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Re: Sep 2022
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source of gamma rays in small neighboring galaxy

two overlapping galaxies

halos of ultra-diffuse galaxies

timeline of a stellar explosion

Orion Nebula

brown dwarf with quasi-spherical mass loss

swarm of galaxies orbiting a hyper-luminous galaxy

Lobster Nebula

group of galaxies clustered together

two 'super-Earths' orbiting nearby star

galaxy NGC 1961


organic matter in rock samples on Mars

Saturn's rings and tilt could be the product of an ancient, missing moon

High-resolution images of the sun show its chromosphere in vivid detail

*Strange diamonds from an ancient dwarf planet in our solar system

a closer look at planet sizes

geologically rich Mars terrain

Byzantine solar eclipse records illuminate obscure history of Earth's rotation

The number of ancient Martian lakes



One brain molecule for memory

Astrophysicist says climate-cultists "are on a gravy train" to make money

'climate emergency' NOT supported by data

monumental evidence of prehistoric hunting across Arabian desert

31,000-year-old skeleton in Indonesia shows earliest known evidence of surgery

Cracks are appearing in Earth's magnetic field


The Ancients used Plant Based Liquid to Soften and Mould MASSIVE Stones
(I skimmed through this and never heard mention of a liquid that was supposedly used.)

Ancient Egyptian Symbols Hidden in Indian Temple

Why The Great Sphinx CAN'T be Older than 3,500 BC

Two fish and a pterosaur locked in a fatal struggle

Ice core oscillations and abrupt climate changes: part 3

Alpine Younger Dryas Impact evidence

Ancient human skeleton found in Mexico cave

study of ancient DNA reveals hidden history of civilization and language

Recent Excavation Of A 1600 Ton Limestone Monolith At The Baalbek Quarry In Lebanon

Ancient Pyramids Found Across Australia?

"Melted Megaliths" Amongst The Worlds Oldest Ruins?

Extreme/Minor Climate Oscillations During the Ice Age
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