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A. E Hot Spot authors/CC/Astrophys
B. E NCGT m'/
1. Open-mindedness, Holism vs ignoring major facts
2. What are major ignored facts?
C. Wr paper>NCGT
1. Radiometric dating is contradicted; C14 is least flawed
2. Earth is not shrinking or expanding; continents don't rise or sink much
3. Flooding is the only means of strata formation
4. Transgression can only occur catastrophically
5. Catastrophism has had major influence on planets
6. Megatsunamis formed strata & fossils
7. Surge channels formed catastrophically in short time span
8. Asteroids caused megatsunamis
9. A large impact caused continental drift & orogeny
10. Humans witnessed catastrophism

On Feb 01 GW advice:
- Make One claim per paper; Back it with 3 or more categories of evidence
- Show How these evidences support the claim
- Show How opponents' arguments are less adequate
- Claim: Nearly all sedimentary strata or megasequences formed in megatsunamis.
- Categories of evidence
- 1. Sorting of tsunami sediments
.. No evidence that sediments of only one kind can deposit for thousands of years
.. Lack of erosion between conforming strata
.. Minor erosion between megasequences
- 2. Sources of sediments and cementing agents
.. No evidence of mountains older than strata as sources
- 3. Rapid deposition
.. No evidence that normal erosion, floods, tides, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc can form horizontal strata over large areas
- 4. Delicate fossils and rapid burial
.. No evidence that delicate or large life traces could fossilize by normal weather conditions

- Berthault's experiments apparently show that curved strata in basins form rapidly by sorting according to grain size etc.
- Since they are deposited simultaneously in a megasequence they form curved strata in basins.
- The curves of the strata nearly follow the curves of each basin surface, except that each stratum is a bit thicker at the bottom than on the sides, like this:
- If strata formed in continental shallow seas, they should have formed at river deltas as sloped fans, like this and
- Or if frequent tremors or tides or something caused the sediments to spread out across the floor of a shallow sea, the sediments should go to the bottom as flat layers, like this

Part 1. Megatsunamis Deposited Sedimentary Strata
- continental extent of each megasequence
- amount of sediment in each
- composition of each stratum
- time, temperature & pressure requirements for lithification of each stratum
- potential sources of each stratum
- why gradual deposition is ruled out
- why megatsunamis are the only possible source
- height, speed, duration & direction/s of each megatsunami
- time span for each stratum deposition
- sources of coal & why its position
- sources of petroleum & why its position
- sheet erosion after each megatsunami

Part 2. Dating Methods Are Wrong
- amount & locations of radioactive elements in & on Earth
- how, where & when radioactive elements formed
- how they arrived at present locations
- how fossils formed in the geologic column
- C14 dating of fossils etc
- advanced civilization before & after the cataclysm
- origin of flood myths & other ancient myths

Part 3. Impacts
- elliptically orbiting temporary moon caused megatsunamis
- tides are caused electrically
- circularization of elliptical orbits
- impacts during cataclysm & their fallout

Part 4. Continental Drift & Orogeny
- impact that split the supercontinent & its fallout
- initial orogeny & flooding
- rapid continental drift, seafloor spreading & magnetic striping
- sedimentary rock strata on seafloors
- end stage drift orogeny
- ice age & extinctions

H0: 4 parts, 7 possible main topics:
-1. Megatsunamis Deposited Sedimentary Strata
-2. Dating Methods Are Wrong
-3. Myths of Cataclysms
-4. Advanced Ancient Civilization
-5-. Planetary Near-Collisions Caused Megatsunamis
-6-. Impacts Caused Conflagrations
-7. Impact broke up supercontinent
-8. Impact & Rapid Continental Drift Caused Orogenesis
G: ID primary evidence that I have
G: ID what's needed
G: Guy Berthault /simulate megatsunamis
G: contact JB re ref paper
G: data on requirements for lithification
G: sediments + ?amt. lime = concrete
G: sand or mud + ?amt. pressure/heat = stone
<MF>knowledge of sandstone and mudstone cemented by calcium carbonate
<MF>..Silica cement assumed to take more pressure and heat up to 100 C over a million years, but obviously that is untested
<MF>water (and occasionally wind) move and segregate the matrix
<MF>and water solutions carry the cement.
<MF>Sandstone and mudstone can be metamorphosed by the heat of magma or high pressure from mountain building or meteorite impacts that melt them
2: Combine: JB,CC,WB evidence ^decay rate <heat,pressure,ionization
2: prove rad el' formd <heat +shock
2: sift more evidence on dating methods: G: 50/50 parent/daughter ratios
2: Advanced civilization reasoning >help dating
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