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Re: Oct 2022
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Speeding cloud might have come from recent, nearby supernova

lonely spiral

SWIFT J0503.7-2819 is an intermediate polar

photos from the Dark Energy Camera

Spin flips show how galaxies grow from the cosmic web

interstellar dust within a galactic pair

distant galaxy

Galaxy triplet SIT 45

'cataclysmic' pair of stars with the shortest orbit yet

an old warm Jupiter-like exoplanet


huge asteroid heading towards Earth

Sun releases strong solar flare

plan to keep samples from Mars safe from contamination

Dimorphos's expanding comet-like tail

highest-resolution close-up of Jupiter's moon Europa

A possible explanation for Uranus's odd tilt angle and opposite spin

designing lunar bases for decades before

Mars dust storm

How did the moon form? A supercomputer may have just found the answer

Super Strange Novae (like Saturn?)



Far-ultraviolet LED can kill bacteria and viruses efficiently without harming humans

Medical optical imaging using the world's first 'ultrasound-induced tissue transparency' technology

new microscopic species

new rare blood type

Google to suppress climate skeptics

Repeated El Niño events correlate with big ecological shifts

Cosmic ray protons reveal new spectral structures at high energies

Finding Adam—in Ancient Egypt

Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets explained within biblical history

Passive margins explained by Flood runoff

Shishak/Shoshenq synchrony?

Dinosaur Killing Global Tsunami Waves

Dispelling Milankovitch theory

Mega-earthquake and Chicxulub

Ancient footprints reveal ‘Irish Sea Serengeti’

Giza BEFORE the Pyramids: The Pre-Dynastic Maadi Culture of the North

What is the Great Pyramid Grotto? A Pre-Dynastic Structure?

The Megalithic Valley Temple And Great Sphinx At The Giza Plateau In Egypt

The Massive Dynastic Complex At Edfu Near The Nile In Egypt

Pre-Flood Cement Cylinders Found In New Caledonia?

Giza and Stonehenge: Primitive Builders or 'Sophisticated but Destroyed?'

Mega-Scale Floods in North Africa near Richat? Map Comparisons to Known Features
Atlantis at the Richat Structure? Randall Carlson Assesses the City Plan
Geology of the Richat Structure - Atlantis Center City?
Richat Structure & Non-Random Crater Alignments
Coincidental Atlantis Plan & Portsmouth Ohio Earthworks
Is Eye of the Desert Richat Structure Atlantis?

Chuck Appleton (Cosmic Tusk) Videos
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