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Re: Oct 2022
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Chandra's X-ray vision combined with JWST

Young star-forming complexes in the galaxy NGC 4324

cosmic rays driving galaxy's winds

HESS J1731-347 may be a 'strange' star

a planetary system with a Neptune-mass planet and a massive sub-stellar object

KT Eridani is a recurrent nova

Abell 611, a cobweb of galaxies

Rare earth element synthesis confirmed in pulsars [not neutron stars] merger

planets orbiting dead stars

rare 'light echo' from star explosion

Cosmic Ripples Reveal An Ancient Galactic Collision Ripping Apart An Iconic Constellation


China moon mission samples overturn theories of lunar volcanism

Large, 'potentially hazardous' asteroid will zip through Earth's orbit on Halloween

Traces of ancient ocean discovered on Mars

Mars lander records shockwaves from ice-blasting meteoroid impact

Analysis of gases recovered from asteroid Ryugu

lunar regolith bricks for lunar base camp

Ancient bacteria might lurk beneath Mars' surface

Craters and cracks on Mars' Terra Sirenum region

deep planetary scan to confirm Martian core

Two major meteorite impacts shed light on the interior of Mars

Surface waves help map the interior of Mars

Magma on Mars likely

using lunar soils to sustainably supply oxygen and fuels on the moon

biggest meteor strikes at Mars



Weird ‘Borg’ DNA May Have Assimilated Microbes For Billions of Years

regulatory mechanism by which life controls and organizes itself

Ancient viral DNA in human genome guards against infections

Ancient 15,000-Year-Old Viruses Found in Melting Tibetan Glaciers

A bird made a 13,560 km continuous flight from Alaska to southern Australia

Plant leaves spark with electricity during thunderstorms

Record October ice gains on Greenland

Dozens of climate models wildly exaggerate the extent of global warming

TanSat's first attempt to detect human-caused CO2 is successful

Methane 'super-emitters' mapped by NASA's new Earth space mission

new approach to identify the origin of organic molecules

Manipulating Temperature Data - Creative Graphsmanship

Tree rings offer insight into devastating radiation storms

How Some Flat Iron Formations formed from Bentonite from Volcanic Eruptions

Sandstone tubes and at 20'+ how concretions form around fossils etc

Supervolcanoes caused the World’s Largest Landslide in Wyoming, Hart Mountain

Clarification on fossilized soft tissue reports

Alleged 380-Million-Year-Old Fish Heart

Central Asia identified as a key region for human ancestors

World’s oldest complete star map

UK had at least two genetically distinct human groups at end of last ice age

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind Biblical narratives

Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs triggered global mega-tsunami

The Laacher See Volcano of Palaeolithic Europe

Mysterious Ancient Samaipata In The Jungle OfBolivia

Who Made The Dolmen De Menga?

Impossible Ancient High-Technology

Doggerland as Atlantis?

PYRA-mids = PARA-dise; Absence of Domestication in Mythology

Origins of Halloween and Day of the Dead Festivals

Halloween's Origins, Nebraska Sand Hills, Zep/Gobekli Tepi

PROOF Apocalyptic-Sized Tsunami Blasted SAHARA Desert 12,000 Years Ago
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