplainable Ancient Anomalies Found Globally

Ep094 CarbonDioxide is Plant FOOD


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