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Oct 2021
« on: October 01, 2021, 06:56:16 pm »


Over 700 Stars Mysteriously Vanished In The Last 70 Years

Unusual structure of giant radio galaxy J0133−1302

Investigating the potential for life around the galaxy's smallest stars [what, brown dwarfs?]

a peculiar eruptive young star

Researchers reveal a wobbly and flared Milky Way disk based on LAMOST-gaia data


Asteroid Meteoroid Streams

Venus is NOT a "Runaway" Greenhouse Effect

Jupiter's great red spot is spinning faster

Megacomet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is the find of a decade, here's why

Quadruple outburst of Comet 29P - Now at its brightest for 40 years

New Comet P/2021 Q5 (ATLAS)

NASA wants to harvest water on moon and Mars, and students think they can help

Vera Rubin Observatory should find five interstellar objects a year, many of which we could chase down with spacecraft

Sunlight filtering through Venus' clouds could support Earth-like photosynthesis in the cloud layers

Mars' surface shaped by fast and furious floods from overflowing craters

Using dunes to interpret wind on Mars

insights into mysterious metal-rich near-Earth asteroids

The interiors of Uranus and Neptune each contain superionic water

Saturn’s Moons Continue to Challenge Secular Theorists

The Flood Explains the Missing Dinosaurs

Swarm of Near-Earth Comets Linked to Recent Ice Giant Breakup

MM/EU-related Physics


Can The Human Body Handle Rotating Artificial Gravity?

Ev Cochrane: Polar Configuration – Martian Fury

Radiation therapy reprograms heart muscle cells

Community masking: Where did 'The Science' come from?

Air filtration/UV light can remove airborne SARS-COV-2 from hospital wards

FedEx to begin self-driving truck trials on US highways between Dallas and Houston

Unbreakable glass developed, inspired by seashells

How making a film exploring Indigenous stories of the night sky enriched my perspective as a scientist

How glacier tables are formed

Zen stones naturally placed atop pedestals of ice

Duck-billed dinosaur has preserved skin, blood vessels, and bone cells

The Flood Explains the Missing Dinosaurs

The Surly Cenozoic Flood Finale

Tall el-Hammam paper gains intense global attention

Climate Change, The Absurd

Human footprints thought to be oldest in North America discovered

Tool Marks on Yangshan Monument Match Modern Machine Marks


The Hiawatha Crater in Greenland Revisited
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Re: Oct 2021
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2021, 10:24:12 am »


UNLV astronomers may have discovered first planet to orbit 3 stars
[I'm posting the image link to show the spiraling dust cloud of the star system and the rings, which may resemble the Saturn system after its last nova]

Hubble views galaxy NGC 5728

Astronomer discovers that white dwarfs become magnetic as they get older

Japanese astronomers investigate magnetar XTE J1810-197

Periodic variability of quasar QSO B1312+7837 identified by researchers

First ALMA animation of circling twin young stars

NGC 1605 is an old binary open cluster

'Double' galaxy mystifies Hubble astronomers

Hubble detects a dangerous galactic dance


Winds near Jupiter's great red spot are speeding up and scientists don't know why

Asteroid or comet? Strange solar system object 2005 QN173 is actually BOTH

New Arid meteor shower discovered coming from Comet 15P/Finlay, next pass has STORM potential

Scientists confirm decrease in Pluto's atmospheric density

Energy burst from most distant known galaxy might have been a satellite orbiting Earth

swarm of large asteroids hidden in the Taurid complex

Late-time small-body asteroid disruptions can protect the Earth

Highly porous rocks are responsible for asteroid Bennu's surprisingly craggy surface

Samples returned by Chang'e-5 reveal key age of moon rocks

Rover images confirm Jezero crater is an ancient Martian lake

Newly returned moon rock samples chronicle the dying days of lunar volcanism

Mars surface was carved by fast and furious floods from overflowing craters


A volcano-induced rainy period made Earth's climate dinosaur-friendly

Earth has 'dimmed' by 0.5% since 2017 and scientists aren't sure why

COVID outbreak sparked by fully vaccinated patient challenges vaccine-induced herd immunity theory

'breathtaking scale of NASA-Hadcrut temperature-fixing fraud'

Wuhan and US scientists planned to create new coronaviruses

The unknown Eocene-Oligocene boundary mass extinction event was accompanied by climate change and super eruptions, followed by an explosion of life

Evolutionists cannot challenge creationists to explain the order in the fossil record, since that order appears to be far from established

‘Discovering the Truth about Dinosaurs’ A new children’s book

The Comet Research Group’s response to tweet concerning images in “A Tunguska sized airburst"

Ancient Caves

Isle of Wight dinosaur fossils

northernmost Stone Age hunters above the Arctic Circle

forgotten human history during the Pleistocene Indonesia

Karahan Tepe

Initially our planet’s oxygen was in scarce supply

Late persistence of human ancestors at the margins of the monsoon in India

7,000-year-old Indonesian woman reshapes views on early humans

earliest use of bone tools to produce clothing in Morocco 120,000 years ago

12,000-Year-Old Karahantepe REVEALED to the World | Ancient Architects

Harbetsuvan Tepesi: 11,000-Year-Old Satellite Cult Centre of Karahantepe | Ancient Architects
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Re: Oct 2021
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2021, 02:34:52 pm »


Universe has always existed

Strange radio waves emerge from the direction of the galactic center

Nature of unknown gamma-ray sources revealed

Radio signals from distant stars suggest hidden planets

First frequency-time-resolved imaging spectroscopy observations of solar radio spikes

G344.7-0.1: When a stable star explodes

Blazar PG 1553+113 investigated

Astronomers see dust disk around young super-Jupiter

Binary stars boost cosmic carbon footprint

Over a thousand cosmic explosions detected in 47 days from Fast Radio Burst (FRB)

We've spotted a planet surviving its dying star

The planet does not fall far from the star

galaxy cluster Abell 725

Whistler mode chorus waves are electromagnetic emissions common in planetary magnetospheres

Process leading to supernova explosions and cosmic radio bursts


NASA will attempt to nudge asteroid Didymoon off trajectory that poses threat to Earth

New Horizons telescope spots Kuiper Belt "twins"

The mega-comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein will get as close as Saturn in 2031

ESO images some of the biggest asteroids in our Solar System

Stellar fossils in meteorites point to distant stars

'Glowing' sand dune erosion on the side of Mars' Kaiser Crater

Did Venus ever have oceans?

Solar eruption arrives at Earth

San Andreas Fault-like tectonics discovered on Saturn moon Titan

Hubble finds evidence of persistent water vapor in one hemisphere of Europa

NASA scientist – did Mars ever look like Earth?

early solar system harbored a gap between its inner and outer regions

Mars scientists now know where to look for life

Evidence of superionic ice provides new insights into the unusual magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune

MM/EU-related Physics


Taurid Meteor Stream pummels planet Earth in human history, remains menace

Tethered satellites for propulsion without fuel

Fossil time ranges continue to be increased

Amazingly preserved trilobite fossils testify to rapid fossil formation during Noah’s Flood

What are the odds that a buried animal would still have intact DNA after 125 million years?

Ancient Climate Africa

Lakes on Mars

How to test the dating system

significant role for cosmic rays in climate change

Popular theory of Native American origins debunked by genetics and skeletal biology

Unique T-Shaped Pillar Decoration at Kurt Tepesi: An 11,000-Year-Old Site | Ancient Architects

Petra Theater: INCREDIBLE Ancient Engineering - Carved out of a Mountainside | Ancient Architects

Evidence of Ancient Medical Technology. Are we a product of Genetic Engineering & DNA manipulation?
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Re: Oct 2021
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2021, 08:44:26 am »


Over a thousand cosmic explosions in 47 days detected by FAST

Studying X-ray bursts to unlock secrets of neutron stars [except they're not neutron stars]

Astronomers see white dwarf 'switch on and off' for first time

Hubble uncovers a burst of star formation

Dwarf galaxy catches even smaller galaxy

Astronomers detect signs of an atmosphere stripped from a planet in a giant impact

twin sub-Neptune exoplanets orbiting nearby star

early view of a doomed star's destruction

'field guide' to exoplanets known as hot Jupiters


Our solar system may be surrounded by magnetic tunnel-like structure

'Volcanic' comet 29P blows its top in superoutburst creating coma wider than Jupiter

Swarm of near-Earth comets linked to recent ice giant Encke's breakup

possible impact event on Jupiter

New evidence suggest Earth tipped on its side 84 million years ago [No, during the Great Flood]

Martian Image: the ridges of 'South Séítah'

Did Titan give Saturn its tilt?

How the Sun affects asteroids in our neighborhood [doubtful]

Hear sounds captured from Mars by NASA's Perseverance rover

Studying the edge of the sun's magnetic bubble

Ten mysteries of Venus

The volcanism and age of Io

Comets and Venus

MM/EU-related Physics


Infrared light therapy appears to aid dementia patients

Lockdown: Where did 'the science' come from?

Critic calls young-earth creationism laughable and dangerous

Floods Form Fossils Fast

The ~335 AD Hopewell Airburst Event in Ohio

truth about humanity’s deep past

So-called junk DNA plays critical role in mammalian development

What Happened to the Pyramids of Cuba? 20 Years Later | Ancient Architects
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Re: Oct 2021
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2021, 06:42:04 am »


Variability of blazar J1415+1320

Neutron star collisions are 'goldmine' of heavy elements [They're pulsars, not neutron]

warped accretion disc discovered [Forget the black hole]

J1420+1205 is a small radio galaxy

to find hidden oceans on distant worlds? Use chemistry

massive galaxy 'shipyard' in the distant universe

glowering, [not] dying star

Planet found outside our galaxy?


Sun releases significant solar flare

Juno spacecraft peers deep into Jupiter's colorful belts and zones

first 3D view of Jupiter atmosphere

Erupting Comet Again

Ten Mysteries Venus

MM/EU-related Physics


strange black 'superionic ice' that could exist inside other planets

Making Martian rocket fuel/biofuel on Mars

Surprisingly simple process enables the synthesis of ammonia under mild conditions

Deepest earthquake ever detected struck 467 miles beneath Japan in 2015

Early Earth was bombarded 10x more than previously estimated

Coronavirus A.30 variant 'efficiently evades' antibodies induced by Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines

Defying deep-time dogma - Stunning stalactites in a pub cellar

Carlsbad Caverns National Park: Fast Formations

African Forest Evidence Fits Flood Ice Age Model

Yahoo on Sodom

Mammoth Disappearance

Dinosaur Nest

Ancient Antarctica in Flames

Mummy’s older than we thought: new find could rewrite history

Unknown ‘Ghost’ Ancestor in The Human Genome

Maya calendar was already in use 3,400 years ago

Fingerprints point to 5,000-year-old Orkney pottery class

Dinosaurs in Maryland

12,000-Year-Old Site in Turkey is OLDER than Gobekli Tepe! New Discoveries at Boncuklu Tarla

What Dogs Tell Us About Ancient Civilisations | Ancient Architects