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Nov 2021
« on: November 05, 2021, 10:15:31 am »


Hubble gets galactic déjà vu

HD 144941 is the most extreme helium-strong star

ALMA study confirms what's robbing galaxies of their star-forming gas

Researchers explore the extremely metal-poor galaxy DDO 68

Astronomers suggest radiation, not supernovae, drives superwinds in some galaxies

Gravitational 'kick' may explain the strange shape at the center of Andromeda

Mysterious "superbubble" hollows out nebula in new Hubble image

Cleopatra's Eye, or NGC 1535

companion candidate stars to the eclipsing binary Algol

Hubble images colorful planetary nebula ringed by hazy halo

most distant detection yet of fluorine in star-forming galaxy

Jet from giant galaxy M87

Creating ultra-diffuse galaxies


NASA's Juno probe offers first 3D view of Jupiter's atmosphere, inner workings of Great Red Spot

New Comet P/2021 U3 (Attard-Maury)

NASA to deflect asteroid on Nov. 23

CubeSat to assess the origins of hot plasma in the Sun's corona

Supporting life beyond Earth could be possible thanks to graphene innovation

A small telescope past Saturn could solve some mysteries of the universe

correlation of Schumann resonances and dust storms on Mars

A CADRE of mini-rovers navigates the lunar terrain of SLOPE

MM/EU-related Physics


Roman concrete from noblewoman's tomb still stands strong 2,000 years later, new study reveals why

Plants use RNA to communicate with neighbour plants

New analysis of ancient DNA continues to rewrite corn's 9,000-year society-shaping history

Glassy rocks in the Atacama Desert [Chile] likely created by an ancient exploding comet
Horrifying airburst at Younger Dryas melts, whips and freezes ancient Chilean desert sands mixed with comet

Slower Atlantic Ocean currents are driving extreme winter weather

How does the Mount Pinatubo eruption support Flood geology?

Did the Earth Tilt During the Flood?

Open Ocean Dragonfly Migration Boggles the Mind

Quartzite Burrows

Dogmatic EU Electro magnetic effects in the atmosphere

Bronze Age Tarim Basin Mummies

Hall's Shockwave Geology

Carolina Bays with lipstick

The Mysterious Green Stone of Hattusa

Spectacular 10,000-Year-Old Stone-Carved Scene Discovered at Sayburc, Turkey | Ancient Architects

Incredible Precision Stone Vessel at 11,000-Year-Old Site of Ayanlar Hoyuk | Ancient Architects

Ep073 Implausible Moses Coulee Formation (1hr,35'Cord.IceSheetMelt +LakeMissoulaFlood)

Ep001 The Cosmic Origins of Halloween (an introduction) New Series
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Re: Nov 2021
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2021, 10:58:57 am »


Nearby galaxy cluster Abell 1569

Hubble spots dark star - hatching frEGGs

shredded remains of a cosmic explosion

Unraveling the eclipses of millisecond pulsars in a compact binary

particle accelerator in the galactic center [Not a Black Hole, IMO]

ultra-luminous X-ray pulsar NGC 7793 P13

Black hole found hiding in star cluster outside our galaxy [Tenacious BS]

sub-Neptune exoplanet orbiting nearby star

COSINE-100 team find no evidence of dark matter, casting more doubt on DAMA/LIBRA results


The longest partial lunar eclipse of the century is happening November 19, 2021

A ferris-wheel-size chunk of the moon is orbiting close to Earth

Recent Meteors

Planetary evolution reveals a volatile history

origin of heavy bombardment of the moon

Using blocks dropped from Perseverance and measured by InSight to learn more about Martian surface

A large asteroid will pass by Earth this week – should we worry? (No.)

What we discovered on the far side of the moon

MM/EU-related Physics


October 2021 - Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Slower Atlantic Ocean currents are driving extreme winter weather

Study finds a striking difference between neurons of humans and other mammals

Screen of 250,000 species reveals unexpected tweaks to genetic code

NASA, USGS release first Landsat 9 images

swirling, mesoscale eddies 50 to 500 kilometers in size are critical to determining the trajectory of larger ocean currents like the Gulf Stream

Order in the fossil record - How can Noah’s Flood explain it?

Why interpret Genesis through the lens of Ancient Near East pagan creation myths?

Five Atheist miracles (or materialists believe in magic)

Flood Explains Mysterious Crab in Amber

New Proposed Babel Site Supports Ark Location

YD: Brown University says desert glass is from space -- not "grass fires"

Dogs Have Co-Evolved With Humans Like No Other Species

Not even extreme cold stopped the first modern humans from settling in Iberia’s interior

10 INCREDIBLE Göbekli Tepe Discoveries You May NEVER Have Heard of | Ancient Architects

The Mystery of the Tiwanaku-Style Precision Stone Megaliths of Mexico


Has Historians' "Only Germans!" perspective, RUINED Ancient British and Continental history?
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Re: Nov 2021
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2021, 09:44:42 am »


J1832.4-1627 is the first eclipsing stream-fed intermediate polar [I don't know what a polar is, but I'm guessing it's outside the solar system]

Reflected starlight bathes forming star

Alien organisms: Hitchhikers of the galaxy?

galaxy cluster ACT-CL J0019.6+0336

new dwarf galaxy

newly forming star incubating in IC 2631

Orion Bar region investigated in detail


Scientist claims the Moon has enough oxygen for 8 billion people

An asteroid bigger than Philly's City Hall will be 'near' Earth on Saturday

Carbon dioxide cold traps on the moon are confirmed for the first time

Oumuamua probably wasn't a nitrogen iceberg

Curiosity rover is making Mars safer for astronauts

The longest lunar eclipse in centuries will happen this week

Perseverance captures challenging flight by Mars helicopter

LightSail 2 has been flying for 30 months

MM/EU-related Physics


Breaking down fungal biofilm defenses provides potential path to treating sticky infections

Flashback: All your memories are stored by one weird, ancient molecule

Therapy dubbed 'dancing molecules' successfully repairs severe spinal cord injuries in research mice

A nanoantenna for long-distance, ultra-secure communication

Diamond hauled from deep inside Earth holds theorized, but never-before-seen mineral

Signs of a Tunguska like event in Chile 12000 years ago

Asteroid-driven [meteor] showers might be more common than previously thought

The world's oldest cases of mercury poisoning revealed in Copper [Bronze?] Age Iberia

'Volcanic winter' likely contributed to ecological catastrophe 250 million years ago [which really means a few thousand years ago]

Where does gold come from?—New insights into element synthesis in the universe [probably wrong, though I didn't read it]

Cosmic dust may be key source of phosphorus for life on Earth

Muonic X-ray emission spectroscopy study of Roman coins reveals thriving empires

Startling fossils in amber defy long-age dogmas

Rapid growth of caves and speleothems: part 3—Flood and Ice Age variables

The Fossils Still Say No: The Post-Flood Providential Pleistocene

Tree Rings Corroborate Vinland Viking Sagas

Ancient [Taurid] Traumas, Modern Hints

Meteorites from the Moon & Mars plus Marsquakes

Ancient China Volcanism; Transeurasian Language; North America Habitation

Greenland Dinosaur

Amazing Discoveries from Göbekli Tepe: Photo Gallery

Lost Ancient Egyptian Sun Temple Discovered

Locating an 11,000-Year-Old Site Using Space Satellites

PROOF the Ancient Egyptians were Recycling ANCIENT Artifacts in the Old Kingdom
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Re: Nov 2021
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2021, 08:17:09 am »


Prawn Nebula is a massive stellar nursery in Scorpius 6,000 light years from Earth

Measuring the brightness of our galaxy at key ultraviolet wavelength

Flame Nebula or NGC 2024 is a large star-forming region in Orion 1,400 light-years from Earth

Running Man Nebula

Mapping lithium evolution of giant stars

ancient brown dwarf with lithium deposits intact

most Milky Way companion galaxies are newcomers

Our Universe Is Finely Tuned For Life


Mysterious small & cold object observed 20 billion miles from Earth in 1983 'may have been elusive Planet Nine'

LightSail 2 has been flying for 30 months now, paving the way for future solar sail missions

Analysis of Mars's wind-induced vibrations sheds light on the planet's subsurface properties

Curiosity rover sends a picture postcard from Mars

New findings about ions around comets

MM/EU-related Physics


Latest discoveries in the field of structural biology point to Intelligent Design

New possibilities for life at the bottom of Earth's ocean

Optoelectrode changes reduce injuries to brain tissue, improve nerve research

E. coli’s electric motor: a marvel of design

Rapid growth of caves and speleothems: part 3—Flood and Ice Age variables

New Ice Core Expected to Contain Creation [or Young Earth] Evidence

Art imitates Tusk [Climate Change Movie Review]

Global Environmental Crisis [Geomagnetic Reversal] 42000 years ago [or much less]

How climate change [caused by cataclysms] goaded the transition from nomadic hunter-gatherers to settlement and farming societies

Hundreds of prehistoric tools found along river

neolithic pits near Stonehenge were human-made

Collapse of ancient Liangzhu culture caused by climate change [Cataclysms!]

Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes [YD Impacts]

Mysterious 11,000-Year-Old Kilisik Sculpture of Ancient Turkey

study of cracks is essential in Electric Universe science

Inca Nubs as Extruded/Intruded, Stone-Welding+Stone Mixture, due to thermal-expansion in setting?

Randall Reports #001 "Taurid Complex Smoking Gun" Overview and Relevance

Randall Reports 002 "Taurid Complex Smoking Gun" Abstract 11/21 paper in Planetary and Space Science

Ep074- Misplaced Clark Fork Valley Trains Opposite Flow
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