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Sep 2021
« on: September 04, 2021, 10:50:58 am »


space 'sword' piercing huge celestial 'heart'

Cold planets exist throughout the galaxy, even in the galactic bulge

emission from millisecond pulsar PSR J0218+4232


Enigmatic ancient brown dwarf discovered in solar neighborhood suggests more 'accidents' may be lurking in our galaxy

theory about a famous asteroid, Vesta

Examining asteroid Ryugu in opposition to Hayabusa2: A starkly lit distribution of dust and rock

Stellar collision triggers supernova explosion

stellar nurseries

Planetary radar observes 1,000th near-earth asteroid since 1968

MM/EU-related Physics


Health News'21/

Biological molecular machine videos

A bad solar storm could cause an 'internet apocalypse'

science can no longer ignore intelligent design

dynamics in Earth's interface to space

Antikythera Mechanism

The pre-Flood world resembled Pangaea

Capping a Cretaceous Conundrum

Waco Mammoth National Monument

A Neanderthal hunting camp in the center of the Iberian Peninsula

New species of ancient four-legged whale discovered in Egypt

Ancient monument linked to King Arthur is older than Stonehenge

America’s first civilization was made up of ‘sophisticated’ engineers

African Prehistory

Enhanced Great Pyramid Footage from the Djedi Robot

Ev Cochrane: Polar Configuration – Eye in the Sky

The Megalithic Atlantean Warrior Statues Of Tula In Mexico

Ancient Megalithic Chullpa Towers [partly blown apart] At Sillustani In Peru With Jimmy Of Bright Insight

Pre Ice-Age World Civilization Revealed

Astonishing Ability of Neolithic Man - Dolmens

Ep072 Glaciers' Big DAM Problems - Meltwater Conduits
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Re: Sep 2021
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2021, 03:37:28 pm »


Supernova event triggered by collision with compact object, first time ever observed

protostellar jet in the Orion Nebula

Double-lined white dwarf binary detected

Gases in Milky Way are not homogeneously mixed

Finding Earthlike planets in other solar systems by looking for moons

Pulsar PSR J0250+5854

Protoplanetary disks throw out more material than gets turned into planets

Hubble captures a sparkling cluster

virtual universe free for anyone to explore

Black holes [No, make that natural tokamaks] found to exert a pressure on their environment


Satellite in sun's backyard unravels the origins of interplanetary dust

peculiar "dog-bone" asteroid

eruptions from the Sun

Volcanic trenches on Mars

Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life

Physics model explains the overall shape of two rubble-pile asteroids

Asteroids, Moons etc

MM/EU-related Physics


Health News'21/?message=140

Texas cold snap linked to 40 years of increasing snowfall in Arctic & disruptions in stratospheric polar vortex - increase in extreme cold events likely

World's oldest [fossilized] forest unlike anything imagined

14-Mile Long Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico

Atlantic Hurricanes/Tropical Cyclones Have Not Increased Since The Late-1800s

Missing Strata

Ancient Balkans & Arabia

Submerged Past Lands

North Sea Ice Age

Antikythera Mechanism

‘Green Arabia’ was a crucial migration route for early humans

Environmental conditions of early humans in Europe

Spectacular valleys and cliffs hidden beneath the North Sea

The Carolina Bay Survey

Carolina Bays vs. Storms and Tides

Arthur's Stone In Britain is OLDER than Stonehenge

Is This Block Proof for a LOST ANCIENT CIVILIZATION? [with Writing in Peru]

Evidence Of Ancient Megalithic Plumbing In The Highlands Of Peru?

Huge Ancient Israel High-Tech Slab of Glass and Other Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins In Japan

Gigantic Ruin Found In Ecuador


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Re: Sep 2021
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2021, 10:22:46 pm »


Research explores the parameters of X-ray binary system Scorpius X-1

Rerun of supernova blast expected to appear in 2037

Astronomers monitor nearby blazar Markarian 501

Cosmic rays erode away all but the largest interstellar objects

researchers confirm origins of 'empty sky' gamma-rays


Over 450 previously unknown objects discovered in our Solar System

Impact flash on Jupiter captured on video by amateur astronomers

NASA's Perseverance rover collects puzzle pieces of Mars' history

Studying the moon's oldest geologic imprints

Take a 3D spin on Mars and track NASA's Perseverance rover

Mushballs stash away missing ammonia on Uranus and Neptune

MM/EU-related Physics


Health News

Could Earth's magnetic field be reversing due to remains of ancient planetary collision embedded in the deep mantle?

Magnet powerful enough to lift an aircraft carrier arrives in France as part of nuclear fusion project

Ioannidis on the politicization of science

Why current studies (for or against vaccination) cannot be trusted and what we can do about it

Animals died in 'toxic soup' during Earth's worst mass extinction

When solar wind slams into Earth's magnetic field, the impacts ripple down through the planet's ionosphere

New discovery about meteorites informs atmospheric entry threat assessment

An encounter at a dinosaur park

More than a billion years missing from the Great Unconformity at the Grand Canyon?

An Old-Babylonian tablet reveals sophisticated understanding of mathematics

Ice Free Arctic Oasis

Ancient Alaskan Prime Pastures

Barents Sea Crater

Ancient American Interior Seaway

Ancient Technology of the Pyramid Builders: The Proto-Pulley

Ev Cochrane: Polar Configuration – Venus Devastatrix


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Re: Sep 2021
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2021, 03:30:09 pm »


Two new views showcase the dual nature of the star AG Carinae

Palomar 6 globular cluster investigated in detail

Gigantic cavity in space sheds new light on how stars form

Telescope in Chile captures a doomed galaxy falling into the heart of the Fornax Cluster

Hubble captures a cluster in the heart of the Milky Way

White dwarfs become magnetic as they get older


Perseverance's rock samples hint that Mars had long-lasting ancient water

A catalog of solar stream interactions

Moon's Tycho crater revealed in intricate detail

NASA's Perseverance rover cameras capture Mars like never before

Artificial Intelligence provides sharper images of lunar craters that contain water ice

Exotic mix in China's delivery of moon rocks

Super Volcanoes on Mars


The 'pandemic' has ended for much of India - how did they do it? Ivermectin

The role of variants in driving Covid surges is good news for sceptics

Study confirms that it was a giant meteorite impact that caused massive extinction in the late Cretaceous

New way to solve the 'hardest of the hard' computer problems

Vying with Velikovsky—what does CMI think?

Great Unconformity Best Solved by Global Flood

Cosmic airburst of biblical proportions revealed by Comet Research Group

Evidence that a cosmic impact destroyed ancient city in the Jordan Valley

excavations at Tall el-Hammam in Jordan

volcanoes did not cause the extinction of the dinosaurs

hot water was found at the Kola super deep bore hole

Hidden Traces of a Massive Ancient City Are Still in Mexico’s Landscape Tsoday

'Bizarre' fossil is Africa's first ankylosaur

The Hiawatha Crater in Greenland Revisited

Huge Saudi Arabian Camel Carvings Redated to 8,000 Years Old | Ancient Architects