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Re: Oct 2022
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brightest flash ever seen

Supernova remnant SNR 0509-67.5

X-ray pulsar 1E 1145.1-6141

pillars of creation comparison

unprecedented glimpse of merging galaxies

star formation history of galaxy NGC 2915

Hipparchus's map of the stars

a turbulent stellar nursery

largest atomic gas structure around a galaxy group

telescope photo that had even astronomers stumped: WR140 is a Wolf-Rayet star with rings


30,000 near-Earth asteroids discovered, and rising

Fireball from Solar System's edge

Life may have thrived on early Mars

monitoring potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids

there's a defense against killer asteroids

Clusters of galaxies easier to view with radio X-ray combination

predict solar wind speed accurately

fallen meteorite from Junction City, Georgia

Cassini's unique observations of Saturn's rings

Algae, food for Mars visitors

Method for decoding asteroid interiors

Didymos asteroid eclipsing stars

new light on moon's surface makeup and geologic history

'Marshmallow' world orbiting a cool red dwarf star

Zipping up data to zap it back from an icy moon

rover reaches long-awaited salty region

Designing the trajectory of microsatellite swarms

the source of one of the rarest groups of meteorites

trying to crash land on Mars

how young volcanism occurred on the moon

search for space creatures

Bizarre near-Earth asteroid is spinning faster every year

Electric Jupiter Baffles Astronomers



protective properties of pain

Mad scientists: New Covid strain with 80% kill rate CREATED by Boston University

How can digital data stored as DNA be manipulated?

COVID-19 virus has a telltale 'fingerprint' that makes it highly likely to have come from a lab

Uncontrolled rocket reentries

Meteorites and simple metals as catalysts for metabolic pathways at the origin of life

origin of clastic pipes

Eroding Hillside Reveals Dinosaur Skin Pattern

fluctuating oxygen levels may have accelerated animal evolution

Extinct Human Species Found in Poland Cave

New analysis of obsidian blades reveals dynamic Neolithic social networks

Oldest Surviving Book in the Americas

The Oldest Books in the World

Incredible Pre-Ice Age Ruin In Mardin

Impossible Cylinders Found In New Caledonia

Impossible Ancient Ruins Left By The Flood?

Mega-floods, Dragons, Earthworks, The Ark
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