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May 2022
« on: May 04, 2022, 10:48:41 am »


Spiral galaxies: too many for the big bang

Study inspects properties of four galactic open clusters

Discovery of 30 exocomets in a young planetary system

Spinning stars shed new light on strange signal coming from galactic center

Two rocky exoplanets discovered around nearby star

Eight years later, an explosion far out in space is still revealing secrets about the lives of stars

TYC 2990-127-1 is an Algol-type double-lined spectroscopic binary

Telescope dons 'sunglasses' to find brightest-ever pulsar

Eight years later, supernova 2014C is still revealing secrets about the lives of stars


Carbon dioxide glaciers are moving at Mars' South Pole

Enigmatic rocks on Mars show evidence of a violent origin

Earth's atmosphere may be source of some lunar water

Enigmatic rock layer in Mars' Gale crater awaits measurements by the Curiosity rover

Fireball spotted over southern Mississippi, NASA confirms

Strong solar flare erupts from sun

New Comet C/2022 F1 (ATLAS)



More building blocks of DNA seen in meteorites, boosting panspermia theory of life on Earth

Early dinosaur victim of end-Cretaceous asteroid impact

Fungi and Mount St Helens

Resurrecting “Ancient” Enzymes?

Tusk Talk With Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson

Before Stonehenge monuments, hunter-gatherers made use of open habitats

Farmer unearths ancient statue of serpent-crowned goddess in Gaza

Prehistoric women were hunters and artists as well as mothers

Nebraska Basins stacked like pancakes

8,500-Year-Old Rare Wooden Relic at Çatalhöyük in Turkey

What Cut The Gigantic Ancient Boreholes In India?

Unexplainable Antediluvian Ruins

Antediluvian Ruins Found In Iran

Seaquarium Orca confined in small pool for 52 years deserves release
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Re: May 2022
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2022, 06:46:13 pm »


rare 'black widow' binary star system, with the shortest orbit yet

kilonova associated with a nearby gamma-ray burst

Galactic ballet

Planet-forming disks evolve in surprisingly similar ways

Hyperfast white dwarf stars provide clues for understanding supernovae

Even stars doomed to die as supernovae can have planets [but stars don't die that way]

double take on a spiral galaxy

termination shocks and extended X-ray emission in the active galaxy Markarian 78

In a pair of merging supermassive black holes, a new method for measuring the void [of course, they're not black holes though]

Milky Way’s Plasma Bubble Network


Sun releases moderate solar flare

comet's hourglass-shaped dust trail

A magnetic bubble could protect astronauts from dangerous space radiation

Global citizen science project finds more than 1,700 asteroid trails in Hubble images

Volcanoes may have killed Venus [Nope]

coronal waves excited by flares

Dynamics of ocean worlds likely controlled by their rotation



Rare fossil of ancient dog species discovered

Was the Flood global?

Ice core oscillations and abrupt climate changes: part 2—Antarctic ice cores

Flood Explains Mysterious Iceland Plant Fossils

Sciency journalist misreports climate giant Wallace Broecker on Younger Dryas

Argentine Dinosaurs

Skeletal remains in Bronze Age Orkney cemetery suggest large influx of women from continental Europe

Largest known cave art images in US by Indigenous Americans discovered in Alabama

Indigenous people farmed oysters sustainably for 5000 years

deep-sea ridge north of Hawaii reveals an ancient lake bed paved with yellow bricks

Mother Lode of Carolina Bays

Enigmatic Ancient Megalithic Anomaly In Bolivia's High Jungle: Samaipata

Lost 'Super-Civilization' Discovered In Siberia❓


Hiawatha Crater Age? /1859 Carrington Event
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Re: May 2022
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2022, 07:10:32 pm »


first image of the so-called black hole at the heart of our galaxy

mixing fraction in classical novae

X-ray explosion on a white dwarf

four new brown dwarfs

'gold standard' star in Milky Way

A small sombrero for Hubble

quadruple stars that may spark supernova explosions (CC said supernovas & gas cloud collisions spark supernova explosions )

Giant elliptical galaxy UGC 10143

Pinpointing young stars and their so-called protoplanetary disks

Mysterious nuclear transient AT2019pev inspected in X-rays


'Monster' quake recorded on Mars by NASA's InSight, largest quake ever detected on another planet

NASA footage captures 'doorway' on Mars

old Hubble images turned up 1,000 new asteroids

Strong solar flare erupts from sun

Pulse-to-pulse energy distribution etc of a FAST-CRAFTS pulsar

Highly circularly polarized and variable pulsar detected in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Eight things you never knew about mining on Mars, the Moon, and even asteroids

limited water circulation late in the history of Mars

Quasi-periodic oscillation detected in blazar PKS 0405-385

Buildup of solar heat [or the electric field] likely contributes to Mars' dust storms



remarkable similarities in steroid hormone biology across cephalopods, mice, and humans

bending “sheet” of cells

Malaria parasites form vortices

Scarce and valuable metal Germanium discovered in Greece

Extraterrestrial stone brings first supernova clues to Earth

Evidence of extinction event could be at the bottom of a South Carolina pond

Scientists grow plants in Moon soil

Alaska's Westdahl Peak volcano is restless and overdue an eruption, and we may know what's stopping it

Tonga volcanic eruption effects reached space

Yellowstone National Park, Part 1: A Flood Supervolcano

The Five Rules of Flood Paleontology

Dr. Christopher Moore on recent Younger Dryas Boundary investigation in South Carolina

Why human brains were bigger 3,000 years ago

Australian gas project threatens ancient carvings – and emissions blowout

Several Mysterious Human-Made Pits Have Been Revealed Near Stonehenge

Early Farmers’ Origins as More Complicated Than We Thought

Supposed 830-Million-Year-Old Organisms Found Trapped in Ancient Rock

Tomb of ancient Egyptian dignitary who read top secret documents

The Discovery of King Tutankhamun in FULL COLOUR

Amazing Ancient Drawbridge At Machu Picchu

The Most Amazing Ancient Anomalies


ODYSSEY was a voyage to America!! And WHY DOES OCEAN MEAN EYE
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Re: May 2022
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2022, 06:33:41 am »


Hubble reveals a river of star formation

AT2019pev inspected in X-rays

Outbursts of magnetar SGR J1935+2154

galaxy as a cosmic telescope

star formation activities of two dust clouds

peculiar pair of spiral galaxies

young planetary nebula [ring star] IC 4997

NGC 541 fuels an irregular galaxy

The chaotic early phase of the solar system [is beyond the mainstream's comprehension]

comprehensive X-ray view of an active galactic nucleus in NGC 4258

search for exoplanets


Did a 5th giant planet mess up the orbits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune?

Moon volcanoes may have spewed 18 quadrillion pounds of volcanic water

Voyager 1 may be confused about its location in space

May 31st possible meteor storm

how type of aurora on Mars is formed

Ceres probably formed farther out in the solar system and migrated inward [probably not]

The sun

the sun's chemical composition

hemispheric asymmetry of long-term sunspot activity



Microscopic plankton imprint fossils

improved imaging of cell membranes

human-level artificial intelligence [just means computation, I think]

Magnetic waves across Earth’s outer core

spectrometer surveys atmospheric dust from the ISS

Rocket engine exhaust pollution extends high into Earth's atmosphere

Earth's magnetic field from ISS

Dicynodonts and ‘out-of-place’ fossils [mammals with dinosaurs]

Seafloor Spreading Matches Creation Predictions

Key posters from Dr. Christopher Moore of the Comet Research Group

YD Comet Impact Overview

Greenland Site with the YD Layer

Antarctic Ice Shelves vs AGW

Thera Volcano

Potentially Alive 830-Million-Year-Old Organisms Found Trapped in Ancient Rock [Dating is way off]

Tomb of ancient Egyptian dignitary

Largest known Native American cave art

Nearly 8,000-year-old skull found in Minnesota River

Gorgeous paintings of ancient Egyptian goddesses

The mysterious origins of human sacrifice [not so mysterious - Saturn theory explains it]

Carolina Bays Energy Transfer

Exploring the Mysterious Osirion [Egypt]

Evidence Left By A Lost Giants Civilization

Ancient Giants Golden Tomb [Ecuador]

Ep082 FIRE-breathing DRAGONS Scorch the Earth - Draconids [meteors]

Mysterious Origin of Chola Temples [India]
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Re: May 2022
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2022, 09:39:24 pm »


new radio source of unknown origin

The Westerlund 1 cluster: A giant stellar nursery

New discovery about distant galaxies: Stars are heavier than we thought

interacting spiral galaxy

A grand spiral galaxy

black holes inside dying galaxies in early universe [What are they really?]
Firstly, the so-called dying galaxies are said to be elliptical. Those are likely not old galaxies, but young, as they likely form before becoming spirals. Secondly, they think redshift determines distance, whereas we know it means ionization, not distance. They're more highly ionized, so they're likely fairly young and they may not even be galaxies. And their distances aren't known, but probably not great, because, thirdly, they give off strong x-rays (& radio waves), supposedly due to black holes, but actually due to electrically energetic activity such as filament implosions or supernovas, which involve star births, not deaths. And there's very little dust, which would otherwise absorb the x-rays.

Unusual [pulsar, not:] neutron star

highly variable polar star V496 UMa

sun's rotation and magnetic field

dimming of Betelgeuse in 2019

Milky Way’s Plasma Bubble Network


New Comet C/2022 F2 (NEOWISE)

Perseverance rover's playlist

Solar wind a major driver of atmospheric sodium at Mercury

Artificial intelligence helps in the identification of astronomical objects

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter captures video of record flight

why Uranus and Neptune are different colors

Zooming into the Sun at Perihelion



Prepare for Huge Inflation, Shortages & maybe more Lockdowns

Gene-editing experiment turns cute hamsters into 'aggressive' beasts

Artificial limbs that work like real ones

Vision changes in space

Aerial Engineering and Physics of the Dragonfly

mysterious magnetic waves deep down under South America

Is Earth's core rusting?

why the Hunga-Tonga eruption was so massive

Asteroid evidence for life on earth coming from outer space? No

More overstated chemical evolution claims

New Fossil Dolphin Species

Alternative theory of Gravity

Dolphins and Whales on Swiss Mountains

The most mysterious asteroids in the solar system, Trojans

The first people in Australia likely feasted on the eggs of giant ducks

3,400-Year-Old City Emerges in Iraq

Egypt's Saqqara mummies treasure trove

Ancient cypress in Chile may be the world’s oldest tree up to 5,484 years old

Unique cremation site of the Late Bronze Age

one single seagrass plant continually cloning itself for almost 4,500 years

Law of Superposition and the Carolina Bays

The Hidden History of Ancient Egypt! Full Interview with Yousef Awyan and Mohammed Ibrahim

Unexplainable Antediluvian Stone-Cut Ruins

Ep083 Transcendental "X Factor" of 1871 Firestorm Survivors

Live#012 Tau Herculids and Meteor Streams
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