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Speeding cloud might have come from recent, nearby supernova

a 'completely unprecedented' burst of energy in space

a pair of interacting galaxies

Peculiar giant radio galaxy GRG-J223301+131502

Measuring oscillations of light from red giant stars reveals strengths of their interior magnetic fields

OGLE-BLG504.12.201843 is an extreme dwarf nova

surprises on galaxy organic molecules near black holes [quasars]

20 new radio-bright high-redshift quasars

'Wobbling black hole' [quasar] most extreme example ever detected

Dust plumes observed being 'pushed' into interstellar space by intense starlight

Massive stars sound warning they are about to go supernova [False: supernovas are star births, not star deaths]

Heaviest element yet detected in an exoplanet atmosphere

galaxy cluster collision


Earth's Moon might have formed in just hours from a shattered mess
_Supercomputer simulations made at a higher resolution than ever before, suggests that the moon's formation might not have been a slow and gradual process after all, but one that instead took place within just a few hours.

Underground microbes may have swarmed ancient Mars

Strange ripples have been detected at the edge of the Solar System

DART mission impact changed asteroid's motion in space

Sharpest Earth-based images of Europa and Ganymede reveal their icy landscapes

A solar gravitational lens will be humanity's most powerful telescope

Our moon has been slowly drifting away from Earth

shallow lakes in icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa could erupt

Video: Solar Orbiter

30,000 near-Earth asteroids discovered, and numbers are rising

options for automated in-orbit assembly of large structures



3D Models of A Mysterious Medieval Nanomaterial Hints at a Lost Art

a safe micro-nuclear reactor

Satellite temperature data show almost all climate model forecasts have been wrong for the last 40 years

Ultra rare diamond suggests an ocean's worth of water hidden deep within our Earth

Strengthening the Shishak/Shoshenq synchrony

Ancient DNA ... Discovered in Antarctica

6,000-year-old skull found in cave in Taiwan possibly confirms legend of Indigenous tribe

After the ‘Great Dying'

DNA from sediments offers insights into the use of plants by humans in the Paleolithic Age

Scientists Can No Longer Ignore Ancient Flooding Tales

OLDER than Gobekli Tepe: 12,000-Year-Old 'Special Purpose Building'

Ancient Megalithic Sites In The Sacred Valley Of Peru

Was Menorcas Naveta d'Es Tudons Built By Giants?

The Tumulus | Built By A Lost Civilization?

Biggest Feats of Antediluvian Civilizations

Astonishing Pre-Flood Anomalies

Ancient Giant Ipiutak Civilization Found In The Arctic

Worlds Most Incredible Pre-Flood Ruins

Polygonal Masonry Discovered In The UK

Göbeklitepe Religion seems centered on Atlas. Later myth explains the "TWIN PILLARS". "STABILITY"

Its a Different Planet - What Happened to Make it Shift?

Pole Shifts & Accelerated Mountain-building/Orogenesis

Great Year Precession Linked to Cycle of Catastrophes?
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