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« on: February 14, 2021, 07:16:40 am »
Randall Carlson's new video channel at

Ep001 with RC, Brothers of the Serpent
Ep002 Earthquakes and Luminescent Phenomena
Ep003 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt1: Geologic Heresy & the "A-word"
Ep004 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt2: Solon and Plato's Critias
Ep005 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt3: Crustal Shifts and Isostacy
Ep006 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt4: Seafloor Exposed along MAR?
Ep007 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt5: MAR Granitic Block Confirmed
Ep008 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt6: Landslides / Echoes in Azores
Ep009 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt7: Richat Structure Mauritania
Ep010 Atlantis Evidence Revealed Pt8: Wrap & Younger Dryas intro
Ep011 (mono) Younger Dryas Boundary Catastrophe / Extinction of Megafauna
Ep011 (stereo) Younger Dryas Boundary Catastrophe / Extinction of Megafauna
Ep012 Younger Dryas Boundary Extinction / Ice, Humans, Catastrophic Floods
Ep013 Catastrophic Extinctions and the Younger Dryas Boundary Events
Ep014 Younger Dryas Catastrophe: Fossils Buried in Muck, Peat, Gravels
Ep015 Extinction by Catastrophe - More Fossil Evidence / Great 5 Extinctions
Ep016.1 Cosmic Tusk author George Howard on the YD Impact Hypothesis
Ep016.2 Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis w/ George Howard
Ep017 YD Boundary Evidence: Carolina Bays, Glacial Melt, Drumlins, Black Mat
Ep018 Evidence for YDB Catastrophe: Black Mat, Hexagonal Nanodiamonds, Caves
Ep019 Great 5 Mass Extinctions / Cosmic Proxies with Black Mat / Critiques?
Ep020 YDB Evidence in Mexico, Belgium, Germany / Debunking Critical Papers
Ep021.1 YDB Micro-meteorites in the Black Mat / Glass Bubbles?
Ep021.2 Culturally Sterile layers above Black Mat / Evidence for Catastrophe
Ep022 Correspondence: Ontario Impacts / Phaeton / Puget Lobe floods / & more
Ep023 Widespread Cultural Collapse at YDB / Impact by Disintegrating Comet?
Ep024 Younger Dryas the Back-drop to Human History / Lost Worlds Pulverized
Ep025 Comets' Life Cycle and Effects to Earth / Proposed Oblique YDB Impact
Ep026 Comet Atlas, Wickramasinghe & Cosmic Biomes, Platinum Deposition @ YDB
Ep027 Comets' Life Cycle / Platinum Group Metals Catalyze / Tunguska Blast
Ep028 Destruction by Floods and Fire / Geomythology & Reality of Catastrophe
Ep029 Fingerprints of Catastrophe / Range of Impactors and their Effects
Ep030 Super-enhanced Spherules from Hyper-velocity Impact Events
Ep031 Microspherules at 18 sites, 4 continents -Fingerprints of Catastrophe
Ep032 St-Jean & Nipigon Impacts? Problematic Energy Paradox Glacial Retreat
Ep033 Glacial Impact at Lac St-Jean? Footprints of Catastrophe
Ep033A Anzick-1 Corrections, Clarifications and Controversies
Ep034 Extraordinary Wildfires & High-temperature Event proxies
Ep035 Wildfires and Wasteland YDB Fingerprints of Catastrophe
Ep036 Asteroid Day Special Edition: Tunguska, Taurids & Terror
Ep037 Tunguska's Terrifying Tales: Lessons from 1908 Airburst
Ep038 Tunguska's Geocosmic Lessons - Extraordinary Interaction
Ep038-B Pennsylvania's BoulderFields and the YDB Catastrophe
Ep039 The Modern Geocosmic Threats - Meteors and Fireballs!
Ep040 Megaflooded Boulder Fields/Streams of the Appalachians
Ep041 Nanodiamonds Nail the YDIH Nay-sayers on The
Ep042 Volcanic Eruptions "Upend" YD Impacts Evidence? on
Ep043 Geocosmic Clues at Glacial Lake Hind - Impacts/Floods Connected!
Ep044 Megafloods: Missoula, Lake Agassiz and Mars! Catastrophic Drainage of Ice-melt
Ep045 Phenomenal Lake Agassiz and Glacial Megafloods on
Ep046 Spillways, Potholes, and Mid-continent Megafloods
Ep047 DRUMLINS - Flow-form Forensics w/ Jerome Lesemann PhD
Ep048 Meanders - Meltwater Musings & Glacial Lake Agassiz
Ep049 Subglacial Floods in Southern BC Drumlins trip w/JL
Ep050 Wisconsin Megaflood Features from Nipigon Impact?
Ep051 "Southwest Experience" Tour Review (Oct 2020)
Ep052 Meteor Crater Blast Wave / Monumental Erosion
Ep053 Ontario Impact? New York Finger Lakes and Drumlins
Ep054 Traumatic Subglacial Erosion of Finger Lakes Region
Ep055 Clues to Reconstruct Megaflood Events in NY, MI, WI
Ep056 TOURS w/RC: How Did this Start & Where are we Going?
Ep057 Ciphers & Seed Symbolism / Appalachian Megafloods
Ep058 Appalachian Blue Ridge Megafloods

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