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0. References Organized for NCGT Paper
« on: January 23, 2017, 11:21:24 am »
References Organized for NCGT Paper
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_1) - Opposition
- Arguments against young Earth:
_1) MEGATSUNAMIS: Flood, Baumgardner:
_1) Megasequences
- St Peter Sandstone
- Sauk Sandstone
- Six Megasequences
- Transcontinental Rock Layers
- Cambrian Tapeats Sandstone
Jurassic Morrison Formation
- Transcontinental Rock Layers
- Lithogenesis
- Map of Geo Provinces (Basins etc)
- Marine Sediments
_1) Flood Video:
_1) - Catastrophism
_1) Cross stratification:
_1) Coal:
_1) Dinosaur & Human Tracks:
_1) Grand Canyon sandstone:
_1) Kola Borehole:
_1) Flood Deposits:
_1) China Flood Date:
- Nuwa and Fuxi:
_1) - Walter Brown
= Liquefaction: The Origin of Strata and Layered Fossils
_1) = The Origin of Limestone
_2m) Flood Legends:
_2m) Arctic Carnage:
_2m) SIS C&C Search:[]=-1
_2m) Giants:
_2) - Radiometric Dating: Problems with the Assumptions
_2) Radiometric Dating Errors:
_2) - Faulty Dating Methods
_2) Ebook:
_2) Dating Methods:
_2) Ice Core Dating:
_2) Lava Dating Error:
_2) - [dating methods] __REFERENCE
This is a piece by Ginenthal which is full of references
_2) = The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity
_2) = CC/Fusion:
_2) - Alberta fossil site hints to ‘epic disaster’ for group of dinosaurs (the bone bed is merely one section of a much bigger find that stretches across two to three kilometres and may contain the remains of an entire herd of centrosaurs wiped out in one fell swoop ... tens of thousands of individuals dying at once [the Great Flood!])
_2) Chronology, B:
_2) Chronology, MF:
_2) Chronology, LK:
_2) Chronology, JC?:
_3) SD Impact:
_3) Crater List:
_3) Impacts, CC:
_3) Air bursts, CC:
_3) - That Giant Asteroid Wasn’t the Only Thing That Killed the Dinosaurs (So Did Vulcanism [and the unmentionable Great Flood])
_3) - 4.1 Billion Year Old Australian Zircon Contains Graphite of Biological Origin
_4) Continental Drift; Mike Fisher's Shock Dynamics:
_4) KT Boundary:
_4) - Ancient Supereruptions in Idaho's Snake River Plain
_4) - 12 Supereruptions Pockmark Path of Yellowstone Hotspot
I think your view is that these eruptions occurred in the latter stages of the flood, whereas Fischer thinks they occurred along with rapid continental drift a few hundred years after the flood.
_4) - Yellowstone is a hotspot under a [once] drifting continent, analogous in some ways to the Hawaiian chain hotspot in the middle of the Pacific. As the continent drifted over it, it may have fueled the Columbia plateau eruptions of Washington, then the Idahoan Craters of the Moon, and now residing under the Yellowstone plateau. The continental boundary volcanics and Island arcs are clearly post-flood in my model, in contrast to the hotspots which are/may be a subset of the "opening" events of the flood. So I agree with Fischer's connection of the hotspot with drift, but disagree with his timeline, as always.
_4) - Origin of Earth's Oldest Crystals: zircon crystals -- are likely to have formed in the craters left by violent asteroid impacts
_4) Seafloor Striping:


Extra References

_E) EM:
_E) Ice Age:
_E) Mammoths:
_E) - Kame:
- Esker:
- Drumlin:,
- Fluting:
- Striations:
- Potholes:
- Erratics:
- Rimmed Plateaus, Hummocky:
- Potholes:
_E) Frozen Mammoths
_E) Mammoths Video:
_E) Mammoths, CG:
_E) Mammoths:
_E) Antarctica:
_E) - World’s Largest Canyon System May Lie under Antarctic Ice Sheet
I guess this Antarctic canyon, like the Grand Canyon, was formed after the flood too. Right?
_E) - Antarctic Canyon: It's unclear whether the valley was carved or is a rift... I lean toward the rift. If carved, it would be a flood remnant, perhaps mid to late flood; as a rift it may have occurred early in the flood as a result of the continental splitting event.
_E) - Geologists Find Evidence of Ancient Megatsunami in Cape Verde Islands
I haven't read that, but I'm guessing this megatsunami was a post-flood event and that the Great Flood tsunamis were bigger. Do you agree?
_E) - Cape Verde megatsunami: I'm not sure I trust some of the scholarship on this article, however the dating, which the writer referred to as "cutting edge"[??] certainly suggests that the seismicity and volcanism associated with this event were late or post flood. They refer to the volcanic region as recent, a common term for volcanic ranges around the world, which I place late/post flood. The dating method was counting Helium-3, produced by cosmic rays on the exposed rock surface... I don't believe such a method can accurately age any rock without applying other assumptions; the date they published was an average of dates over a 50,000+ yr range.
_E) - Reef Ecosystem Discovered in the Amazon
_E) - Ancient Peruvian Mystery Solved From Space - spiraling, rock-lined holes, known as puquios - a series of extraordinarily advanced underground aqueducts
1 - Some fairy tales may be 6000 years old
_E) - Slaughter at the bridge: Uncovering a colossal Bronze Age battle
_E) - Why did Tutankhamun Have a Dagger Made From a Meteorite? [from Late Heavy Bombardment?]
_E) - Humans may have taken different path into Americas than thought
_E) = The Origin of the Grand Canyon
_E) Chapman's Glacial Cataclysm:
_E) Post Flood Catastrophes:
_E) Nanodiamond-Rich Layer:
_E) Elongated Skulls:
_E) Ramesses Hair:
_E) YD:
_E) Neolithic People:
_E) Post-Flood:
_E) Post-Flood Year:
_E) Archaeological Find Challenges Standard Geology:
_E) Religion:
_E) Ice Age:
_E) Ice Age, MO:
_E) Genographics:
_5) Supercontinent, CC:
_5) Map of Precambrian strata:
_F) Lunar Mares:
_F) - Interstellar Iron Found on Moon’s Surface: Confirmation of Supernovae in Solar Neighborhood
_F) - Earth Pelted with Ashes from Nearby Supernova Explosions
_F) Astrophysics/Geophysics:
_F) Planets, CC:
_F) Orbits, CC:
_G) Saturn System Breakup:
_H) - Asteroid Impacts May Have Created Mars' Ancient Oceans
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