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nearby dwarf galaxy has been a loner

broad-line region of active galactic nuclei

statistical properties of early type stars derived from LAMOST DR8

interactions between "black hole"-dominated galactic nucleus and surrounding star-forming regions

birthplace of gold-rich stars

'polluted' white dwarfs - stars and planets grow together

Cesium in the atmosphere of a hot white dwarf

Colliding magnetic fields reveal unknown planets

intergalactic map in the Outback

General neutron star structure revealed [except they're not made of neutronium etc]

A white dwarf is surrounded by torn-up pieces of its inner planets and its Kuiper belt

earliest galaxies in the young universe

Scroll through the universe with a new interactive map

galaxy NGC 5273 changing

elusive, dusty inner region of distant galaxy

GW190521 merger

The Milky Way's mysterious filaments have 'older, distant cousins'

shape of the Milky Way's halo of stars

massive ‘extragalactic structure’ behind the Milky Way


The first life in our solar system may have been on Mars

Video: Solar snake spotted slithering across sun's surface

Synthetic hibernation could provide protection from cosmic radiation

Phobos surface striations tell a story of its rupturing interior

Saturn's and Neptune's moons with potential life

NASA's Deep Space Network

stop an asteroid at the last minute

deep structure of Mars

warm dense hydrogen found in some planet interiors

Rockets to uncover electric circuit that powers the northern lights

Martian dust storms churn up Earth-like clouds

Ancient global ocean on Mars may have come from carbon-rich chondrite meteorites

Webb micrometeoroid mitigation update

Massive volcanism may have altered ancient Venus' climate



Biology, Life, Aliens, Evolution, Embryogenesis & Xenobots
Plasticity w/out genetic change: bioelectric embryos & synthetic proto-organisms

Leprosy bacteria has the potential to regenerate livers

Twelve 'shocking' discoveries for evolution

lost bird wasn't seen in 140 years in Papua New Guinea

sheep flocks alternate their leader and achieve collective intelligence

Image of 'St Elmo's Fire' captured by Airbus pilot flying through Hurricane Ian

Earth in finest ever detail

The robot solving America’s trash crisis

Earth can regulate its own temperature over millennia

Abrupt climate changes and global warming

Fossil could be rare complete dinosaur skeleton with fossilised skin

Pterosaurs, Among the strangest animals ever created

volcanism on the moon

young adult Hadrosaurs engulfed

Qatna Elephant Bones

Fish fossils show first cooking

These Mysterious Rocks Are The Oldest Evidence of Life on Earth

Footprints claimed as evidence of ice age humans in North America

6th mass extinction in Earth’s ancient past

how ancient European hominins were connected

Yes, there are Carolina Bays in Texas

11,400-Year-Old Karahan Tepe Archaeological Update

Incredible Feats of Antediluvian Engineering

Impossible Stone-Cut Ruins Found Worldwide

Ice Age Meltdown and Global Sea Level Rise

Intense Periods of Erosion and Deposition

Megafauna of the Pleistocene

Mystery of the Erdstall Tunnels Solved (Thousands of Ancient Subterranean Passages Beneath Europe)
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